Using The Best Stretch Mark Cream For Brown Skin Types


stretch mark creamPregnant moms, and women that have added extra weight as part of the aging process, often have to deal with stretch marks, or striae.

The streaking, pale bands or lines that stretch across the back of the legs, abdomen, breasts, upper arms and buttocks are often unsightly, and challenging to get rid of.

For individuals with brown skin, it is even more difficult to restore the damaged skin to its previous condition. Stretch marks (striae) are typically a byproduct of increased glucocorticoid hormone levels, produced and released by the adrenal glands. Oftentimes, this high-level hormone production is the result of a growing spurt through adolescence, weight gain or pregnancy.

The release of the hormone prevents fibroblasts in the dermis layers of the skin from producing collagen and elastin. Without both collagen and elastin, the skin loses its ability to stretch and return to normal after weight loss. Striae are often caused by the loss of flexibility in the skin’s elastic tissue. Often the result of overstretching, stretch marks can also be developed by a variety of contributing factors, including:weight loss

  • Family History (genetics)
  • Ethnicity ‘ African-American individuals tend to be less susceptible for developing stretch marks
  • Poor nutrition
  • Excess hormone production, especially corticosteroids
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Striae easily develops after pregnancy, becoming temporarily lighter or darker

The Development Of Striae

There is a specific development process of striae, or stretch marks. Many times, striae are not always noticeable during the early stages, when the individual is overweight due to pregnancy, adolescence or weight gain. When the weight is lost, the marks become more noticeable.

Fortunately, after approximately 6 to 12 months, the striae will eventually fade, becoming significantly less noticeable. This is often the result of lightning or fading pigmentation.

The amount of time it takes to complete the healing process is often factored by the response of the individual’s skin. So far, there is no effective way to calculate the amount of time it takes to see optimal results. However, most individuals with brown complexions see noticeable results as quickly as three weeks.

stretch mark cream Optimal results are usually dependent on the severity of the individual stretch marks, along with other personal health habits including exercise, eating right, and losing weight.

The effectiveness and expedience of stretch mark cream is often easily influenced by alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking and sunbathing.

More severe cases of stretch marks usually require solutions provided by dermatologists that might suggest a variety of medication prescriptions. However, the best stretch mark cream designed specifically for brown skin is available, formulated with active ingredients been proven to be highly effective at removing existing striae, and preventing the development of new ones.

Preventing striae through exercise and healthy eating is not always an option. While the scientific research world has not yet determined provable facts, striae appear to be genetic. Every daughter with a mom that has experienced stretch marks has an increased potential of developing them too.

Fortunately, the best stretch mark cream for brown skin can help prevent the development of striae, or rejuvenate damaged skin. Many of these contain active collagen builders including vitamin E and A, known to increase flexibility and elasticity. However, darker skinned women need to select stretch mark cream that contains hydration ingredients with a high level of moisture to tackle their already dry skin.

Cocoa Butter And Shea Butter

Cocoa Shea CreamBoth Cocoa butter and Shea butter produce amazing results on darker skin of Hispanic and African-American women.

With high levels of moisturizing properties, these butters add a healthy, subtle glow the skin, and restore elasticity and flexibility.

In fact, emollient butters can keep stretch marks and scarring from appearing on healthy skin while reducing unsightly stretch marks already formed. However, it is essential to use the product at least two times every day to see a markedly noticeable lightning of striae.

Avoiding Hyperpigmentation

Stretch mark creamStretch mark cream formulated for lighter skin individuals tend to contain Retin-A. Unfortunately, Retin-A can cause hyper-pigmentation on individuals with a darker complexion.

Because of that, it is essential to avoid any stretch mark removal or prevention cream containing Retin-A, Vitamin A, or other ingredients known to produce dark spots on brown skin.

Instead, individuals with darker skin should use stretch marks cream rich in vitamin K. This is because vitamin K has been proven highly effective at healing bruises, spider veins, scars, burns, psoriasis and eczema. Vitamin K is known to be safe and helps speed the dermis and epidermis skin recovery time.

It is important that individuals with a darker complexion choose the best stretch mark cream designed specifically for brown skin. These products will be rich in moisturizers, vitamin K, and essential nutrients to hydrate the skin while healing striae on the hips, buttocks, upper arms, abdomen, breasts and legs.


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