Using Mederma Stretch Mark Cream


stretch marks Many individuals have not experienced clear, flawless and smooth skin since before puberty. Since then, the skin has been exposed to a variety of environmental elements.

Especially the sun, cold and dryness, and has developed wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks. Even the aging process plays a significant role in the development of stretch marks.

As a result, they look for quality Mederma stretch mark cream that is good at removing a variety of skin conditions including wrinkles and stretch marks. Stretch mark problems occur in both men and women. It is characterized by the unsightly present of striae streaks where the skin has become thin.

stretch mark creamOften times, the marks are developed due to a sudden stretching of skin caused by pregnancy, bodybuilding, weight gain, or genetic predisposition.

One effective solution for protecting the skin and minimizing the development of striae.

(Stretch marks) is to use the best Mederma stretch mark cream that is good for wrinkles and designed specifically to target stretch marks.

These creams are formulated with minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients to promote proper healing.

In addition, they also provide nutrients to the skin to promote natural elastin and collagen growth in the dermis layers of the skin, as a way to improve complexion and minimize the unsightly look of striae.

The Benefits of Stretch Mark Creams

There are significant benefits to using stretch mark creams formulated with active ingredients proven effective a diminishing wrinkles and striae. These benefits include:

Quality Moisturizing Ingredients

MedermaIt is essential that the skin acquire proper levels of moisture to remain protected against cracking, wrinkling, fine lines, and striae.

Adding moisturizing ingredients helps proper skin functionality, and encourages elasticity and flexibility in all layers of the skin.

In addition, Mederma stretch mark cream helps rebuild skin layers and improves visible discoloration while hydrating the skin to improve overall elasticity, tone and texture in as little as 2 to 8 weeks.

The moisturizer in the product helps prevent future stretch marks, while reducing the appearance of both silver and red striae. It tends to leave the skin feeling soft and fully moisturized, and is highly effective for both new and old stretch marks. When used as directed, it can even skin tone, and improve the texture and smoothness of the skin.

Anti-Aging Ingredients

Stretch mark cream designed specifically to treat striae, wrinkles and fine lines are formulated with anti-aging ingredients. These antioxidants reduce many of the signs of aging, by stopping the destruction caused by free radicals attacking the skin. When applied properly, it helps the individual maintain an appearance of youthfulness to their skin that gets better over time with continued use.

Reduces Swelling

Stretch marks are typically created through inflammation, is the skin begins to swell. The developing redness is often the result of a micro-tear underneath the top layers of the skin. Fortunately, Mederma creams designed to treat wrinkles and striae help to improve blood flow circulation to the damaged skin, in the area where the cream has been applied. It allows nutrients to penetrate to the deepest layers, to reduce the swelling.

Symptoms of Stretch Marks

Stretch MarksTypically, red or purple lines will begin to appear on a variety of areas on the body including the chest, stomach, legs, buttocks, back, upper arms and face.

The affected area tends to be empty to the touch, and extremely soft, compared to neighboring skin tissue.

The stretch mark often appears in the dermis layer of the skin. This middle layer is resilient, and is what allows the skin to retain its appearance and shape. When the skin begins to stretch or expand at a quick rate, it can easily develop striae. However, stretching alone is not the primary cause.

In fact, research indicates that being genetically predisposed to the condition, pregnancy, puberty, and changes in hormones play a direct role in the development of stretch marks. The glucocorticoid hormone appears to be responsible for the body’s development of unsightly stretch marks. The hormone prevents the formation of elastin and collagen fibers that are necessary to manage and maintain taut skin that is rapidly growing.

Without the supportive material maintained by the hormone, the skin can be stretched beyond its capacity to expand, which eventually will lead to epidermal and dermal tearing just below the top layer.

stretch marks pregnancyBodybuilders, pregnancy, and gaining weight often subjects skin to a stretching force significantly more than it is designed to handle. This will lead to a tearing at the skin.

In addition, genetic influences and changes in hormone along with exercise and diet can play a key role in the development, or avoidance, of stretch marks.

By supplying the skin with the proper nutrients through an application of a topical cream, collagen production is elevated allowing the skin to heal faster.

In addition, it restores skin elasticity and evens out skin tone. In fact, uneven skin tone is a common occurrence that afflicts individuals suffering from striae. Older skin damaged by the striae can become lighter in appearance and healthier, by applying the proper nutrients they can so deep into the under-layers in the skin. Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from stretch marks.

Fortunately, there are effective topical Mederma creams that provide significant benefits to the improvement of striae, to restore the skin to a vibrant and healthy appearance of youthfulness. Topical creams specifically designed to treat stretch marks and wrinkles have been proven to be highly effective. This cost-effective solution is significantly more affordable than invasive procedures including laser therapy and cosmetic surgery.


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