Stretch mark treatments methods: Adopt the best methods available

stretch mark removalStretch marks are most important beauty related problems faced by men and women alike these days, but still the problem is more relevant among the women rather than in women. There are many causes for stretch marks and the secret of stretch mark treatments lies in understanding the causes for it. In fact this is true in case of any other health or beauty related problem faced by man. Let us see the important reasons for stretch marks in women.

· Pregnancy is the most important reason for stretch marks. More than two third of the women get stretch marks on their belly after pregnancy. Even though belly is the most important region where the women get the stretch marks, some women get stretch marks around their neck and breasts also, but such cases are very rare.

· Obesity is another reason for stretch marks. As the elasticity of the skin is less among the obese women, they get stretch marks readily on their belly than those who are slim and lean. More than 80% of the women who complaint of stretch marks are obese.

· Another reason for stretch marks is getting married and getting a child at a very later stage of their life. The women who give birth to their first child after the age of 35 are more likely to get stretch marks on their belly.

Now as we have understood reasons for stretch marks, its easy to understand stretch mark treatments methods. There is nothing too complicated that you need to do in order to treat stretch marks. By following some simple steps given below, you can counter the stretch marks quite easily. They are:

· If you are an obese person, you have to lose weight. This is the first and foremost thing you have to remember while dealing with stretch mark treatments methods. Losing weight can be achieved by simple methods such as reducing the intake of junk and fatty food items, eating more and more fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly etc.

· In case of women who have given birth to a baby recently, the most effective way of treating stretch marks is breastfeeding the baby. In fact breast milk is the only food that is supposed to be fed to a baby till it reaches six months of age. Breastfeeding is beneficial to both mother and child. By breastfeeding the mother helps the child to grow healthily and help herself by reducing the belly fat as well as stretch marks.

· Different types of exercises are the other way of stretch mark treatment methods known to us. Swimming, cycling and gym are the most important types of exercises that help in reducing the stretch marks. Stretching exercises reduce the stretch marks to a great extent.

· If you can’t treat stretch marks by any of the above said treatment methods, there are creams that you can apply over the stretch marks to reduce them. Along with that, the most recent stretch mark treatments methods include bariatric surgery also. In fact this surgery doesn’t treat the stretch marks directly, but they help to reduce body fat and thereby help to reduce stretch marks.

Improve your skin’s appearance by choosing right stretch mark treatments:

Are you looking for stretch mark treatments? Read this article you will get different ways of stretch mark treatments. These marks take place because of quick weight loss, weight gain and pregnancy. These situation leads in quick changes to shape of your body that in turn affects the skin. These mark contain a unattractive appearance and begin with a purplish and reddish color that turns in to glossy appearance with steaks of white or silver. Stretch mark occur if the amount of glucocorticoids rises on the blood stream. The glands secrete the hormone and the level during pregnancy obesity, weight lifting, weight loss is high. Certain medical terms availed for these marks are straie cutis distense, vergetures and linea albicante.

The person who has stretch marks feels embarrassing and loses self confidence. But they do not want to worry about this, because there are some stretch mark treatments are available. Massage the affected area availing olive oil, cod olive oil, flaxseed oil or vitamin E oil. Doing exercise regularly will help tone the body and decrease the marks because it is when the skin become stretches or looses these mark begin visible. If you are not consuming proper foods, there is a possibility to get stretch mark because the body is not obtaining the proper amount of nutrients. Make some changes in the eating habits hence you will get a balanced meal and body will also receive the right quantity of nutrition it needs. An age old solution for eliminating these mark is applying cocoa butter on the affected areas.

Consuming too much of caffeine or tea can create the skin susceptible to these mark. So decrease the consumption of these items and increase the amount of drinking water. Purchase creams having collagen because they assist to fight against stretch mark. Availing oils that has vitamin E or olive oil can decrease the mark and avoid them from again occurring. It offers the skin nourishment and raises the level of elasticity. You can also avail an apricot scrub on the affected area and you will view them to vanish in the short period of time. Using lavender oil on the stretch marks can assist to eliminate them. All these steps will assist you to eliminate the marks naturally. You need not want to spend more on purchasing any lotions or doing any surgery.

Removing stretch marks with the help of natural remedies are painless and all that is required is to spend your time and wait patiently for about three to six months to see the desired results. Modern world has witnessed the growth of different treatment made to reduce the stretch marks and hence magically enhance the skin appearance. Selecting the proper treatment will need certain amount of research because this problem has been and is being checked in different ways. So make the option that is best for you. With the plenty of available stretch mark treatments and ways to improve the appearance and condition of the skin, make a complete research to get full result.