Helpful Stretch Mark Removal Tips


Apothederm StretchmarkStretch marks have caused worry among most people in the recent past. These marks usually appear on one’s thighs, arms, hips, abdomen and other areas of the body and are usually attributed to hormonal changes. These changes brings about the stretching of the outermost layer of a person’s skin especially when the skin is unable to accommodate the pressure caused by abrupt weight gain and even pregnancy in women.

Stretch marks usually appear in form of parallel lines that are either purple or red in color especially during its initial stages that eventually turn white or even silver after some time. This happens when they blend with the skin making the skin have some light shades. Thus many people are looking for helpful tips for stretch mark removal. When faced with such a difficulty, here are tips that can help you a great deal.

Consider using cocoa butter cream

Cocoa butter cream is an effective stretch mark removal cream. This has made it to be used by many and the results have always been excellent. Cocoa butter cream is made from cocoa beans and its vegetable fat content is what makes it the best. Thus you should try it out and see if you can get good results from it by rubbing it regularly on the affected area of your body.

Try aloe vera butter or gel

Aside from cocoa butter cream you should also consider using aloe vera gel and see if it can help you get rid of stretch marks from your body. The reason for this is that aloe vera butter contains some natural collagen that repair the damaged parts of a human skin easily by ensuring that there is formation of new skin cells as well as keeping the skin hydrated at all times. Thus regular massage on the skin with aloe vera butter can serve you well by not only removing stretch marks but also soothing your skin.

Use a combination of vitamin E oil with a carrier lotion

This is often considered as the best stretch mark removal oil especially on women who recently gave birth. Thus women who have been through such an experience and have stretch marks should consider mixing this oil with a carrier lotion on a regular basis for better results. However, care needs to be taken because moderate doses of this combination can leave their skin hurting. The use of this combination is limited because it is not effective for general use.

A combination of glycolic acid with retin-A

This combination when used on regular basis makes stretch marks less visible on your skin. You must therefore try it out but make sure that you first apply retin-A before applying glycolic acid in order to achieve better results. However, pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding their children should not use this combination because it can cause severe effects on the child. In addition, you should also consider seeing a doctor before using this combination for direction on how best you can incorporate Retin-A and glycolic acid.


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