What Is The Best Stretch Mark Cream For Pregnancy


stretch mark creamFor a lot of people, stretch marks are unavoidable. Stretch marks are a natural occurrence for many during pregnancy.

The truth is no matter the claim, there is no evidence that any stretch mark cream will help you avoid stretch marks during pregnancy.

Whether or not a person gets stretch marks is a matter of their personal genetic makeup. Below we will discuss what stretch marks are, why people get them, how to find them, and where to find them.

What Exactly Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are a form of scarring on the skin. They are caused by the tearing the of the top layer of the skin called the Dermis. Overtime, they may diminish in appearance. However, it is not likely they will disappear completely.

Why People Get Them?

People get stretch marks for numerous reasons. It is primarily caused by the skin suffering more stretching force than it can handle. The skins upper layer (the dermis) ends up tearing and this results in stretch marks.

People are often embarrassed of stretch marks. They can be unsightly, and no one wants to have to go through life with them. For this reason, many health manufacturing companies have decided to capitalize on this market.

Unfortunately, it has led to numerous untrue claims being made. A lot of products swear that they will eliminate stretch marks completely. Some even say that they will prevent stretch marks from happening, all together.

The bottom line is none of these claims are substantiated, and nothing has proven that stretch mark products can actually get rid (or) stop stretch marks. For this reason, it is important to understand that these products may or may not be safe for use.

The problem is a lot of stretch mark creams contain Retin-A and/or topical tretinoin, which is known to cause malformations in fetuses. For this reason, a lot of stretch mark creams are unsafe for use during pregnancy.

To make things worse, pregnant women are more likely than anyone to suffer from stretch marks. For this reason, a lot of manufacturers have been targeting pregnant women to get them to purchase their products under false claims. It is very important to understand the risks of using these creams during pregnancy.

Which Stretch Mark Creams For Pregnancy Are Safe?

best stretch marks treatmentsIn order to figure out which stretch mark creams are safe to use during pregnancy, you should talk to your health care practitioner.

They should be able to guide you towards the right direction. Also, it is important to discuss with them your usage of certain stretch mark creams. This may help avoid bad situations.

Another way to find out which stretch mark creams are safe is to look at independent third party testing websites. These websites test products that are on the market for their claims.

They discover whether or not the products contain the correct amount of ingredients, and they also test to see whether or not the product is toxic. One of the websites that you should also check with is called http://www.ewg.org/.

You will be able to search for any product that you are thinking about purchasing. You can see whether or not the product contains toxic ingredients and whether or not the product is safe, overall. You should always be careful when purchasing products like stretch mark creams. You never want to put yourself and/or your family in danger.

Where To Find Them?

Stretch Mark creams can be found in virtually every grocery, pharmacy, health food store, vitamin store, and beauty store in your immediate area. You should be able to find tons and tons of retailers that carry stretch mark creams.

Internet RetailersAnother good place to search for the creams is on Internet Retailers websites. These are generally good places to purchase products like this because they allow you to see real user reviews of the products in question.

This means that you will be able to see whether or not the product has actually worked for other people. The likelihood of a product with a poor rating working is low.

For this reason, you should only purchase products that have relatively high ratings. This will ultimately help you avoid purchasing unworthy and/or unsafe products.

In order to find great deals on these types of creams, you can always try to find a coupon online. You should be able to find different coupons that will allow you to get a certain percentage off on your cream purchase.

A couple of good websites to check out for coupons are; coupons.com, Retailmenot.com, and fatwallet.com. You should be able to find tons of offers and coupons that can help you score a great deal on your next stretch mark cream purchase. Hopefully this article helped you decide on which stretch mark cream is the best for pregnancy.


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