Barmon Stretch Mark Cream Review

Barmon Stretch Mark Cream

Price: 19.90

What's In: the price and a money-back guarantee, albeit a short one. What's out: parabens, a lack of clinical studies or anything that would pass as reduction of stretch marks with Barmon Stretch Mark Cream.

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Barmon Comes Up Short

in its Efforts to Reduce Stretch Marks

Poor Barmon Stretch Mark Cream. Their heart’s in the right place. They’re (mostly) into natural ingredients. They’ve been around, but Barmon doesn’t reduce stretch marks.

The company has offered its stretch mark cream for more than 30 years, offering hope to clients who want to diminish their stretch marks. And they’ve had coverage throughout the media in that time, with mentions in Pregnancy Buyer’s Guide, among other places.

Barmon Stretch Mark Cream

Consumer Rating: 4.5/10 Cost: $19.95 Bottle
Results: Poor Ingredients: Poor
Product Type: Cream Known Side Effects: None
Noticeable Results: 21-30 Days Customer Service: Below Average
Full Results: 90+ Days Guarantee: 90 Days


Barmon Stretch Mark Cream Features:

Barmon Stretch Mark Cream puts a large emphasis on natural skin care ingredients. That’s certainly safer than some of the ingredients packaged up and proffered to clients.

Highlights include:Barmon Stretch Mark Cream
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  • Natural ingredients
  • A money-Back Guarantee


No one wants to expose their skin to harmful chemicals or man-made substances that have unknown short-term and long-term effects. For this reason, Barmon emphasizes the natural ingredients found within the product. Be wary of claims of Barmon being “All-natural” though, because it’s not. More on that in a moment.

It’s true, some of the ingredients in Barmon Stretch Mark Cream will hydrate your skin. Cocoa butter and wheat germ oil are a good addition and satisfy the most basic criteria of clients who want to (try) to reduce stretch marks

Unfortunately, there’s not much in Barmon Stretch Mark Cream, aside from these two ingredients mixed together with glycerin and preservatives. Contrary to what Barmon would have you believe, it’s not all-natural. Ever heard of parabens? That should concern the pregnant women Barmon caters to, and that’s to say nothing about a distinct inability of Barmon Stretch Mark Cream to reduce stretch marks.

Barmon does score points for having a money-back guarantee, though it’s a short one at 30 days. The concern with that is most clients using Barmon Stretch Mark Cream will go beyond 30 days….waaaaayyyy beyond 30 days, waiting for a reduction of stretch marks that just doesn’t happen.

There are no clinical studies with Barmon Stretch Mark Cream. There are, however, client testimonials, amassed over the 30 years since Barmon first hit the market. They’re glowing testimonials, of course, but from the clients who’ve sent their reports in to this website, they’re not so hot.

What Buyers Like About Barmon Stretch Mark Cream:

Barmon Stretch Mark Cream has several good points. Clients weren’t shy to express their feelings on Barmon, and they were generally happy with:
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  • The low-cost
  • The money-back guarantee
  • No animal testing


With costs in the range of $35-$70 for a one month supply, stretch mark reduction creams aren’t necessarily easy on the budget. At $19.95 (for a two month supply or higher), Barmon Stretch Mark Cream packs the lightest hit to your wallet. Nice job, Barmon.

That alone made Barmon Stretch Mark Cream a popular choice for new mothers, whom often have a tight budget. Many of Barmon’s clients are indeed pregnant women, and those trying to reduce post-partum stretch marks.

Several women reported using Barmon Stretch Mark cream while they were pregnant, no doubt swayed by the company’s claims that it was safe to use while expecting. They saw minimal to no improvement. But they didn’t spend as much money on a useless stretch mark cream as they otherwise would on Vivaplex.

Another woman used Barmon Stretch Mark Cream to reduce a lingering set of angry red stretch marks on her stomach. Some improvement, though nothing to write home about.

A customer who’d lost weight after a strict plan of diet and exercise was not happy about the stretch marks that were left over from her weight loss. Swayed by its low-cost, and happy with Barmon’s claims of no animal-testing, she tried Barmon Stretch Mark Cream. She’s lighter these days, though her stretch marks remain.

What Buyers Do Not Like About the Product:

Barmon Stretch Mark Cream isn’t the worst product to reduce stretch marks, but it’s not far from it. The reason? There’s nothing in Barmon Stretch Mark Cream to reduce stretch marks!

Negative customer reports from Barmon Stretch Mark Cream were many. They included:

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  • No results (!)
  • Lack of clinical studies
  • Adverse reactions
  • Concerns about parabens
  • Short money-back guarantee


The biggest issue with Barmon Stretch Mark Cream is simply that it didn’t work. Peruse Barmon’s ingredient list, and lack of clinical studies to show for it, and this may not surprise you. Most clients who used Barmon did not reduce stretch marks. No results equals angry customers.

There were concerns about Barmons’ claims that the product is safe to use during pregnancy. Several women bought Barmon because of its cheap price, used it for several weeks, and on hearing of studies linking parabens to breast cancer and potential effects on children, they stopped using the product.

Some clients had adverse reactions with Barmon. That will happen eventually with most stretch mark creams, as clients with sensitive skin can tell you. Barmon Stretch Mark Cream had slightly more clients with redness and itching than some of the top-rated products. If you have sensitive skin, be warned.

And yet it’s results that count with a stretch mark cream, and with Barmon, they weren’t there. Many, many clients reported little to no reduction of there stretch marks. This, regardless of the stretch mark origins or where they were located. Barmon Stretch Mark Cream did not reduce stretch marks. Points lost for Barmon.

That surprised many women, because the company’s website features numerous testimonials and before and after photographs to claim the product works. Barmon’s had over 30 years to amass at least a few testimonials from clients, so it’s not surprising the testimonials are on there.

One woman bought Barmon out of a combination of its low price and the ‘testimonial evidence’ on the website. Her stretch marks being from surgery, she tried Barmon Stretch Mark Cream for five months. Improvement? None.

A man wrote in and said he tried Barmon Stretch Mark Cream to reduce his marks from a growth spurt in adolescence. No improvements, and that was over six months.

The short guarantee with Barmon doesn’t help either. Many clients tried Barmon because it was cheap and they believed the testimonials on the product website. Figuring they could afford to use Barmon until it delivered, they used the cream for six months or more.

In fact, a major gripe with Barmon is that clients get lulled in by that cheap price. Then they sit around waiting for results that don’t come – no reduction of stretch marks – and by this time the 30 day money-back guarantee has long since expired.

There are no clinical studies with Barmon Stretch Mark Cream. Nor are there ingredients in the formula to reduce stretch marks in a noticeable manner. Say what they want about the before and after images on its website, clients just didn’t buy it.

My Personal Recommendation:

Sorry Barmon Stretch Mark Cream. The price is right, and your attempts to provide a money-back guarantee are better than some products (taking notes, Vivaplex?), but Barmon Stretch Mark Cream didn’t deliver enough (or often, any) results from clients tried to reduce stretch marks. That defeats the purpose of using a stretch mark cream, and it’s why Barmon is ranked 8th.Barmon Stretch Mark Cream

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