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When we look in a magazine, there are hundreds of pictures of women wearing the latest fashion and beauty products, and looking great. In fact, when you look closely at them, it is clear to see that they are perfect. No skin blemishes, stray hairs, spots, or anything, perfect smooth skin. The problem is, most people believe that is is how a perfect woman needs to look, completely ignoring the fact that the original picture has been airbrushed.

AirbrushingSo what is airbrushing? It is a marketing tactic that uses photo software to remove any blemishes or problems from a photograph. Along with this kind of editing, the models in photo’s are usually covered with cosmetics, which also aid to hide things.

When you see perfection in the media, it is usually a lie. It is possible to search on the internet to find sites that compare the original picture with one that has been edited.

The changes between them can be enormous. Although this may seem misleading, unless it is done to sell a product, it is a perfectly legal and a normal thing for the cosmetic and fashion industry to do.

After saying all of that, there are certain products on the market in the cosmetic world which do work. We are talking about products that can be purchased in a store, and not cosmetic surgery, which is something else. When you walk into any store that sells beauty products, there seems to be no end to them.

There are lipsticks, creams, skin lightening lotions, shampoos, fake tans, perfumes, and any number of things. The costs of these products can also vary widely, some will be a few cents, while others could be as high as a few hundred dollars.

There are always products trending in the beauty world, and one that has been showing increases in sales are stretch mark creams. Stretch mark treatments have been around for a while, but they have now become more specific for certain scar types, and thanks to a lot of investment, some of them can actually work well. This all depends on a number of factors, and they are explained in more detail below.

puberty stretch marksThe first thing to understand is what scars are. By the time we get into our twenties, it is usually a surprise if we do not have a scar anywhere.

Sometimes that may be due to a medical issue, such as an operation or acne, but in most cases they are usually due to doing something stupid.

When we are very young, and running around without a care in the world, we often run into things, like a gate post. The number of kids that end up in hospital every year, having split their head open is in the thousands.

Although doctors are very good at repairing such wounds, as well as other cuts, the repair process can still leave a scar. If this is on the face, then it can annoy a lot of people for the rest of their lives, especially women.

For some strange reason, men seem to treat facial scars as a right of passage to adulthood. Women do not like scarring anywhere, and yet many will suffer from one particular type. These are called stretch marks, and they tend to happen on the thighs naturally due to the aging process. The buttocks are another area that they can form.

The worst ones can occur during weight gain, and this includes pregnancy. They can also happen to people going through puberty or having other hormonal problems. Mainly though, they are due to the skin being rapidly stretched.

The actual scarring occurs due to the stress in the dermis, which eventually tears under the strain. Although stretch marks tend to appear around the mid sections of the body, on people who are obese, they can happen almost anywhere.

obese stretch marksWhen this rapid tearing occurs to the skin, the body struggles to repair the problem with normal skin cells. After a tear happens, the body will continue to try to repair it for months to come, but it is unusual that stretch marks just left on their own will disappear.

When the body cannot repair anything quick enough, or the structure to build a proper repair on is damaged, then scar tissue will be used. The body will do everything it can to prevent the skin from actually ripping.

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, and also can contain more fat cells. The dermis can also start to thin. This is why it is easier for older people to get stretch marks than younger one. The thinner the skin, the easier it is for the dermis to rip. This is the reason that older people are more susceptible to this kind of scarring.

Even though it is unsightly, losing weight can be a great help. However, certain beauty products can help. So, how well do stretch mark creams work? This depends on the ingredients, but it is best to use the branded higher priced ones, as these will have had more research done on them.

The cream needs to be used for six to twelve months, and should be started as soon as the first mark appears. Although one cream may not work, it is always worth trying others with different ingredients, as results for some people can be very good.


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