Understanding Stretch Mark Cream and Pregnancy


Stretch marks can be someone else’s worst nightmare. Many people experience them, especially pregnant mothers. There are many causes why stretch marks occur. However, it is mostly genetic. Keep in mind that although you can’t prevent stretch marks, you can manage them.

pregnancy stretch marksAccording to the American Academy of Dermatology, 90 percent of women experience stretch mark in their sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. People with lighter skin complexions can develop pinkish stretch marks, while dark-skinned women have lighter colored stretch marks.

There’s no miracle cream or lotion that can make your stretch marks disappear for good. Don’t get easily carried away by product advertisements. The best thing you can do for your stretch marks is to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Stretch marks are the result of growth spurts or abrupt bodily changes, like gaining weight and in most women, pregnancy. The skin stretches to the point that it becomes enlarged and can’t keep up with the changes. In addition, stretch marks appear to be pinkish, bluish and whitish. As such, there are several remedies you can do to get rid of their appearance. This includes natural remedies that you can try to manage your stretch marks while you’re still pregnant.

Aside from the noninvasive ways to treat stretch marks, you might have heard about other alternatives. This refers to plastic surgery and laser therapy. Though this has proven to show some results, but it doesn’t get rid of you stretch marks for good. Also, it can be quite a bit pricey, as well. Moreover, this type of treatments is not recommended if you are pregnant.

Prevention is Key: Stretch Mark Cream and Pregnancy

consult with GYNThere are different pregnancy stretch mark creams you see in the market. These can be in the form of ointments or creams. The prices may vary depending on the brand, but these creams can be expensive.

Some experts don’t recommend using stretch mark creams while you’re pregnant. This is because some of these products can harm your unborn child.

If you’re thinking of using over-the-counter stretch mark creams, consult your OB/GYN first. Or you can ask your OB if he or she can recommend a specific product that is safe to use. In addition, don’t use products that contain Retin-A and other topical retinoids. Retinoid is known to speed up collagen growth for healthier skin. Nevertheless, it’s better to use such type of creams after pregnancy, or if you’re not breastfeeding your child.

Nonetheless, the best anti-stretch mark cream for pregnant mothers is one that can promote collagen formation and cell regeneration. As a result, it will improve the skin’s elasticity. Aside from thinking about stretch mark cream and pregnancy; you can also help minimize your stretch marks by making healthy choices. What you eat can also be beneficial for your skin. The following are some helpful tips that helps manage your stretch marks:

hydrate with stretch Mark CreamKeep Your Body Hydrated : There are many bodily changes that can occur when you are pregnant. One of which is the increase of your blood volume. You are also building a water sack for your baby inside the womb.

As a result, your body needs more water for hydration. That’s why it’s important to drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water every day, so pay attention to your body’s needs.

Get Your Dose of Vitamin C : Vitamin C helps form collagen and cartilage. It is also effective in eliminating free radicals from your body. Did you know that free radicals consume elastin and collagen? Yes, it’s one of the reasons why you are having stretch marks. With that, don’t skip your vitamin C supplements. You can enjoy eating foods like guava, turnips, broccoli and kale, too.

Don’t Forget Your Zinc : The most abundant mineral in your body is zinc. It stimulates collagen production and has antioxidants properties. One of the reasons why people are prone to stretch marks is zinc deficiency. Zinc is mostly found in chicken, whole grains, beef, eggs and nuts, just to name a few.

Eating gelatinEnjoy Gelatin : Eating gelatin will help your body receive more collagen. You can use gelatin powder. Simply add it on your drinks. Or, make a bone broth and drink it every morning.

Other benefits of taking gelatin are improving one’s sleep, promoting digestion, reducing joint pain and facilitating wound healing.

Incorporate a Healthy Diet : Aside from the things mentioned above, a balanced diet is always important, especially if you’re pregnant. Your meal plan should consist of omega 3 fatty acids, organic vegetables, complex carbs and lean proteins.

This will not only help in reducing your stretch marks, but it can also make your baby healthy on the inside. Remember that you are not only feeding yourself but your growing fetus as well.

There are many natural oils you can also use as topical creams for your stretch marks. Most people use coconut oil mixed with beeswax. Olive oil, essential oils, castor oils and vitamin E oils are other ingredients you can use to improve your skin elasticity.

Cocoa butter is also effective for avoiding stretch marks. Now that you know how to prevent and treat them, you can forget about stretch marks and enjoy your pregnancy and new baby.


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