How to Select the Best Lotion for Stretch Marks

When you are looking for the best lotion for stretch marks, there are quite a few products, brands, and different ingredient blends that you can choose from. As a woman who has recently given birth, someone who has gained and lost plenty of weight, or someone that has stretch marks from other issues causing the skin to expand, then retract back to size, you have to know what the best products are, and what to look for in them, in order to ensure you do choose the right products for removing and diminishing the appearance, of stretch marks over the body. Although there are several factors you have to consider, these are some things to keep in mind when trying to find and purchase the best lotion for stretch marks, and the ones that are truly going to work for your skin.

Clinically proven to work and reduce appearance of stretch marks

This is one of the most important factors to look for when purchasing stretch mark creams. You want to know the product has been tested, on all skin types and colors, and on all levels of stretch marks, to truly work. You have to see the results of lab testing, and you have to find out about the test groups, to determine which creams are truly the best for you. Comparing a few, and getting the results, will help you eventually find the best creams that are available to consumers on the market, to help diminish the appearance of stretch marks over the skin.

Age of the stretch marks

When considering products, you have to find out:

– If the cream works on older stretch marks, as well as new ones that are darker in appearance.

– If it works on older pregnancy stretch marks you want to get rid of.

– How well it will help in diminishing the appearance of older stretch marks; and,

– How much has to be used, and how often it has to be used on stretch marks of different ages, to get optimal results when you use the cream on a regular, continual basis. In order to find the very best lotion for stretch marks, you have to do the research, and you have to find out the answer to these questions in order to truly find the right lotion.

Does it work on all skin types?

Certain skin tones and shades will have a different color or darkness to the stretch marks over the body. You have to make sure the lotion that you purchase works on all skin tones, and that it is going to help eliminate the appearance on darker and lighter skin tones, regardless of the length, and severity of the stretch marks over the body. Every product is different, and some are better for darker skin, others for lighter skin, and there are some that work on all skin tones. You have to find this out prior to spending on the most expensive lotions, that are not going to do the trick for you.

Smoothing & toning

Some stretch marks raise up off the skin; if this is the case, you have to find the lotions that are going to help reduce the appearance of the stretch marks, as well as smooth and tone the skin back to its natural state. Some products have the right chemical and ingredient blends, other lotions are simply designed to help with the color and appearance. So, prior to purchasing, you have to find the lotions that do it all: lighten the appearance, smooth out the skin, and help in toning after the stretch marks are fully covered up, or have faded back naturally.

Who can use it?

When choosing the best lotion for stretch marks, you also want to find those that are best for men, women, or those that can be used by both. Some lotions are going to be specifically designed for either gender, while others are going to have the ingredient blends that work well for men and for women. Knowing what you are choosing, finding out which brands to choose, and finding out which lotions are most effective for either gender, is also a factor to keep in mind as you are trying to select the right lotion for treating and reducing the appearance of your stretch marks.

Safe ingredient blends

This is possibly one of the most important factors to consider; when trying to find the best lotion for stretch marks, you have to look for those that are as natural as possible. From emu oil, to all natural vitamins, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, and other natural ingredient blends, you want the products that are tested, and have been shown to contain only safe ingredients for your body. When reading the ingredients list, you want to find the bottles with fewer ingredients, and words that you understand. When there are foreign substances, it is best to try something else, and stick with the blends that are as natural as possible.

Customer ratings

If you can find reviews by others who have tried specific best lotion for stretch marks, it is also something that can help you decide on the right product. You want to read as many positive reviews as possible, and success stories from using the lotions that you are considering. Most products are going to have reviews and testimonials on their site, and you can also find reviews doing a simple online search for any lotion brand, before you do purchase the specific product of choice for use.

These are some important factors to consider. Since there are so many best lotion for stretch marks to choose from, and since there are so many brands you can try, the more you know before you purchase, the easier it is going to be to make the right decisions. Customers who take their time, look for the best, and do their research, will eventually land on the best products, and the lotions that are truly going to aid in the disappearance of the stretch marks, in all areas of the body.


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