How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch mark is a very common problem suffered by many, which leaves behind unsightly marks. There is a protein called collagen present in your skin’s connective tissues, and if it is overstretched it gets damaged. The result is appearance of reddish purple lines on your skin, which later transforms into whitish marks. The skin texture of such areas is different from the surrounding skin, appears empty, and is soft to touch.

Not only women, men too experience stretch marks, though it is more common in women, particularly when they experience important changes in their lives like pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain and puberty. These ugly looking lines are generally found appearing on the thighs, hips, buttocks, upper arms, lower back, breasts or belly. You have many options as far as stretch marks treatment is concerned, and some of them are mentioned below.
Home remedies to get rid of stretch marks

Skin exfoliation

If skin is exfoliated or dead skin cells are removed on a daily basis it will help in reducing stretch marks, and will also bring a glow on your skin. A loofah can be used to exfoliate skin regularly. You can also get one of the exfoliation creams available in the market and use them when you take bath.


If you massage the affected area it will improve the blood circulation and also help in growth of new tissues, and thus will be helpful in getting rid of stretch marks. You can get the cream, lotion or oil of your choice and using it massage the area at least 3-4 times a day to get best results.

Topical applicationsMixture of glycolic acid and vitamin C – glycolic acid is very helpful in increasing the collagen production, and if you combine Vitamin C supplements with glycolic acid doses three times a day, you will notice a considerable improvement in your stretch marks.Vitamin E gel – Vitamin E capsules contain a gel, which when you rub on the stretched area on a daily basis, it will reduce the steaks which have formed on your skin. You need to apply this gel at least for 2 weeks regularly to notice any great changes. It will greatly help your damaged skin cells.Aloe Vera gel – the Aloe Vera plant is rich in minerals, enzymes, vitamins and also collagen that easily penetrates the deep layers of your skin, nourishes it, and also repairs the damage. Aloe Vera gel is easily available in the drug stores, or if you so desire you can also get the real plant and scoop the gel out of it. It will be best if expectant mothers keep applying the Aloe Vera gel throughout their pregnancy period so that the stretch marks do not occur.Honey – honey and its therapeutic properties is well-known. Honey can also help reduce stretch marks. Take a damp cloth and place it on the area where stretch marks have occurred, now pour some honey on it evenly. When the honey starts drying, wash off the area with a warm cloth. A honey-glycerin scrub can also be prepared by mixing same amount of honey and glycerin, and to it you need to add half the amount salt.

This mixture needs to be applied on the stretch marked area, and after 5 minutes wash off the area with tepid water. This stretch marks treatment needs to be carried out twice a day.Lotions – there are endless stretch marks removal creams and lotions available in the market and you can use one of them. If you so desire, you can prepare a natural lotion for yourself too. To prepare the lotion you need 3 cups unrefined butter (aloe, mango or cocoa butter), add ½ cup jojoba oil to it and stir properly. Now add ½ cup coconut oil and mix well. Your lotion is ready. Apply this lotion on the affected area three times a day to get good results. Yet another lotion you can make at home is with Aloe Vera gel, vitamin supplements and olive oil. You need 6 vitamin E capsules’ gel, 6 Vitamin A capsules’ gel, ¼ cup Aloe Vera gel and ½ cup olive oil. You need to blend all this in a blender and apply it on the stretch marks three times a day.
Surgical stretch marks treatment

Laser surgery

Laser surgery is opted by many to get rid of stretch marks. In this process the affected skin gets disintegrated using a laser and it then gets even with the surrounding skin. The best laser for this purpose is excimer because it does not cut or bruise the skin, which some other lasers do. In excimer laser, ultraviolet beam of light is targeted on the affected skin resulting in disruption of skin molecules, getting them disintegrated. The area which is exposed to laser beams heals up gradually and natural skin healthy skin starts appearing there.

Plastic surgery

To get rid of stretch marks many people opt for abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. This process involves puling together of the stomach muscles and excess fat is removed from it. Excess skin also gets removed and then the skin gets stretched downwards. The result is a flat and tight stomach without any stretch marks. You can opt for this type of plastic surgery only if you are suffering from stretch marks on your stomach.


Sudden weight loss or weight gain and obesity can also result in those unsightly stretch marks. So, if you exercise on a regular basis and keep yourself fit then you can prevent stretch marks from occurring. Exercising regularly tones up your skin, making it firmer and thus minimizes any chances of stretch marks.

Follow a healthy diet routine

If you eat healthy nutritious food it will help in the building up of collagen fibers in your skin. Your diet should consist of lots of proteins, zinc and vitamins. You also should make sure you drink lots of water everyday. Enough water content makes sure your body is hydrated and thus proper skin elasticity is maintained.

The above mentioned stretch marks treatment will help you greatly in reducing stretch marks, and of course if you opt for surgeries you can get rid of the marks completely. However, prevention is better than cure, so make sure you take all possible measures to prevent stretch marks from ever appearing.


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