Top 10 Most Effective Stretch Mark Oil Revealed by Pregnant Moms


Top 10 Most Effective Stretch Mark Oil Revealed by Pregnant Moms

Here’s the not-so-good truth: as much as 90 percent of pregnant women will have stretch marks. You can have them on your abdomen, breasts, lower back, thighs, and even your legs. The question now is can you prevent them from happening?

Experts say that stretch marks are in it for good. On the other hand, the American Pregnancy Association says that you can reduce the probability of stretch marks. Aside from watching your weight, one way to do is by applying stretch mark oil. The challenge now is what type of stretchmark oil you should use.

First, Get Up Close and Personal with Pregnancy and Stretch Marks

pregnancyYour body changes a lot during pregnancy. After all, there is a growing baby inside you that needs nourishment and nutrition to be healthy.

As you move further to your ninth month, your skin has to accommodate your rapidly changing body shape, thereby putting a lot of strain on your skin. Hence, the birth of stretch marks, or what most mothers call as stripes.

Stretch marks or striae gravidarum are streaks and stripes on your skin as a result of distension or overstretching. It could be visible in breasts, tummy, thighs, lower back and upper arms. Unfortunately, once stretch marks make an appearance, it’s game over for your skin.

There are various reasons why it happens, and one of the major causes is pregnancy. Thankfully, you can prevent this from happening or at least minimize their appearance. The succeeding sections will tell you about the different stretch marks oils you can use to prevent these scars from knocking at your skin’s door, regardless if you are not pregnant.

Here are 10 stretch marks oils recommended by pregnant moms to minimize your tiger stripes.

1. Stretch Mark Bio Oil: Your First Line of Defense Against Those Pesky Marks

When it comes to preventing stretch marks, there is one type of product that will always be part of the list: bio oil. Since its release in 1987, this oil has become a favorite in addressing stretch marks problem.

Bio oil is a combination of plants and vitamin oils that moisturizes your skin, improves its texture, and correct uneven skin tone, scars, and unwanted body marks. However, the variant made with PurCellin oil makes bio oil a cherry on top. It hydrates and soothes your skin and at the same time, keeps your skin supple, especially during pregnancy.

For best results, make sure you massage bio oil on your skin twice a day. The good news is a bottle costs less than $20, which is not too heavy on your pocket.

As your first line of defense against stretch marks, bio oil can be your best bet. Before or at the early sight of stretch marks, make sure you apply bio oil regularly on your skin. Bear in mind that this option won’t work well with old and mature stretch marks and can only moisturize your skin.

2. Nourish Your Skin – and Prevent Unwanted Marks – with Coconut Oil

Coconut oilCoconut oil is dubbed as among the healthiest oils around. It contains saturated fatty acids, specifically medium chain fatty acids that nourish your skin. At the same time, it is an effective moisturizer to prevent dryness of skin and contains antioxidant properties to protect your skin against free radicals that could damage it.

Aside from this, coconut oil delays skin sagging and wrinkles. It is also easy to incorporate in your skin care and beauty routine.

Here are tips on how to use coconut oil to reduce stretch marks:

  • Heat the coconut oil for five to 10 minutes, then let it cool.
  • While cooling the oil, take a quick shower.
  • When warm enough, massage coconut oil in your skin immediately after shower. This is the best time for your skin to absorb the nutrients from this essential oil.

You can also use coconut oil as your daily moisturizer and to soften your hands and feet.

This is just the beginning. Keep reading until the end to learn about the other effective stretch marks oils for your skin.

3. Castor Oil: An Effective Stretch Mark Oil You Shouldn’t Miss

What comes to your mind when you hear “castor oil?” Oftentimes, this essential oil is associated with hair growth and eyelashes.

Did you know that this also works as stretch mark oil?

Castor oilCastor oil contains ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid capable of moisturizing and lubricating your skin, thereby fighting against stretch marks. At the same time, it has soothing effects, which could be beneficial especially when your skin experiences trauma.

Generally, castor oil is safe, although this doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about possible effects. Watch out for any allergic reactions and don’t forget to ask from your doctor if you can use castor oil especially if you are pregnant.

Using Castor Oil for Stretch Marks

  • Massage the affected area and wait for your skin to absorb to absorb the nutrients.
  • Wrap the area with cotton cloth for 15 to 20 minutes to make sure that the oil will penetrate deeper into your skin. You can also use heating pads to heat up the area.
  • For faster results, do this routine everyday and you will see a noticeable improvement in two to three weeks.

Go for natural castor oil since the presence of impurities are little to none at all compared to black castor oil.

4. Olive Oil: A Staple Kitchen Ingredient that Works Well against Your Stripes

Olive oilAdmit it. Your kitchen will never be complete without olive oil in it. After all, it has many uses. Apart from cooking, you can use olive oil as a salad dressing, which is a healthier alternative.

Speaking of healthy, did you know that you can use olive oil against stretch marks? Believe it or not, olive oil is one of the best stretch marks remedies you can find in the market.

The question is why. Here’s why:

  • Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, a nutrient needed by your skin to keep it healthy.
  • It is a good source of antioxidants, thereby increasing the supply of oxygen over your scars. This makes your skin smooth and supple and encourages the marks to disappear.

Here’s how you can use olive oil on your stretch marks:

  • Heat olive oil, but keep it warm enough, which your skin can tolerate.
  • Massage olive oil in affected areas to speed up the blood circulation over the area.
  • Let the oil sit on your skin for an hour so it could absorb the oil’s vitamins properly.

Make sure you do this regularly to see a noticeable improvement in your skin.

5. Improve Your Skin’s Elasticity with Vitamin E Oil

You already have an idea of what vitamin E oil can do to your skin. When it comes to preventing stretch marks, this skin vitamin will also come in handy.

You might be wondering why.

keep your skin healthyVitamin E is a type of antioxidant that helps keep your skin healthy and shiny. All you have to do is to apply vitamin E oil on your skin and you are good to go. However, watch out for any side effects, such as mild to moderate skin allergy or itching. If you experience any adverse reactions, discontinue use and contact your dermatologist especially if you are pregnant.

The drill is simple: apply vitamin E oil and massage it gently into your skin. Topical vitamin E oil is safe if you are pregnant; however, do not take vitamin E in pill form. Taking vitamin E during early pregnancy could increase the risk of giving birth to infants with congenital heart defects.

6. Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter to Minimize Stretch Marks

Surely, you heard of Palmers and their long list of products catered to almost any skin condition. In fact, the Palmers stretch mark oil is among the most popular anti-marks treatment available in the market.

You have to thank shea butter and cocoa butter for that.

The truth is these two ingredients are among the best emollients in the market. In fact, these two are keeping your skin moist and hydrated. This is because:

  • Cocoa butter is natural fat extracted from cocoa bean.
  • Shea butter is made from the nuts of the karite tree wherein the fatty acids are extracted from the nut shells.

stretch marksWhen combined together, these two could not only keep your skin moisturized but also stimulate your skin’s renewal process, thereby preventing or reducing stretch marks. They are also rich in vitamin E, which helps treat or get rid of those pesky marks on your skin.

The good news is you don’t have to spend too much, since Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion is an inexpensive way to feed your skin certain ingredients that could minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

7. Lavender Oil: Another Incredible Solution for Stretch Marks

You might associate lavender oil with effective sleeping aid or to make your room smell fantastic. It turns out that this favorite household scent could also be helpful in your belly – and other areas in your body prone to stretch marks.

Some experts say that there are limited studies linking lavender oil and stretch marks. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt if you use it and apply on your skin to see what happens.

lavender oilBecause of its scent, lavender oil could help you relax and allows you to enjoy some quality time with yourself. All you have to do is to apply the oil on areas where these marks are likely to show up then sit down and relax. This also helps you sleep better, which is what your body also needs.

Here’s the catch: lavender oil is a powerful allergen, which means it could trigger allergies. It is best to spot test first to see how your skin will react.

8. Prevent Stretch Marks from Happening by Applying Almond Oil on Your Skin

One of the popular oils recommended by moms and mommy friends is almond oil on your skin.

Almond oil strengthens and moisturizes your skin, two important factors in preventing stretch marks. To enjoy almond oil on your skin, here’s what you should do:

  • Pour a tablespoon of sweet almond oil in a bowl.
  • Puncture three vitamin E tablets and mix it with sweet almond oil.
  • Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil. In this case, try lavender oil.
  • Mix them together.
  • Place the mixture in the microwave and warm it for 30 seconds.
  • In gentle, circular motion, apply the mixture on your belly, thighs, hips, and other areas where marks are likely to appear. Make sure to do this everyday to strengthen your skin and until you see an improvement in your skin.

giving birthHere is something you should know about almond oil during pregnancy: new study showed that women who spread almond oil regularly on their belly have higher chances of giving birth before the 37th week of pregnancy. Consequently, the researchers also looked into the participant’s age, lifestyle habits, and multiple births.

Before you panic, keep in mind that further studies are needed to determine the relationship between almond oil and premature birth.

9. Prevent Stretch Marks by Applying Argan Oil on Your Skin

Argan oil is called liquid gold for a reason. It comes with tons of hair and skin benefits, such as daily moisturizer, hydrating toner, and even keeping your hair soft and shiny.

Did you know that it could be helpful against stretch marks?

Argan oil has hydrating and antioxidant properties, which could be beneficial to your skin. It also prevents the breakdown of collagen and elastin to restore your skin’s elasticity. Once restored, argan oil could help prevent the degeneration process and keeps your skin reinvigorated.

Warm one to two tablespoons of argan oil and apply it on areas that are prone to scar formation. Let it stay on your skin and allow it to absorb the nutrients coming from this golden liquid. Make sure you do this everyday to see noticeable improvement in your skin.

Now that you know the different kinds of stretch marks oils you can use to prevent stretch marks, there is one technique you should know to make these oils more effective. Read the next section to find out what this technique is.

10. The DIY Method: Making Your Own Stretch Mark Oil Recipe Using Essential and Carrier Oils

stretch marks creamsOn their own, all of the oils mentioned could help in minimizing these marks or even prevent them from happening. When combined together, these stretch marks oils could give you the best of everything.

You can also try store-bought stretch marks creams since these would work well on your skin. In case you want to keep it more natural, you can try this recipe.

You will need:

  • Two tablespoons almond oil
  • One tablespoon wheat germ oil
  • 10 drops of borage seed oil
  • Five drops carrot oil
  • Seven drops of rose essential oil
  • Six drops of lavender oil
  • Five drops of tangerine oil

To do this, combine all ingredients except for the essential oils and mix it thoroughly. One by one, add the essential oils and mix well. Thereafter, massage the mixture on stretch marks prone areas like abdomen, buttocks, breasts, hips, and thighs. Place the remaining mixture in a dark bottle container to preserve the nutrients of the oils.

breastsDon’t forget to use it within two months only.

On the other hand, if you want to make it easier and more convenient, you can try these mom-recommended brands to reduce or prevent stretch marks from taking over your skin.

Get to Know the Stretch Marks Oils Recommended by Pregnant Moms

In case you are wondering what’s raving in pregnant moms’ stretch marks technique, check out the products below:

  • SilDerm – This is among the best skin protecting oil in the market. It stops all signs of stretch marks and significantly reduces the formation of these marks. One downside is, it could be costly.
  • Neal’s Yard Mother’s Massage Oil – If you want to keep it more natural in preventing those marks, then this one must be your top pick.
  • Mama Mio Tummy Oil – This one is made from omegas 3, 6, and 9, thereby giving your body full protection and coverage against stretch marks.
  • Aleva Stretch Mark Cream – The perfect combination of olive oil, shea butter, soy protein, and essential oils is ideal in toning your skin and preventing those pesky marks from forming.
  • This Works Stretch Mark Oil – Although women claim it is the best stretch mark oil during pregnancy, you can also use This Works to tone up your skin during and after dieting, as well as to improve your circulation and add more tone to your skin.
  • Skinception Stretchmark Therapy Cream – Although it’s not an oil but cream, it is something worth mentioning. The cream contains clinically proven, scientifically advanced ingredients that works together to help significantly erase or fade stretch marks from your upper arms, breasts, stomach, thighs and buttocks.

The Role of Massage in Stretch Marks Prevention

MassageThe numbers may vary but majority of pregnant women will develop stretch marks. Aside from using the best stretch mark oil during your pregnancy, how you apply it on your skin also matters.

This is where massage comes in. Believe it or not, it could be useful not just in reducing the possibility of developing marks, but also for providing relief from your growing belly.

Massage therapy can:

  • Enhance blood circulation.
  • Allow blood to travel all over your body.
  • Promote new tissue growth.
  • Keep your skin strong and supple.

brush to gently scrub the dead skin cellsTo do the massage, pour your chosen stretch mark oil on your palm and apply it on your skin in gentle and circular motion. You can also use glove made of natural jute or natural fiber brush to gently scrub the dead skin cells on stretch marks prone areas. At the same time, it stimulates growth of new cells, thereby minimizing development of pregnancy stripes.

Here’s the best part: doing this could be therapeutic.

More Tips on How to Minimize the Appearance of Stretch Marks

Aside from using stretch mark oil on your skin, there are other ways to help you minimize the appearance of stretch marks or prevent them altogether.

Here are preventive tips to stop marks from even forming:

  • Treat stretch marks early. Do not wait for them to appear before you decide to use any of the stretch marks oils mentioned. At the onset, apply the corresponding treatment to prevent them from getting worse.
  • Drink lots of water. Hydration is an important component in keeping your skin supple and elastic. Aiming for at least six to eight glasses a day makes your skin elastic and able to withstand the stretching of skin.
  • Watch your weight. Aiming for slow but gradual weight gain during your pregnancy and maintaining a healthy weight can help minimize formation of stretch marks.
  • Aim for balanced diet. This includes food rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, C, and E to promote healthy skin.
  • Avoid yo-yo dieting. This type of diet is a repeated loss and gain of body weight, which could increase your chances of developing scars on your skin.

Be Realistic: The Most Important Tip to Remember When Dealing with Body Stripes

clear your skinWhether or not you can prevent or minimize the appearance of stretch marks will depend on you. While there are stretch mark cream and oils that help reduce their appearance, keep in mind that these oils are not miracle oils that could magically clear your skin instantly.

Therefore, be realistic with your expectations. Set realistic goals and at the same time, remind yourself that there are instances wherein some brands may not work for you. Do expect that finding the best stretch mark oil could mean hopping from one oil to another.

In case using stretch mark oils didn’t work for you, there are other treatments that will make them go away, such as laser treatment and stretch mark cream. In the meantime, keep your expectations realistic, accept the fact that stretch marks might happen, and do not put too much pressure on yourself.

There are tons of stretch marks cream in the market that promise to deliver results. Before you hoard and pay for anything, these out these 10 effective stretch mark oil you can use not only to prevent stretch marks but also keep your skin healthy and moisturized.


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