Stretch Marks Pregnancy: Stretch Mark Creams for Pregnant Women


stretch-marks3.s600x600Almost every woman dreams of bring her own bundle of joy into the world. However, there are issues associated with pregnancy that normally make them feel reluctant to take this step that they very much wish they could. One such issue is stretch marks related to pregnancy. Such stretch marks come about as a result of the belly expanding. However, for women who dare to get pregnant, it if finding the perfect stretch mark cream to counter the stretch mark menace that becomes a problem. This is due to the fact that there isn’t enough information out there to help them make the right choices when it comes to stretch marks pregnancy products.

There are many stretch mark cream in the market that settling on the perfect product may prove to be overwhelming. This is even made worse by the numerous attractive advertisements that seem praise all the products as being effective. However, with the right choices provided, making such a decision is made possible. However, when going for stretch mark products , it is important to ensure that you do a thorough research to ensure that you d not use a product that has harmful ingredients. the best products to go for are those that come with natural ingredients. It is also important to look at the prices of the various creams. It does not necessarily mean that when a stretch mark cream costs much more that it is more efficient. There are certain stretch mark creams that are cheap yet very efficient. Below is a detailed look at some of the stretch mark products in the market to assist you make the right choice:

1. Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream: With doctors always advising pregnant women to avoid products with ingredients considered to be harmful, it is important to go for a product that comes with ingredients that are natural. Mustela is a product that comes the most natural of products. The stretch mark cream contains avocado peptides that have been proven to increase the production of collagen by more than 60%. Larch tree extract is another ingredient in this cream known to reduce inflammation. It is recommended that this cream be applied at least twice everyday. It is also fairly affordable as it goes for $40.

2. Mama Mio Goodbye Stretch Marks: This is one of the best stretch mark products in the market. This is due to the friendly ingredients that the cream comes with. The ingredients include algae, peptides and fruit extracts. This stretch mark cream has been proven to be able to reduce stretch marks by up to 70%. The price however is a little restrictive as it currently goes for $70. However, this is one stretch mark product that is worth trying out. There have been numerous positive reviews of the same with the women who have used this stretch mark cream saying it was effective in eliminating their stretch marks.

3. Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil: As much as it may not necessarily be a cream, this oil used to counter stretch marks is very effective. It is a combination of wheat germ and almond oil which come from a farm that is pesticide-free. This $25 oil comes with vitamins E, A and C in abundance. It also contains as an ingredient organic arnica flower making the cream warm and as soothing as can be.

4. Erba Organics Mommy-to-Be: This is one of the most simple, organic yet affordable stretch mark cream in the market. Its main ingredients include aloe as well as shea butter which ensure hydration is at its peak. It also contains the wound healing sea buck-thorn oil which is better placed to work on stretch marks due to the fact that they are basically scar tissues. For only $12, you will be able to get this cream that will help you combat your stretch marks pregnancy.

5. Marksplex: This is another stretch mark cream that has won the heart of a majority of women due to the fact it has been found to be very effective against stretch marks in pregnancy. This cream has been formulated in a manner such that it works with all types of skins. It also has the ability to improve the overall appearance of the skin with results being seen from within the 4th and 8th week. Additionally, this stretch mark cream has been clinically as well as independently tested hence you need not worry about side effects associated to some stretch mark products in the market. It contains a number of ingredients including deionized water, Aloe Vera gel, green bean extract and sesame seed oil among other ingredients. A single bottle of this stretch mark cream goes for $70.

6. Skinception: This is one of the many pregnancy stretch mark products in the market that has been clinically tested and proven to be effective in eliminating stretch marks. It contains ingredients that include Green Bean Extract, Grape Fruit and Orange Peel Oil, Soybean Fiber, Regestril, Pro-coll-one and many other ingredients. for maximum efficiency, it is advised that you apply the cream onto the stretch marks twice each day. This cream goes for $83.

7. Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream: This is a stretch mark cream meant to be applied on all types of skins to help combat stretch marks pregnancy as well as prevent further forming of more. This cream has been proven to be safe to use by pregnant women according to numerous clinical tests. This cream contains Squalene Oil, Vitamin A, D3 and E, Aloe Vera, Grape Fruit Extract and Purified Water among many other ingredients.

There are many more stretch marks pregnancy products you can choose from. However, the list above is supposed to help you make your decision. It is equally important that you consult your doctor before you settle on a stretch mark cream during pregnancy as such a professional will go a long way in helping you choose the right stretch mark product to use in pregnancy. This way, you will be staying safe as your doctor will not recommend a cream that is bound to harm you and your unborn baby.


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