Treatment for Stretch Marks Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are considered an embarrassment for any person, but most especially by most women. In general, the causes of stretch marks are because of weight gain and then rapid lose of weight. So as an end result, the skin tissues become scarred. The unfortunate thing is the fact that these scars can be seen anywhere on the skin thus making it hard for you to hide them. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of solutions, as well as prevention methods that can easily be used at the comforts of your home.

Stretch marks occur when the level of glucocorticoids heightens through the bloodstream. This hormone is being secreted by the adrenal glands and during pregnancy obesity, weight lifting, weight loss and Cushing’s syndrome the levels are extremely high.

It can really be an embarrassment when stretch marks start appearing. Skin that looks normal and glowing before now looks very unsightly and ugly which can truly be emotionally distressing as well. However, good thing nature has put forth some effective cures for this skin problem and here are some of them:

• You can do some massage on the area with stretch marks by making use of cod liver oil, Vitamin E, olive oil or flaxseed oil.

• Doing some regular exercises can be able to help in toning your body, thus fewer chance of having stretch marks to occur. When your skin becomes loose or it stretches, no doubt stretch marks will start forming.

• It is highly recommended that eating the right foods will reduce you that chance of getting stretch marks. If you are not taking up healthy foods, stretch marks will appear since your body is not obtaining the right nutrients.

• Reduce the intake of caffeine and instead replace it with more water. Drinking too much beverage with caffeine or tea can result to your skin being more susceptible to stretch marks.

• Making use of various oils like olive oil and Vitamin E can lower the risk of gaining stretch marks and can even prevent them from appearing. The purpose of these oils is to provide the skin with the much needed nourishment, as well as increasing elasticity.

• Fight off stretch marks by buying creams that contains collagen as they fight off stretch marks.

• Another helpful method to get rid of stretch marks is to apply lavender oil on the affected areas.

• If you want to remove stretch marks in a fast way, making use of an apricot scrub on the affected area can be done.

By following the helpful and natural methods to reduce stretch marks, you won’t need to spend a huge amount of money anymore. Neither do you have to go through the hassle, as well as the trouble to find the right and reliable skin specialist to cure this skin problem of yours. Natural remedies in the treatment for stretch marks are painless and all that is needed for you is a few minutes of your time every single day for about a period of three to six months in order to see successful results.


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