The Best Stretch Marks Treatments – Which Will Work Best For You?

best stretch marks treatmentsThere are numerous choices for best stretch marks treatments when you were not able to identify them at the beginning stage. The choices also include with treatment which can be purchases at the store or visiting to the dermatologist clinic or other choices are solutions which are around the house. It is just attempting several treatments to see the best one that works for you. Certain treatment will be pricey than others, hence research choices prior spending money on the treatments. When you visit to the dermatologist clinic for getting treatment they will probably suggest one out of two things. It may line an acne gel which treats the stretch marks and it is known as tretinoin gel. Use the gel to the area as instructed by the doctor. This choice may be costly because you will be paying more for this treatment. Next choice is laser treatment which rids the skin marks. This method is also costly and you may have to visit the clinic for few times to remove the stretch marks completely. You can also find some lotion which you can purchase at the local shop. There are some factors for stretch marks formation; they are body building, pregnancy, puberty and weight loss or gain.

These marks are common and can be treated through exfoliating the skin minimum one in the week. This method assists in erasing the dead cells. You must drink large amount of water for maintaining the skin hydrated. An individual must minimum drink 12 glasses of water every day. You must follow balanced diet for eliminating the unnecessary wastage from the body which consequently improves the skin metabolism. You must take foods that are rich in vitamin A, zinc and protein. One must fully avoid taking junk foods and smoking. Using lotions and creams has natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, shea butter, emblica fruit extract, phyllanthus emblica fruit extract, aloe Vera; palmitoyl tetrapeptide 7 can moisturize and heal the skin. These ingredients enhance the collagen production in the body which consequently assists in repairing the damaged cells.

For many women the primary problem areas are in the breasts, abdomen and hips. The use of cream for removing stretch marks is quick becoming the best method to treat them and it does not cost more than other types of medical treatment. These creams are pain free also. The key ingredients in the creams are Vitamin E and A as well as alpha hydroxyl acids. The ingredients are extracted from the aloe Vera plants. There are plenty of popular company cream are available in the market. Just browse online; you will be able to get ton of cream for treating your stretch marks. Check the customer review in the concerned site and then decide to buy the best one. You should know about your skin sensitivity and allergy. It will help you to decide about the best one to remove your stretch marks. You can also consult your doctor to prescribe best cream or lotion to erase your stretch marks.

Creams are best choice for treating stretch marks:

Best Stretch marks treatments target on skin renewal to eliminate stretch marks. These marks occur in the elastic, dermis which let the skin to maintain its shape. Based on the natural skin coloring, these marks begin like reddish brown striations then turn as a brighter purple. Removing stretch marks can be performed in different methods based on the condition of the marks and budget. The process of removing also causes high distress financially and emotionally. With the help of cream for treating your stretch marks instead of surgery or laser treatment you can reduce the cost highly. While looking for treatments it is important to understand that the skin layer which requires to be treated necessarily contains three layers, dermis, epidermis and middle. The amount of success of the treatment will be influenced by age, skin tone and diet.

To reduce these marks there are variety of products available in the market. These creams are to be availed like a preventative method for removing the stretch marks prior and after pregnancy. This prevention cream will assist to lower the visible marks and it is also fully natural product. These creams raise the collagen production and elastin in the top, middle epidermis. It raises the strength and elasticity of the skin, reduce the visible marks and effectively prevents taking place of the new marks. Creams has 100 percent natural ingredients in the product are the best choice to select. Natural creams for removing stretch marks are cheap method of treatment. Creams for removing stretch marks are easy, effective and cheap method to use. Just look about the ingredients before buying the product in the store. All cream will contain aloe Vera; it is available with nourishing and healing properties. It is a best anti oxidant. Any good cream will contain dimethylaminoethanol. It is a cell stabilizer and anti oxidant. It highly lowers the wrinkles and inflammations, can enhance the skin tone. Cocoa butter is the natural ingredient seen in the creams. It is derived from the beans of cocoa. it has healing and moisturizing elements, makes the skin soft.

Shea butter is one of the important components in the stretch marks cream. It is fatty and solid oil received from the nuts. It heals the damaged and cracked skin fast. Glycolic acid is the fruit acid which can be derived from sugar cane. Check about its concentration level and it should be more than 10 percent and should not be high more than 20 percent. Grape fruit seed extract is the main ingredient which most the premier quality cream will contain. It is a best ingredient to treat stretch marks. Palmitoyl penta peptide 3 is good in treating these marks because it is a collagen molecule which has been combined with palmic acid. Use this cream as directed by the manufacturer. Usually it is applied after a shower when the moisture has contained a possibility to absorb in to the skin. When you are consuming healthy foods and using best effective cream to raise the elasticity, it will assist you to reduce the stretch marks.