Several Options of the Best Stretch Marks Treatment Procedure


It is normal that people would seek the best stretch marks treatment when they suffer from the issue. Stretch mark is basically the scarring on the skin. It happens when the skin is being stretched to accommodate the expansion of the mass and the muscles and it can’t go back to the original condition. Stretch mark usually happens on the dermis, the middle skin layer that is elastic. When the skin is being stretched, the connective tissue would be broken down. The break down would cause inflammation and then forming scars when the injury is being healed. The stretch mark is the scar that is visible on the skin.

Stretch mark can happen at the early age of puberty or when people experience drastic weight change. Pregnancy, obesity, or excessive weight change could cause stretch marks from forming on the skin layer. The issue isn’t life threatening or dangerous, but it can be very unappealing or unattractive. Some people are affected by the stretch marks because it affects their self-confidence. When the skin is being stretched out far exceeding its natural ability, it can’t return to its original condition. The skin would be rather saggy, loose, and decorated with purple-ish or reddish streaks of tissues before they finally turn into white or silver. That’s why most people would be very concerned about finding the best stretch marks treatment so they can have better appearance and they can be confident again.

On the contrary to what people believe, stretch mark can happen to both men and women; not restricted to women only. The stretch mark can occur on the abdominal region, the upper arms, breasts, hips, lower back, and thighs. There are some options concerning the best stretch marks treatment that people can do, such as:

– Prescribed creams or medications. Several treatments are considered the best and quite effective when treating the stretch mark issue. Laser therapy is considered the best to remove the stretch mark. However, this treatment is quite costly and sometimes it takes more than 1 session to really make the skin scar go away. Some creams containing Tretinoin is also considered the best to remove the scars. But such creams can only be purchased by doctor’s prescription.

– Medical injections or surgical options. The latest technology in medical field has made it possible for doctors to inject special solution or liquid into the dermis so the scars can be removed for good. But such information is still limited, so be sure to find out thorough info about it.

– Over the counter creams. Some creams can be purchased easily. They are not expensive and they are easy to find. However, such cream isn’t considered very effective since they can’t function on the target ski n layer. But they are considered quite helpful to cover the scars and to deal with itchiness.

Be sure to discuss things with the doctors about the best stretch marks treatment. Unfortunately, such treatments are mostly not covered by insurance, so people will have to pay everything on their own. But if they value their appearance greatly and they don’t really mind spending money, they can find the best solution for their issue.


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