Stretch Marks Removal Lotions


lotion for stretch marksAnnoyed with those ugly looking stretch marks on your skin? Tried everything but nothing seems to work? Its time you try one of the best lotions for stretch marks. However, before you get to learn about these lotions, you first need to know what causes these stretch marks.

Stretch marks – causes

Though there are various skin related problems that people suffer from, stretch marks top the list, in particularly in those women who have just given birth. Stretch mark occurs when skin rapidly stretches beyond its normal elastic limit. Thus, it is quite common to notice these marks during puberty, pregnancy, quick weight loss and weight gain, and muscle building. Stretch mark is a problem suffered by almost 50 percent women during and post pregnancy. The areas that are more susceptible to such ugly marks are belly, thighs, buttocks and breasts.

How to get rid of stretch marks

If you are suffering from stretch marks, you can opt for a therapeutic treatment to get rid of the same. Amongst some options that you have are laser treatment, dermabrasion, and creams and lotions for stretch marks. Lotions are what most people opt for, since it is cost-effective, and at the same time has hardly any chances of side effects. Moreover, you can use these lotions at the comfort of your own home.

When you consider getting a stretch mark removal lotion, never fall prey to the advertisements that says using the particular product you will completely get rid of stretch marks within a short span of time. What you need to do is get a lotion from a reputed brand and use it as mentioned in the instructions. With time, the scarring marks will start fading away.

While deciding which lotion to get, make sure you carefully go through the ingredients present in them. Do not purchase a lotion that does not properly mention the ingredient it contains. Some ingredients that you should look for in your lotion include Vitamin E, cocoa butter and alpha hydroxyl. Vitamin E will help to lighten up your skin tone, cocoa butter helps keep your skin moist, and hydroxyl helps in collagen production in the particular area. Other ingredients that you should look for in your stretch mark removal cream includes grape sees oil, shea butter, DMAE and Aloe Vera.

To make sure you are opting for the right product you can go through its product review. This will help you know how many satisfied customers the particular brand has, and thus you will get sure if the product is really effective in helping get rid of stretch marks. While using the product make sure to follow the mentioned tips and instructions of applying or massaging. You can also take suggestions from your doctor about the best stretch mark removal lotion that you can use. Together with it also get to know about the lifestyle and diet changes you need to make to get the best results.

Many lotions for stretch marks are available, but you should first try to prevent these marks from ever occurring. Try and keep your skin moisturized and soft all the time, and try not scratching your skin. If your stretch mark removal lotion does not help you much, you can opt for a stretch mark removal surgery.


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