Mederma for Stretch Marks: Correct Product for Effective Treatment

Actually there is nothing to worry about the appearance of stretch marks in the part of the body. It is natural and common skin problem especially for those who enter the period of puberty. Both boy and girl might experience it. Frequently, it occurs when their body gains weight quickly. However, it cannot be neglected that the stretch mark is annoying. Even though it doesn’t influence the health overall, losing the confidence is the most common feeling felt by the patients. Women, especially, consider that it is a big problem for them. Fortunately, there is a product which cures and heals the stretch mark. A manufacturer has invented Mederma for stretch marks.

What is Mederma?

In order to find out whether Mederma can heal the stretch marks, people need to know that kind of product it is. Mederma is cream or gel which is invented by Merz Pharmaceuticals. Merz is well-known as a trusted pharmaceutical company in Frankfurt, Germany. This company spreads out this product throughout the world with several offices. This step is applied in order to market Mederma effectively since it becomes one of the most wanted products. This is cream or gel for scar treatment which is able to lighter, softer, and even less noticeable.

What makes this product is wonderful is its ingredient. The most important thing in Mederma is Allium Cepa Linn. It is a species of onion. It also has another name. Some people call it spring onion. As the main ingredient, Allium Cepa Linn is very essential to cure the stretch marks. This onion species has the role in producing Allium Cepa which is further called Cepalin. In Merz Pharmaceuticals, Cepalin is used as Mederma’s ingredient.

Nevertheless, Cepalin is not the only ingredient in Mederma for stretch marks. Another active ingredient included in this product is Xanthan Gum. It is a polysaccharide which is derived from a combination of corn sugar and Xanthomonas campestris. Meanwhile, Allantoin is also found in this product. It is a substance derived from allantoin whose function is to moisturize the skin. Sorbic Acid is another ingredient which is helpful in the preserving the food. Purified water, bulb extract, methylpareben, fragrance, and diheptanoate (PEG-4) are the other substances inserted in this stretch marks removing product. In fact, one ingredient will be useless to remove the stretch. On the other hand, combing these ingredients make Mederma as an effective stretch marks removing product in the market.

The company offers Mederma for stretch marks in some varieties. Merz understands that everyone has different type of skin. In addition, it is possible that they have different level of stretch marks. However, all variants contain those basic ingredients. Every variant has significant ingredients included in Mederma. The difference could be on the additional ingredient. For example, one variant has been provided with SPF factor 30. This ingredient is useful to protect the skin from radiation. There is also a variant designed only for kids. An extra ingredient is included to remove the purple color.

Applying Mederma

Many people might think that this product is able to erase the stretch marks. Actually, it is incorrect. Even though this product is popular as a stretch marks remover, it doesn’t mean that it can remove the stretch marks. Possibly, it is mentioned as a stretch marks remover in order to make a catchy product in the market. Instead of removing the stretch marks, this product is applied to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. By applying it, the stretch on the part of the body will be less noticeable.

Correct way will determine how effective Mederma for stretch marks. Therefore, it is well-suggested to follow the instruction in applying this product. The first thing that people have to know is the difference between applying it to old and new scar. For new scar, it is not necessary to apply it for long time like for old one. New scar responds better than old scar. In addition, they have to make sure that wound has been cured perfectly. If there is stitch, it has to be removed in advance before applying this product.

If they have ensured that there is no barrier for cream to be absorbed by the skin, they can begin squeezing a small amount of this product out of tube. It has been noticed that the amount of Mederma is determined whether the stretch mark is new or old. However, it is better to apply it in small amount to avoid possible side effects such as irritation. It is sufficient to have a thin layer of this cream every morning. This step has to be repeated in the midday and evening as well. As the result, it should be applied three times in a day. In this case, how much cream applied doesn’t become a big deal. Regular application is more important, instead.

For new stretch marks, it is well-recommended to apply Mederma for stretch marks for about eight weeks. The brown or pink color will turn to be brighter. Meanwhile, the application should be held for six months for those who have old stretch marks. Unfortunately, this product will be less effective if the existing scars have set for long time. If the color turns to pale, the stretch marks might not respond.

Possible Side Effect

Similar to the other medical products, Mederma for stretch marks can cause some side effects too. The most frequent side effect is irritation. Therefore, experts don’t suggest people to take this product for more than 6 months since the possibility to have side effects due to this product widely opens. In addition, application for no more than three times is considered as a safe way to avoid irritation. However, it doesn’t mean that following the correct procedure make them stay away from the side effect. For some cases, side effect might occur even though this product is applied according to medical procedure. It is due to skin sensitiveness or heath condition overall. If irritation develops, the first thing that they must do is washing the affected area using soap and also water. For further treatment, they need to see physician to get some advices.