Effective treatment of stretch marks

pregnant_girl_expecting_stretchmarksAre you having stretch marks that are causing you disturbance concerning the beauty of your skin? You may be wondering about what is causing stretch marks on your skin. They are simply caused by the tearing of your dermis which can be triggered by several causes. The tears can diminish with time but they cannot disappear completely which makes stretch marks persistent on your skin. Factors that lead to stretch marks on your skin include rapid stretching of your skin which is mostly associated with rapid change in weight or rapid growth .Hormonal changes can also be a factor leading to stretch marks. Hormonal effects leading to stretch marks are mostly experienced in people who are in conditions such as mothers during pregnancy, children reaching puberty, individuals involved in hormone replacement therapy and those that are involved in body building activities. There are various treatments for stretch marks as outlined below.

1.Treatment of stretch marks using laser technology
In using laser technology high precision micro beams are directed on the dermis. These beams help the skin by triggering the development of collagen on the dermis. The collagen that develops is very important in ensuring you develop a skin free from stretch marks. This method is used in treating different people with stretch marks that arise due to different conditions. This method can best work to relieve your condition of stretch marks. The method has to be carried out by a qualified technician to avoid complications due to poor handling of the laser machine.

2. Treatment of stretch marks using over the counter drugs
There are various over the counter drugs that you can buy for use in getting rid of your stretch marks. You can readily obtain these drugs from different pharmacies. For you to get the best results out of these drugs you need to follow the given instructions on the labels. Some of the drugs contain moisturizers that are highly helpful in improving the appearance of the skin and masking the stretch marks.

3. Treatment of stretch marks using body creams
There are various creams that can be applied on the skin to relieve the condition of stretch marks for example tretinoin cream .This is a cream that has been known to have a great effect in treating stretch marks that have not stayed on the skin for a long time. It works best on stretch marks that are red or pink in color, these are stretch marks that are usually less than three months old. The cream works by rebuilding collagen hence making the skin regain its normal color.

4. Microdermabrasion treatment method
This is a method that makes use of a device that is usually held by hand. The device is used to blow crystals that are deposited on the skin the crystals are very essential in polishing the surface of the skin. In the process of polishing the skin the stretch marks are removed easily. A vacuum cleaner is used after the microdermabrasion process has been used to abrade the top skin. This vacuum cleaner removes the top skin together with the crystals which lead to the disappearance of stretch marks.

Natural treatment of stretch marks

There are various natural treatments of stretch marks that can help you regain your beautiful skin cheaply and with no side effects. They include the following methods

5. Application of potato juice
Potato juice is an effective home remedy for stretch marks .Through the application of this juice you can get rid of your stretch marks easily. This juice contains essential minerals which are very necessary in the regeneration of the skin cells that are needed to get rid of the stretch marks. For you to achieve the best result out of this you need to take a fresh potato from the garden or the one that is well preserved hence fresh and cut into two. You are supposed to rub the raw potato on your skin having stretch marks. After application you are supposed to leave the freshly released potato juice on your skin to rest for some time. Let the juice dry on the skin before washing it with warm water.

6. Application of natural sugar
You can apply natural white sugar to exfoliate your skin in order to get rid of stretch marks .For the sugar application to be more effective you can consider adding drops of almond oil and lemon juice. You need to apply this mixture on your skin with stretch marks for some time daily before taking your daily shower. After using this method for some time your stretch marks will disappear naturally.

7. Use of Aloe Vera as a treatment of stretch marks
Aloe Vera is a herb that is well known to contain many essential minerals that can be used in treating various skin complications. You can apply the Aloe Vera gel on your skin affected with stretch marks and leave it to settle on the skin for some time. You need to wait for the gel to dry on the skin before washing it off using lukewarm water. This can naturally treat your stretch marks and enable you enjoy the beautiful skin once more.

8. Using cocoa butter in the treatment of stretch marks
You can use cocoa butter to get rid of your ugly skin due to stretch marks. For effective results you need to apply the cocoa butter on the affected skin twice daily. Cocoa butter is very helpful in reducing the visibility of the stretch marks. You need to apply for a consecutive period of about two months for you to see to the great result.

9. Using egg whites as a remedy for stretch marks
Eggs are rich in proteins in nature. This can be a good remedy for your stretch marks, for you to achieve this you need to select those eggs that are rich in amino acids and proteins. You need to break atleast two eggs and apply on your skin surface that is affected with stretch marks after washing the skin thoroughly. After the egg whites have dried on your skin you need to clean them off using cold water because this process can lead to dehydration of your skin. To regain the moisture on your skin you need to apply olive oil for moisturizing. Repeating this process daily for a period of two weeks you will achieve in getting your skin free of stretch mark.

Stretch marks can be stressful to your skin considering how they can pose a challenge to your beauty .By applying these simple treatments you can smile once more after achieving a beautiful skin .The methods are many hence for convenience try the one that you consider more appropriate for you.


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