Finding The Right Stretch Mark Cream While You’re Pregnant


It’s incredibly difficult to be pregnant. You have another human being hanging out in your internal organs, kicking at things and making them sore. Not only that, but because this tiny human being is busy growing, they require a huge number of nutrients. And since they rely on you for those nutrients, you have to give up your own health and well being in order to make sure your child can grow.

Stretch Mark during PregnancyAmongst the things you have to give up in order to ensure your child grows is your weight. Or, more specifically, you have to add a great deal of weight to your own body.

This is, in part, because the child is getting larger and thus, your own body is expanding to accommodate. It’s also due to the huge amount of food you have to eat while pregnant. The combination of the two can wind up causing a person to gain up to a hundred pounds within nine months!

The human body simply isn’t designed to grow that quickly in that short an amount of time without having some unfortunate outcomes. There are many complications to pregnancy that one can’t avoid. However, one of the more cosmetic complications can be dealt with, if you know what you’re doing and are able to plan ahead. That complication is called stretch marks.

Not every woman gets stretch marks through their pregnancy. However, a large number of women do, large enough that an industry has popped up around selling products to help alleviate the stretch mark problem. Some of these products are good, and some are nothing more than modern day snake oil. How can you tell the difference between the two? What are some of the best products to use in order to help avoid getting stretch marks?

In order to understand what products will be most helpful in dealing with stretch marks, it’s important to understand what stretch marks cream are in the first place. The skin is designed to naturally stretch and bend, and under most circumstances will simply snap back into place. However, there are some situations under which the skin is unable to repair itself.

extra nutrients needed during pregnancyOne of these situations is when the skin is stretched over a longer distance than it’s used to being stretched, and held there. In many cases, the body can produce more skin cells, which allows the skin to stretch and grow without scarring.

However, there are a number of reasons why this might not occur. They usually involve diet, which is why so many women tend to get stretch marks throughout their pregnancy. The extra nutrients that a woman has in her body are being sucked up by the baby they’re carrying.

Thus, the way to help ensure a lack of stretch marks is to keep the skin from getting overly distressed as it stretches. There are a number of creams that market themselves as being able to keep stretch marks from forming by keeping the skin moisturized, but these are generally useless. It’s not a matter of being overly dry that causes stretch marks, but rather, an inability of the skin to maintain support as its stretched rapidly. Being moist won’t help with that.

What does help, however, is ensuring the cream is rich in specific nutrients. One of the most helpful nutrients in keeping healthy skin is vitamin E. You can often find vitamin E in coconut oil, and many of the best stretch mark creams will include coconut oil in some way.

You’ll also want creams that help improve blood circulation to the stomach area. The flow of blood helps carry important nutrients to the skin, and it’s often hampered by the child a pregnant woman carries. By helping to increase the flow of blood to the skin, you can also help alleviate the potential of stretch marks.

no harmful chemicalsYou want to avoid creams that are heavy with processed chemicals. A cream may try to impress you by all the science that was used to mix it, but don’t be fooled.

A cream that’s heavy with highly-processed chemicals is a cream that has a hard time being absorbed by the skin. The skin more easily absorbs natural products, and tends to resist highly oily creams.

So if the cream is too oily to the touch, then you shouldn’t be rubbing it on your skin.

At the end of the day, you want to avoid the cheap creams that claim to work by moisturizing. If a stretch mark cream doesn’t include vitamin E, then it’s not worth buying. If a cream not only includes vitamin E, but also helps encourage the flow of blood through the skin, then you’ve found a cream that’s going to be worth every single penny you can spend on it.


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