The Best Stretch Mark Cream Victoria Beckham


best stretch marks treatmentsIt shouldn’t surprise you to know that even the stars are not immune to stretch marks, especially after the imminent arrival of a fourth child!

That’s right, the Beckham’s are expecting a baby that will make their trio a quartet and Victoria is definitely feeling the effects.

After one of her latest twitter posts, she is revealing her secret for taking care of unsightly stretch marks that are par for the course during pregnancy.

So what is the best stretch mark cream Victoria Beckham uses? Why, Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil, of course.

Haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry, until Victoria’s Twitter post, most people were in the dark about this professed miracle cream.

This is however not a cheap solution and at $48 for just 100ml, healing your stretch marks can become a rather costly affair.

So unlike most of Victoria Beckham’s fans who have just rushed out and bought the product, perhaps its best to know a little more about this solution before shelling out your hard earned cash.

First, you need to know a bit about how stretch marks are formed. As the baby grows and weight is gained during pregnancy, the skin needs to stretch to accommodate this growth.

Sometimes, growth takes place so quickly that the skin does not have time to stretch, causing tearing instead.

Skin that is elastic and plump with collagen is less likely to tear. A strong moisturizer, like Elemis Camellia oil, will improve the skins elasticity allowing for stretching instead of tearing.

This is a great way to prevent stretch marks from occurring, but what about tears that have already appeared.

The healing properties of the formulation is responsible for reducing the appearance of existing stretch marks.

Japanese Camellia oil, on its own, has been used for centuries to care for hair, nails and skin.

The addition of a few other ingredients in the Elemis variation seems to have increased the effectiveness of the formulation.

There are just two main ingredients in the formula, Japanese Camellia oil and Sweet Almond oil.

These oils have healing as well as moisturizing properties, both of which are very important in the reduction or elimination of stretch marks. This is due to the fact that the ingredients are rich in collagen.

best stretch marks remediesCollagen is not only used to plump up the skin to reduce sagging, lines and wrinkles. Collagen is mainly produced in the body when healing is necessary.

The collagen production is used in the creation of new cells during the healing process.

It follows that the more collagen that is available during the healing process, the quicker healing will take place.

Collagen factors in both the Sweet Almond oil and the Japanese Camellia Oil allow for the quick absorption of this important healing substance directly into the area where it is most needed.

The user instructions are pretty easy to follow. Simply apply the oil directly to an area where stretch marks are likely to occur or where they are already visible, and gently massage to improve the absorption.

You can use the same stretch mark cream Victoria Beckham uses as often as you like but should at least apply it once daily.

Most women use tissue oil during pregnancy to prevent or repair stretch marks.

Tissue oils are also rich in collagen and have all the healing properties of Japanese Camellia Oil.

The only real difference is that tissue oil is animal based whereas Elemis Camellia Oil is plant based. There isn’t even very much difference in price.

If you compare the cost of the Camellia Oil to the best tissue oils available on the market, you may be surprised to find that some tissue oils actually cost more than the Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil.

Just in case you were wondering, Victoria has been keeping this secret for over a decade.

Elemis has been sending her free Camellia Oil for more than ten years. Both Elemis and Victoria insist that no money for her Twitter post changed hands for the endorsement of the product.

There is one very big reason that her fans tend to believe her and that is due to the statutes regarding monetary payment for an endorsement according to the Fair Trading guidelines in the UK.

Basically, anyone can endorse a product online and receive payment, but must declare whether they received payment or not. As you can imagine, sales have soared since the Twitter post.

Unfortunately, people are also trying to make a quick buck by selling fakes or watered down versions of the stretch mark cream Victoria Beckham uses.

Be sure to place your order directly from the manufacturer or one of their verifiable retail outlets.

You may also need to be quick to get your bottle of Elemis Camellia oil while stocks last and to avoid any waiting periods.



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