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Quick results and a respectable guarantee, Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream fills the role of second-best stretch mark cream and should help you reclaim your skin and better yet, your confidence. Revitagen not only lessens the appearance of your stretch marks, but it also firms and tones your skin, and keeps it moisturized.

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If you have been trying forever to cover up unsightly stretch marks with no luck, then Revitagen might be the stretch mark disappearing cream for you. Whether the stretch marks were caused by significant weight loss or weight gain, pregnancy or a change in your body’s muscle mass, finding a cream that can diminish these all too often embarrassing marks can be a tremendous improvement to your appearance as well as your self esteem.

The best part about Revitagen is that it not only lessens the appearance of your stretch marks, but it also firms and tones your skin, and keeps it moisturized.

Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream Review

Consumer Rating: 9/10 Cost: $69.95
Results: Very Good Ingredients: All Natural
Product Type: Cream Known Side Effects: None
Noticeable Results: 14 – 21 Days Customer Service:Good
Full Results:90 Days Guarantee:60 Days


Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream Features:

Revitagen is a lot more than just a stretch mark cream. Many of its impressive features include:
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  • Shea butter, cocoa butter and aloe vera for their moisturizing abilities
  • Palmitoyl oligopeptide, pentapeptide-3 and sigesbeckia orientalis extract
  • Reducing skin discoloration
  • Stimulating collagen production
  • Hydrating and moisturizing your skin


RevitagenMost people already know that cocoa butter, aloe vera and shea butter are the most common ingredients found in a good skin moisturizer. But now you have all three combined into one great product. And cocoa butter has been proven to fade the look of stretch marks so you get a double dose of good skin care. Palmitoyl oligopeptide and pentapeptide-3 penetrate your skin and is effective in repairing sun damage.

They also stimulate collagen and elastin so your skin looks firmer and more toned. Sigesbeckia orientalis is an herbal extract that has been around for centuries to heal wounds and ease inflammation. This is done by regenerating tissue and restoring damaged collagen which results in lessening the appearance of stretch marks.

Another problem many people face is scars and other damage causing the skin to look discolored and uneven. Revitagen reduces discoloration and leaves your skin tone looking nice and even. Collagen production is a vital part of minimizing stretch marks. Many of the active ingredients in this product serve this purpose to give you maximum results. Finally, many stretch mark creams can leave your skin dry, scaly and irritated. But with Revitagen, you have all the essential ingredients that your skin needs to stay hydrated so it does not dry out.

What Buyers Like About Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream:

Those who purchased Revitagen were more than satisfied about the results it produced. Among some of the things they love about it were:
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  • How quickly they saw results
  • The sixty-day money back guarantee
  • Their improved self-confidence


Let’s face it, no one expects any cream to work fast or even work at all, but Revitagen defied those naysayers when customers noticed a difference within one to two weeks. Their skin had a younger and healthier look and their stretch marks were no longer staring at them in the mirror.

Customers also liked the fact that when they decided to order the product, there was a sixty-day money back guarantee so they did not feel like if they bought it, they would be stuck with it if it did not work for them. Luckily, many customers did not feel the need to take advantage of the money back guarantee and found that not only did the look of their skin improve, but so did their self-confidence.

One customer was disgusted by the crow’s feet that she kept trying to cover up with expensive creams and lotions. After trying Revitagen, she noticed that those crow’s feet walked right off her face. She has been using the product for four months and is so glad she listened to her mom’s advice to try it.

Another customer always took good care of her skin, but she began to notice a lot of discoloration that made her feel hopeless that there was nothing she could do to correct the problem. She decided to give Revitagen a chance and two months later, she cannot believe what a difference it has made.

A pregnant woman who was plagued with post-partum stretch marks tried all those over-the-counter remedies that did not seem to work. She went ahead and ordered Revitagen and can honestly say that her skin now looks like it did prior to pregnancy.

What Buyers Do Not Like About the Product:

For some, Revitagen did not exactly provide the results they were hoping. Some of their issues with the product included:

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  • A rash and itchiness
  • The price


While it is highly rare, a few people did experience some itchiness and a rash after using the product. The website does make reference to this happening to a trial participant. Unfortunately, some people have very sensitive skin and are prone to adverse reactions to certain ingredients. This is where the money back guarantee comes in handy.

The other problem people had was the very high price. For one six-ounce tube (a one-month supply), the cost was $70 plus shipping and handling. Quite a few customers thought this was a bit too high a price tag.

As one customer noted, even though the product worked great on her skin, she was reluctant to spend more than seventy dollars a month. The company does offer a better price if you buy more than one tube at a time, but she was hesitant about whether or not she wanted to make this type of investment on a regular basis.

Another customer did experience the itchiness and redness that the site made mention of and had to stop using the product immediately. Luckily, she was able to use the money back guarantee and did not have to worry about keeping an expensive stretch mark cream she could no longer use.

One customer got the product as a gift from her mom and loved how it improved the look and feel of her skin, but when she went to order it for herself, she was a little taken aback by the cost and decided to hold off until her budget allowed for it.

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My Personal Recommendation:

A notable second place finish for Revitagen Stretch Mark Cream. Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy should be your first choice, but Revitagen delivers, with fast results and visible reduction of stretch marks. That alone makes Revitagen worth the money.

Revitagen Stretchmark Cream

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