Best Skin Care Tips and Tricks for Busy People on the Go


Best Skin Care Tips and Tricks for Busy People on the Go

With the obsession for retaining fresher, younger looking skin, numerous companies are competing in producing the next miracle cream. With all these jars and bottles of products promising to be the best skin care brand, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Fortunately, you can get some help in that effort.

Here’s a list of products that are deserving to be part of your skincare regimen.

1. No Effort Required: Use a Facial Wash and Makeup Remover Combo

washing your faceAlmost everyone has been at that point when removing makeup before washing your face just takes too much energy. The problem with most makeup removers and facial cleansers is that they can’t get rid of all the makeup residue and dirt on your face. Leaving makeup on and not washing your face are two of the biggest mistakes that could cost you your healthy skin.

For those who are fed up with all the steps in their beauty regimen, using this one step cleansing oil is the answer. This way, you can skip one step and be done with your beauty rituals in a shorter amount of time.

Named by Allure as one the best skin care cleansers for normal skin, Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil is a go-to product when you want to just get some rest after a long day. Plus, it has natural hydrating properties so you can also skip your moisturizing cream.

2. Inflamed and Damaged Skin: Apply the Best Skin Care Products Recommended by Dermatologists

When you are always on the go, it’s easy to forget that you are neglecting your skin. When you fail to solve major skin issues, it could become worse. Not to mention the fact that your skin can start to sag when exposed to UV.

Dermatologists use serums such as Lase Results Calm Restore Serum on patients after laser surgery because of its soothing effect. The antioxidants in this cream which includes gluconolactone and glutathione help in preventing inflammation and damage from ultraviolet rays. For sagging skin, the serum has peptides that promote collagen production for firmer skin. There’s also licorice that can address skin discoloration.

3. Daily Skin Care: Use a Powder Sunscreen to Maintain UV Protection

SunscreensSunscreens are a must. Everyone should know that by now. However, when you are on the road all the time or on call almost all day, reapplying your sunscreen lotions could take too much effort. It’s fortunate that sunscreen is also available in powder form.

Even dermatologists swear by using sunscreen to prevent aging. Of course, you would have to reapply your sunscreen about every two hours. Plus, you can say goodbye to having an oily and shiny skin by applying powder instead of a liquid sunscreen.

Dr. Vivian Bucay, a dermatologist in San Antonio, shared her dedication to using Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Brush SPF 50 with Good Housekeeping. If it worked for her, it might just be what you need to maintain great skin especially during days when you are on a rush.

4. Convenient Moisture Sticks: The Best Skin Care Routines Involve Hydration

For months when skin becomes extra dry, such as winter weather, another layer of moisturizers would not be too much. In fact, you need the additional hydration to make sure that your skin will not dry up. Since moisturizers like elf Daily Moisture Stick are compact and small, it can fit easily into your makeup kit.

Aside from providing hydration, this moisture stick is a good source of ingredients that fight free radicals to prevent premature aging. Based on the listed ingredients, this is a natural moisturizer that combines power packed ingredients such as chamomile, avocado, grapeseed, and aloe vera.  To have good skin, use this on cuticles, lips, elbows and your lips. With this, you can avoid chafing and excessive drying.

5. Say Hello to Glowing Skin With Leave-On Skin Creams

anti aging skin care creams Where anti-aging products are concerned, ProX from Olay is among the best anti aging skin care creams available right now. If there’s a big event coming up, this is just what you need.

Using ProX is one of the best skin care tips from Annie Chiu, M.D., a dermatologist who handles a string of celebrity clients. The product formulation combines lactic and glycolic acids to repair and smoothen skin.

This product is a miracle worker. Applying a few drops on your face the night before your big event can do miracles. Coating your face with this anti-aging cream can do miracles for your skin.

6. The Best Skincare for Chapped Lips Comes From Beeswax

Although easy to cure, dry lips can be very painful and unbecoming. When it’s winter, this is one of the most annoying beauty problems. Jet-setters are also prone to this due to the change in climate and humidity.

Needless to say, even when the climate is virtually the same, you can still get chapped lips. One remedy for that is to use a lip balm.

Compared to other brands, Burt’s Bees is the best natural skin care product for lips. Plus, it is safe for you and good for your skin since the ingredients are organic. The lip balm does not have any petroleum content either. The peppermint and vitamin E protects the skin, too.

7. Detoxify Your Face With an Awesome Face Mask

orange peelsIf you want to detoxify your skin, the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack from Glossier is just what you need. This mask can do the same thing that juice cleanse can for your body. With its unique formulation, you can see significant changes in the appearance of your skin.

So, what’s inside this facial juice cleanse? Based on the ingredients, it contains a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables such as acai berry, parsley, avocado, spinach and orange peels that are all good for the skin. Detox masks such as this are the perfect alternative to make your skin look cleaner and smoother when you do not have time to spend at the salon.

Aside from that, taking a few minutes off your busy schedule to put your feet up and relax for a bit might just be the break need in your busy schedule.

8. Using In-Shower Moisturizers: Save Time Without Breaking Your Best Skincare Regimen

Sparing even a few minutes in your morning routine can be challenging. When you cram too many steps in your morning routine, you might forget something important or spend too much time on it that you arrive late for appointments. Some people can get away with being tardy, but most people can’t.

When you are short on time but you are unwilling to compromise on practicing a good skin care regimen, an in-shower moisturizer is a quick fix. The right time to apply moisturizer is when your skin is still damp so adding it to your shower routine is ideal.

If you don’t like moisturizing because it feels greasy, this is good for you too. The ingredients are water-activated. You can use it the way you apply conditioner to your hair.

9. It’s Not Just Your Face: Invest in Products for a Firmer Neck and Jaw

jaw and neckOften, people spend so much on products that will improve the appearance of their face that they forget about their jaw and neck. When the skin in those areas starts to sag, you will look older.

Nectifirm by Revision is the skincare product that addresses those problem areas. Application before bedtime is ideal for this firming lotion. By targeting the areas from your neck to the lower chest, you can maintain great skin all over your body.

Aside from that, this promotes smoother skin in those areas.

10. Best Skin Care Lines for Young and Beautiful Skin Requires This Single Ingredient

When you ask dermatologists about good skincare practices, many will immediately mention retinol. This vitamin A derivative is not ideal for everyone, but for those who can tolerate it, the results are remarkable.

There are a lot of people who cannot imagine life without a retinol-based product.

Retinol is a potent antioxidant that can target all the problematic areas of the skin. Aside from preventing breakouts and various acne problems, it keeps the pores clean, smoothens fine lines and promoted collagen production.

With its ingredients, it can combat damage caused by sun exposure. It can also keep your skin firm. Including this multitasking product in your morning routine can result in better-looking skin.

11. Choose the Best Skin Care Brands for Overnight Skin Repair

When you go to sleep, your skin cells don’t. Instead of resting, cells repair whatever damage your skin sustains during the day.

sleepInsufficient sleep leads to dull skin. Self-repair is also impossible when your cells don’t have ample time to work their magic. Aside from sleep, you can also improve your skin’s appearance by supplementing it with the right night cream.

Creams designed for bedtime use are thicker and creamier. Caudalie Reservatrol Night Infusion Cream, in particular, got the best skin care product reviews for night creams because of its non-greasy and ultra-hydrating properties. This cream has a pleasant scent although not everyone likes how this product smells. Being quick absorbent, you can look forward to supple and firmer skin.

Based on a four-week trial by the Good Housekeeping Institute, there were significant improvements in moisture, hydration and skin discoloration.

12. Pick The Right Product for Stretch Marks

If there’s one product that people forget when shopping for the best skin care products it would be stretch mark creams. Women, in particular, treat stretch marks like dirty little secrets. Given the damage these white lines can give the skin, it’s not surprising why people try to hide them as much as possible.

Stretch marks can be the result of pregnancy, of gaining and losing weight or of puberty. Either way, the marks can be ugly which makes it an instant confidence downer.

It’s a good thing science has come up with solutions to these marks. Among the great choices that you have when it comes to these creams is the Skinception Stretch mark Therapy Cream.  This cream works by boosting the production of collagen in the body and restoring the natural elasticity of the skin.  Aside from that, it also makes those worry furrows smoother and evens out your skin tone.

13. Gel Creams: Boost Your Skin’s Hydration Without That Sticky Feel

moisturizers Dehydration is skin’s greatest enemy. Fortunately, moisturizers can come to your skin’s rescue. Among the best skin care brands for hydrating products, Neutrogena seems to have stumbled on a good solution.

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream is one of their most absorbent hydrating products.  This cream supplements the skin’s moisture requirement upon contact and quenches nonstop.

For people suffering from extreme skin dryness, applying another layer of moisturizer may be an option. The formulation is light enough for combination and light skin. When you are extremely preoccupied, the last thing you need is a greasy feeling on your face. So, this gel cream is something that would be handy to use and carry around with you on your trips.

Skipping on moisturizer leads to aged skin and it supplements your skin’s need for hydration.

14. Bid Adieu to Uneven Skin with Pigment Correctors

An even skin tone is becoming a standard of beauty, and not just in women but also in men. When there are noticeable spots in your face, you will look older. Coming from the best skin care line for beauty products, this spot corrector from Skin Ceuticals address sun damage.

The sun is the biggest culprit for premature aging. Prevention is the best course of action. SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector contains yeast extract, a hydroquinone derivative and ellagic acid that could remove dark spots on your skin. With its melanin blocker, it prevents further skin darkening from sun exposure.

This product works just as hard as prescription medications do but it is better because it does not cause skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, this is a great product for you.

15. Lather Body Butter from Vogue’s Best Skin Care Product for 2011

There may be more products in the market now than there were five years ago but it doesn’t mean that the body butter popular from Clinique lost its charm.

By hydrating skin from top to toe, you can look forward to a healthier complexion when you use body butter regularly. If you are struggling with the rough skin on your knees, elbows and heels, this may be a good remedy for that.

This body butter seeps into skin to transform rough and rugged skin to something smooth and silky. This cream is for every body part below the neck. With this, you can say goodbye to scaly skin.

16. Facial Scrubs: The Perfect Exfoliator for Oily Skin

The struggles of people with oily skin are far too different from those of people with normal skin. When you have issues with your skin’s oil production, you do not want to overdo exfoliation. Since you are already struggling with oily skin, you want to prevent your skin from drying out since this leads to the production of more oil.

In this case, dermatologists recommend using facial scrubs which breaks up and clears skin impurities away. Facial scrubs such as Garnier Clean + Blackhead Eliminating Scrub contains charcoal that can absorb oil. It also comes with a blackhead eliminating formula. Hence, you end up with clearer pores and healthier skin.

17. Address Dark Circles Under Your Eyes: Why Using a Retinol Cream Works

When you are a busy person, having puffy eyes is not surprising. Sometimes, it’s necessary to pull all-nighters to complete the job on time. Those who are working in a fast paced environment are well familiar with this scenario.

Aside from being a source of fatigue, staying up late the most common way to have dark circles under your eyes. One of the best skincare hacks to look fresh and radiant after a caffeine-induced work frenzy is to apply eye cream.

RoC Retinol Correxion cream is great for those moments since it combines moisturizing ingredients with retinol to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. This cream reduces eye puffiness and helps even out dark circles.  With regular use, this eye cream eliminates fine lines near the eye to give you a more youthful appearance.

18. Get Spotless Skin at an Affordable Price with BB Creams

Formerly known as the miracle product in Korean makeup stores, BB creams are now widely available in all parts of the world. With the promise of better-looking skin, having a BB cream in your makeup kit is a must.

With so many BB creams out there, which one should you choose? If you want something easy on the pocket, Maybelline’s BB cream is a good buy.

This product is easy to apply and layer. Since it contains salicylic acid, you wouldn’t have to fear to see breakouts on your skin. It also comes with a matte finish which is a good choice for people on the go.

Although beauty is skin deep, it is still important to take care of your skin. Since self-esteem and your personal perception of how attractive you are often correlate, maintaining the best skin care practices is vital. These no nonsense products are perfect for people on the go.

Hopefully, you can find the brand that suits your skin type and sensitivity levels.  Always remember that every person’s skin is unique. Hence, you need to shop around to know which products work best for your skin to get the best results.


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