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Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme Wants it

Think Beverly Hills and it’s not a huge leap to make the connection with plastic surgery. You’re not out to get a nose job, you’re simply trying to reduce stretch marks. But Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme is convinced you’re a patient in founder Dr. David Stoll’s cosmetic surgery clinic, and it’s set up to separate you from your money.

OK, that would be at least semi-forgivable if Vivaplex actually reduced stretch marks. But open the gold-packaged boxes (nice touch), use Vivaplex and a curious thing happens:


Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme

Consumer Rating: 3/10 Cost: $79.00 Jar
Results: Poor Ingredients: Poor
Product Type: Cream Known Side Effects: None
Noticeable Results: 21-30 Days Customer Service: Below Average
Full Results: 90+ Days Guarantee: None (!)


Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme Features:

Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme knows how to cater to your expectations of the good life. They’ve done that very well, with a cream and lotion that tout:
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  • Topical Creatine
  • Active ingredients like peptides, glycolic acid and herbal stimulators
  • Safe during pregnancy
  • Topical Creatine
  • Effective for both existing stretch marks and for prevention
  • Results can be seen in as little as two weeks


VivaplexIf you’ve heard of creatine, that’s because it’s a popular supplement used by bodybuilders for energy and muscle growth. Dr. David Stoll is convinced you’ve heard of creatine, thrown it into a jar and packaged it in a gold box as an excuse to charge you $79 for a one month supply.

Stoll’s theory is that creatine gives cells energy, kind of like the bodybuilders that use it for muscle growth, which encourages turn-over of skin cells and magically makes your stretch marks disappear.

For a doctor, he’s surprisingly quiet on how the “science” behind Vivaplex works. Other than the whole thing about creatine being good for energetic skin cells. He’s add shea butter and glycolic acid to the mixture, but no mention of collagen or elastin. This guy’s a doctor and he hasn’t figured out that you need collagen to reduce stretch marks.

Then there are the promises that Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme reduces existing stretch marks and those that occur down the road, often with pregnancy. Yet many of the reports coming in from women indicate they’ve concerned about lack of studies to confirm creatine is safe to use during pregnancy.

In fact, the Mayo Clinic says creatine is not recommended during pregnancy for this very reason.

What Buyers Like About Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme:

Those who purchased Vivaplex Stretch Mark Lotion were happy with the gold packing on the box. There wasn’t much positive feedback coming from clients who used Vivaplex, but they did mention:
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  • Clinical studies (though their results didn’t match the claims)
  • Shea butter and glycolic acid in the formula


Clinical studies are normally a good thing to have when offering a stretch mark cream. And Dr. Stoll, who wrote A Woman’s Skin, should offer the reassurance of an experienced dermatologist to back up such claims

He’s certainly got a reputation in dermatology. Pushing what appears to be a self-appointed title “Dermatologist to the Stars” that offered some reassurance to clients who tried Vivaplex.

One client tried Vivaplex to get rid of her stretch marks from her pregnancy. In anticipation of her second on the way, she found Vivaplex through a google search and was persuaded enough by the good doctor’s credentials to try the product. She saw no improvement in her stretch marks, but thought it was because the stretch marks from her first pregnancy were particularly stubborn.

Another woman had stretch marks from a previous surgery and tried Vivaplex on the strength of results from the clinical studies on its website. As with most clients, she saw no improvement.

There were a few sporadic reports of reduced stretch marks with Vivaplex. One comes from a body-builder who’d developed stretch marks in his teen age years and used Vivaplex because he was familiar with creatine from his weight-lifting activities. His improvements were minimal, but he saw a slight difference.

What Buyers Do Not Like About the Product:

Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme and Lotion left most clients angry. The reasons? Let’s see…

Among their many dislikes were:

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  • The high price
  • Little to no reduction of their stretch marks
  • Questionable clinical results
  • Concerns about the safety of creatine
  • No ingredient list on the website
  • A general lack of transparency and respect


The general idea behind a stretch mark cream is that it reduces stretch marks. But Vivaplex not only failed to deliver noticeable results, it left most clients feeling duped.

Eighty dollars might be justified for a product if Vivaplex could show results from its clinical studies. So they performed a study and clients that used the product saw a reduction of their stretch marks. Great…so where’s the link to this study?

And just how does Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme reduce stretch marks anyway? Many clients were angry they fell for Stoll’s pitch about creatine giving “energy to cells”. After trying Vivaplex for three months, which is ample time to reduce stretch marks, saw minimal, often no improvement, and felt Vivaplex should explain more thoroughly how the product was designed to work.

On a related note, there were several reports of adverse reactions from using Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme. One woman tried it and found it irritated her skin. That’s going to happen with most skin care products at some point, admittedly, but it’s all the more reason why the ingredients should be listed on the product website. Stoll’s a doctor, you’d think he’d know this.

Then there’s the issue of creatine, and whether it should be used by pregnant women at all. Several women wrote in and said they avoided Vivaplex for this reason. If you’re at all concerned about the potential health effects of creatine on a fetus, you might do the same.

And that price. Eighty dollars for a one month supply, with no discounts offered. Unfortunately, one woman purchased an entire nine month supply of Vivaplex in anticipation of her postpartum stretch marks. She developed stretch marks regardless, with virtually no improvement. Total cost? North of $700. For nothing, and with no money-back guarantee.

It’s stories like these that cast an unflattering light on Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme and Lotion, both for its lack of results and the practices used to sell the product to unsuspecting clients who simply want to reduce their stretch marks with a stretch mark cream that works and offered and a respectable price.

My Personal Recommendation:

Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme and Lotion is a money-grab. Simple as that. Overpriced and ineffective, with questionable science and shady business practices. Spend your money on a stretch mark cream that delivers, because going by client reports, Vivaplex does not.Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme and Lotion

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