Using The Best Celebrity Stretch Mark Cream


stretch mark cream Individuals that must maintain a beautiful appearance often turn to celebrity stretch mark cream to minimize striae, the unsightly stretch marks that occur when skin stretches beyond its capacity.

Many women celebrities have access to some of the best beauty tips and secrets in the cosmetic industry.

Whether they are losing weight, or going through pregnancy, celebrities understand the importance of maintaining their skin. In fact, they know they must present a beautiful appearance on the big and small screen, in an effort to maintain their popularity. One of their biggest cosmetic fears is developing stretch marks in areas that could be seen on camera.

Along with the joy of childbirth and pregnancy, many celebrity women know that their lives are changed forever. However, they also know that without proper preparation their bodies will change forever too. Taking steps to prevent stretch marks on the belly, buttocks, upper thighs, arms, shoulders and neck is a real possibility without taking preventative measures.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks Stretch marks (striae) are the purple, red and brown lines on the body the typically begins as a pink/silvery appearance or indentation on the skin. Over time, the color intensifies, and leaves a lasting impression that can quickly lower the self-esteem of any woman about her body.

Stretch marks are usually formed from micro tears in the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin. They usually begin without notice,until the inflammation caused by the tear creates a coloring appearance on the skin.

When left untreated, the skin becomes thin as the inflammation intensifies. Over the years, the red and purplish colors can turn to white, like any scar, and few will disappear altogether. Unfortunately, most stretch marks remain permanently without proper nutrients applied directly to the skin.

Stretch marks are usually the result of changes in hormonal balance, during menstrual cycles and pregnancy. In addition, men and women can carry a genetic predisposition to the development of striae.

Usually, it is a formation or side effect of quick weight gain from puberty on, when the elastin and collagen in the epidermis cannot react to the rapid change of expanding skin. Signs of striae are not always recognized when the skin is stretched, but is usually seen once the weight has been lost.

Stretch marks are not just a physical problem that create an unsightly appearance, but also produce an emotional impact as well. Often times, men and women are embarrassed at the unsightly appearance, and may make significant changes in their lifestyle, as a way to hide the unattractive striae.

Fortunately, researchers have developed a variety of solutions for treating stretch marks. In fact, celebrities have endorsed a variety of products targeted specifically at combating stretch marks, to restore the skin to a healthy appearance through rejuvenation.

Purchasing Effective Stretch Mark Cream

stretch mark CreamLike most skin conditions, stretch marks need to be understood, and how they are managed or eliminated. Stretch marks are typically a result of extensive tissue damage, and need specific nutrients to properly heal.

When purchasing effective stretch mark cream, it is essential that it contains a variety of components and nutrients designed specifically to increase production of collagen and elasticity in the skin.

Additionally, the ingredients should include nutrients to tackle the discoloration of the unsightly appearance of striae. It is important to choose a celebrity endorsed stretch mark cream designed to strengthen the dermis layers of the skin to avoid any future damage.

Choosing the best cream might be challenging. However, the following factors can help when selecting the ideal solution for treating striae. Those factors include:

  • ‘ How easy is the product to use?
  • ‘ Is the product formulation based on medical and scientific research and evidence?
  • ‘ Are all the ingredients it contains natural and safe?
  • ‘ Will there be any undesired and unwanted side effects?
  • ‘ How long will it be before I can see results?
  • ‘ Have any medical professionals or celebrities endorsed the product?
  • ‘ Is there any customer feedback leaving comments about the cream?
  • ‘ Exactly where on the body can the product be used as an effective treatment?

stretch mark removal creamIt is important to identify specific properties of a quality celebrity endorsed stretch mark removal cream. These properties would include:

  • ‘ The product eliminates the unsightly appearance of stretch marks
  • ‘ The product boosts natural promotion of elastin and collagen in the body
  • ‘ The product reduces skin discoloration directly associated with striae
  • ‘ The product evens unsightly skin tones
  • ‘ The product reduces striations and lines directly associated with stretch marks
  • ‘ The product improves the skin’s overall appearance

Avoiding Striae Altogether

The ideal solution for treating stretch marks is to avoid getting striae in the first place. This can be accomplished by routinely applying celebrity endorsed stretch mark removal cream to any area that is potentially vulnerable. This might include the buttocks, upper legs, back, stomach, abdomen, breasts, upper arms and shoulders.

stretch marks pregnancyIn fact, pregnant women and bodybuilders that recognize their skin will be stretching should consider applying the cream as a daily routine. Daily applications could minimize the potential of developing the condition.

There are effective steps that can help minimize the development of striae. This includes toning muscle mass and consuming a healthy diet. It is important to note that building muscle mass too rapidly can cause the skin to stretch beyond its ability to expand.

Consuming a healthy diet will help promote tissue regeneration during the healing process. Consuming a diet rich in vegetables and fruit provides vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to regenerate healthy new skin cells.


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