The Basic Functionality and Various Benefits of Using Lotion for Stretch Marks

Pregnant moms often have to deal with lots of challenges and obstacles. Not only they have to struggle with the constant changes of hormones, they also have to deal with physical changes that will include stretch mark, body shape change, and so many more. Such changes are inevitable, sometimes it is tiring and challenging as well, but it is very rewarding and it can be the best experience that women have – minus all the discomfort and the stretch mark issue. That’s why it is very common that most pregnant moms will try to find the best lotion for stretch marks if they want to deal with the issue.

Understanding More about Stretch Marks

Stretch marks usually happen because of the excessive stretching of the skin during pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, her belly should accommodate the growth of the baby. As the baby gets older, it will need more room so the skin will stretch to allow such thing to happen. However, when the skin is ‘forced’ to stretch out more that its capacity, it will cause cellular breakage. The cells will split, resulting in the reddish line along the skin. Stretch marks usually happen around the tummy area, but it is also possible to find the marks on the hips, breasts, and also thighs. As long as the skin can still expand and grow, stretch marks can happen. If people see the lotion for stretch marks with its various brands and products, it means that people are given choices to struggle with their issue; whether they can prevent it from happening or they can treat their already existing issue.

Although skin expansion is often blamed for being responsible for the stretch marks, there is also another cause for such issue. Genetic hereditary is also responsible for the stretch marks existence. When a woman who suffers from stretch mark issue finds out that her mother also experienced the same thing, then her condition is pretty normal and obvious. Some women may be lucky enough not to suffer from the stretch mark issue, but their numbers are very small when compared to those who experience the issue. So, finding out whether they have bigger chance of suffering from the issue or not can help in determining whether or not they need to purchase such skin care products, like the special lotion for stretch marks.

The Appearance of the Stretch Marks

The stretch marks can have different colors, depending on the colors of the women. Some of them may experience pinkish colors or reddish brown, while others may experience deep brown, silver, or purple-ish color. When people want to deal with the stretch marks, most skin experts believe that it is better to fight off the issue from the initial appearance. When women start noticing the reddish or purple-ish lines on their stomach, breasts, or thighs, they need to start finding out which lotion for stretch marks is the best for them. When the stretch marks have gone to the later stage- where their colors will turn silvery or white – they will be more difficult to deal with. It doesn’t mean that such stretch marks can’t be eliminated or reduced, but they will be more challenging and it may take longer time for them to really disappear or gone.

Laser Treatment

Most women will rely on stretch marks products, such as creams, gels, or lotions, but lots of people are quite skeptical about these methods. For them, the best way to deal with the stretch mark is through surgery or medical methods. Another option is to use laser treatment, which is also believed to deliver perfect and flawless result. When using laser treatment, patients can expect painless procedure with immediate results right away. There is no need to wait for about weeks or months before the result is visible. There are several laser options that can be used to treat the issue:

– The vascular laser treatment. When doing this procedure, the laser isn’t actually targeting the cellular levels, but more to the redness of the skin so it can be gone forever. People have to undergo several sessions before the stretch mark is completely erased. For a session, they have to pay about $450 – $500.

– The fractionated laser treatment. In this treatment, the basic principle is just the same as the vascular one, but the stretch marks are being smudges so they will be less visible to the naked eye. This procedure takes about $1000 per session and people have to undergo at least 3 sessions.

The Usage of the Lotion for Stretch Marks

Because of the high cost of surgery and laser treatment, many women prefer going to the natural ways, such as using home remedies or the stretch marks creams to help them deal with the issue. There are several benefits of using the lotion:

– Most of the lotions are using vitamin E as the main content. This type of vitamin is considered the most crucial one when dealing with skin issue. It contains high level of antioxidant that can protect the skin from drugs, pollution, ultraviolet exposure, and other pollutants. The vitamin E is also helpful to prevent early aging, by delaying the production of lines and wrinkles. Moreover, this vitamin will moisturize and hydrate the skin so it stays elastic during pregnancy or during skin expansion period.

– Most lotions are able to fight against the skin scar formation. When using the lotion, people don’t have to worry about certain skin issues, like psoriasis or rosacea.

– Most lotions won’t be sticky or greasy. When it is not sticky, people can comfortably wear anything they like without having to worry that their clothes may stick to the skin.

– The lotions are usually lightweight and easy to carry around. Women can always carry such lotions inside their purse or hand bags easily.

– The lotions are very affordable and can be purchased easily. Women can find such products at any skin care product stores.

Consider using lotion for stretch marks with cocoa butter or shea butter content, especially during preventive period. Such substance can provide great hydration for the skin. Well hydrated skin is more flexible and can stretch better.