Can You Use Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy?


Information_on_Stretch_Mark_Removal_Creams-299x300Can you use stretch mark cream during pregnancy? It is amazing how many times that this question is asked.

When a woman becomes pregnant, there are so many things going through her head, that it takes a while for it all to sort itself out into some kind of order.

Once that has happened, then they will have a long list of questions that need answering.

Most of them are to do directly with the baby, but once they start thinking about their own body, ‘can you use stretch mark cream during pregnancy?’, becomes one of the questions at the top of their list.

One thing is certain during the pregnancy, the female body will go through some massive changes during this period.

The first change can be bad enough for some women, with the sudden change in hormones levels, these are needed to start preparing the child for birth in 9 months’ time.

Women can react to this time period differently, and then after only a short time they can be hit with morning sickness, which strangely, can happen at any time of the day.

After 2 to 3 months the bump will start to appear, and this is the first physical sign of the pregnancy, and can make a lot of women feel very good about themselves, as well as proud.

It is after this that women then start to realize that their body is really physically changing, and that means one thing, she is going to be getting fatter.

Some women are lucky enough to get through a pregnancy with only a little bump, and no weight gain, so that when they give birth, a couple of weeks later they look the same as they did 10 months earlier.

This is not the case for most women though. Generally speaking, a woman will put some extra weight on around the thighs, hips and stomach, and along with the baby pressing outwards on the stomach, this can cause stretch marks.

Most pregnant women will get stretch marks around the stomach area, but for those that put on quite a bit of extra weight, they can also get them on their hips, thighs and buttock areas.

This can have a negative effect on how the woman feels when all the pregnancy is over, and she sees the condition of her body.

stretch mark creamIn some women this can cause depression, although you need to realize that your family, friends and partner will still love you, and that is really all that matters, plus you have a beautiful baby.

Anyway, rather than sitting around waiting for the stretch marks to run their course, you may want to start taking action as soon as you are aware that you are pregnant.

By doing that you may limit the number of stretch marks that you end up with, and in some cases, women who would have had stretch marks will have very few, or none at all.

Research has shown that treating the areas where stretch marks are likely to appear, has positive results.

So if you consider using stretch mark cream during pregnancy, then this is a very good idea.

In fact some celebrities have tried the treatment mentioned below, and are talking about the positive results that they have had.

How To Keep Stretch Marks At Bay

There is no magic formulae for preventing stretch marks from appearing, however, by treating the areas over the course of the pregnancy and beyond, you can reduce the scarring that is caused by the stretching skin.
The first thing you have to do is approach a pharmacist, or a dermatologist, the first one mentioned is the cheapest, and ask them for advice.

What you are looking for is two stretch mark creams, both by different manufacturers.
Make sure that they are fine for use during pregnancy, and that they do not contain the same main chemicals, which will be the first two mentioned in the ingredients.

Also buy a vitamin E moisturizer lotion or cream. It is then a simple task of reading the instructions for each of the creams, and following them.Basically you need to apply one cream in the morning, then a few hours after, apply the other one.

Do not apply the stretch mark creams at the same time. The moisturizing cream can be used at any time, more than once a day.You will need to continue with this regime throughout the pregnancy, starting at month 3 or 4.

Even after you have given birth you need to continue using the creams. This will help your body return to normal once you hormones have settled down, and you should only stop after 2 or 3 months after the birth.


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