Helpful Ingredients Included in Lotion for Stretch Marks


lotion for stretch marksStretch marks appear more often on the breasts, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and also upper arms. Besides, the sufferers have them due to rapid gain and lose weight. Compared to men, women have more risk in having these stretch marks. Commonly, women have them when they are pregnant. These marks appear as purplish, reddish, and pink streaks. Sometimes these colors turn to gray or white over time. Scientifically, this phenomenon is caused by increasing of cortisone. It is a hormone weakening elastic fiber in one’s skin. As the result, the stretch marks exist. In order to fade away or remove the marks, there is cream or lotion for stretch marks removal treatment.

To convince that the lotion is effective in term of removing the stretch marks, people need to look through the ingredient included in it. One of effective ingredients is onion bulb extract. It is an effective ingredient for healing the marks based on the medical research. This research is held by the researchers from the Duke University School of Medicine. In this research, a group of women were included as samples. The participants were treated with cream containing onion bulb extract. Having been treated for about 12 weeks, they found that their stretch marks changed. Besides the appearance, the texture and softness changed as well.

lotion for stretch marksVitamin A is mostly included in some beauty cream. It lightens and softens the skin. In this case, Retin-A is a chemical used to improve and heal the appearance of the stretch marks. Actually, it is a form of Vitamin A which is helpful for skin. When there is a skin problem, the skin can repair itself with the help of Retin-A. However, this ingredient doesn’t work optimally when it is applied for stretch marks which are more than six weeks old.

Besides as a lotion for stretch marks, lotion containing Retin-A is commonly used as acne treatment as well. Basically, it is very good for the skin overall. It is able to heal wrinkles, skin discoloration, dark spot, etc. nevertheless, there is one important rule in applying Retin-A. Before applying it, people have to make sure that their skin is dry. It is very essential since applying it in wet skin can cause skin irritation. Meanwhile, the process of improving the stretch marks needs quite long time. The users must wait approximately 20 minutes after applying it on the marks.

For more effective result, moisturizer is another stretch mark healing ingredient. It holds water. Temporally, it acts as a barrier of the skin as well. Substances contained in the moisturizer are humectants and emollients. The former one is substance absorbing the water from air while the latter is ingredient filling the space between cells in skin in order to replace lipids.

Even though stretch marks are painless, most people get annoyed with their existence. Surgery might be too serious treatment for them. Even, surgery is not required when they have already known by applying home treatments using cream containing the ingredients above. A lotion for stretch marks has been invented and it is absolutely easy and safe to use.


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