Great Creams For Handling Stretch Marks On The Thighs


Stretch marks can be incredibly frustrating. No one asks for these stubborn little marks, but millions of people are stuck with them. Stretch marks aren’t necessarily untreatable, though. There are plenty of options that can significantly reduce their appearance. Topical creams which can be applied at home are one of the most affordable and effective ways to deal with them.

A Little Background On Stretch Marks

Stretch Mark Creams For ThighsAlthough a stretch mark is a lot like a scar, there’s a basic difference between the two. Scars are the result of the healing process following a traumatic skin injury. In contrast, stretch marks occur naturally as a result of rapid growth of the tissue beneath the skin.

The bodily functions that create the tissue are the same in both cases, which is why treatment of the two conditions is very similar. Dermatologists and other medical experts distinguish stretch marks with the technical term “striae.” While eliminating stretch marks entirely is rather difficult, there are many options available that can reduce their prominence.

Areas Of The Body At Risk

The lower stomach is by far the most common place on the body for stretch marks to appear. This is where stretch marks commonly show up during pregnancy, but many other people may discover stretch marks over the course of their lives. Rapid weight gain, menopause, and adolescent growth spurts can all bring on stretch marks.

The other common areas that might be affected are the breasts, (in both women and men) the hips, the thighs, the buttocks, and the lower back. The same treatments are suitable for dealing with stretch marks no matter where they occur.

Ingredients That Are Great For Stretch Marks

cocoa butterSpeaking generally, topical creams that help to reduce the size and visibility of stretch marks tend to share certain effective ingredients. People who take the time to learn these ingredients are better able to select the stretch mark cream that will be ideal for them. It’s important to note that natural ingredients are highly prized in most stretch mark creams.

Vitamin E, with its many positive effects on skin condition, is frequently used for stretch marks. Vitamin A is less common in skin creams, but it’s especially useful for stretch marks because it promotes faster healing and cell growth. Cocoa butter is a very traditional treatment for stretch marks thanks to its rich moisturizing capability and its healthy supply of antioxidants.

When it comes to scientifically formulated ingredients, Retin-A is particularly popular. This compound encourages faster collagen production and prevents microscopic tears. It’s important to note that creams with Retin-A in them are not suitable for pregnant women or nursing mothers, as it may pose a risk to the child.

(Thuja occidentalis is another common anti-stretch mark ingredient that comes with a similar warning.) Glycolic acid is another collagen booster that’s very possible, and it’s also a valuable alpha-hydroxy acid that’s great for improving elasticity.

Special Considerations For Thigh Stretch Marks

topical cream for ThighsWhen the thighs are the area of greatest concern, there are a few special considerations that can factor into choosing an effective topical cream. Due to the restricted nature of the space and the frequent contact with other skin and clothing, greasy creams can be extremely uncomfortable.

This can make finding a good cream for the thighs tough to find, as a lot of stretch mark creams are stuffed with tons of moisturizers. Stretch mark creams that penetrate deeply and leave minimal residue are especially useful for treating thigh stretch marks. Of course, very patient users may be willing to sit around and let greaser creams dry, but this is a serious inconvenience.

Selected Examples

Among pregnant women, Bio-Oil is a particularly popular skin care product. It can work wonders on stretch marks for all sorts of people, though! It’s packed with botanicals, including rosemary, calendula, and lavender oil. As its name suggests, it’s mainly oil based. This is very effective in treating stretch marks on the thigh, as Bio-Oil penetrates deeply and leaves behind minimal residue.

lextrinLextrin is a powerful cream for use on stretch marks that is registered with the FDA. It combines several natural and synthetic ingredients to fight stretch marks fast.

Active ingredients include thuja occidentalis, centella asiatica, and hyarolunic acid. It’s ideal for achieving strong positive results in the minimum amount of time.

For women and men who spare no expense, Avon’s Anew Clinical Professional Stretch Mark Smoother works wonders on thigh stretch marks. It’s undoubtedly pricey, but it delivers terrific results when used twice daily. Anew is great for thigh stretch marks as it has a smooth consistency and leaves behind minimal residue. It’s especially effective at evening out the color of stretch marks, which goes a long way towards making them less notable.


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