Selling Stretch Mark Cream At CVS By The Case


I work for CVS, which is probably your neighborhood pharmacy. Been working there for a few years now, although I’m not a manager yet. But I do a lot of stocking, and I have noticed something pretty interesting recently: stretch mark cream is one of our biggest sellers!

cvs pharmacyIt seems every day we sell a whole case of stretch mark cream. We’re talking lots of different brands, some of which you see on TV all the time, and others that you probably have never heard of. Well, I stock it. Every single day. I am rather amazed at the sheer amount of volume we move when it comes to the stretch mark creams at CVS.

The really funny thing is that this is pretty recent. It wasn’t until a few months ago that this whole ordeal started. We used to buy a case total of the stuff about once a month, but now we’re putting in multiple orders a week. It’s safe to say that the company reps really love us!

I have no idea why we suddenly started selling a lot of stretch mark cream. For one thing, it’s not like we have a lot of people losing weight around here, nor do we have a sudden influx of pregnant women. At first I thought that one person was buying all of this cream. I mean, that’s a pretty reasonable conclusion, right? Especially when it’s a really recent phenomenon.

But while I was stocking one day, I discovered that many people were buying these creams! And not just one demographic, like you may expect. It was women and men from all walks of life. It didn’t matter what race or body type they were. It made me wonder… is there someone out there who needs this cream so badly that they’re hiring people to come in and buy creams for them? It’s pretty interesting, really.

Of course I could not ask any of these people why they were buying so much cream, but it didn’t mean I lost interest in what was going on.

buy cream from cvs shopSo, I really can’t tell you what’s going on, although I have another theory. A while ago a competing drugstore that was not CVS had to close. That gave us a huge edge in the area. Maybe we are getting spillover customers from that old place?

But then that means these people have been buying stretch mark cream in this sheer amount for a really long time. Maybe it’s not a recent phenomenon at all?

I will probably never know why we are selling so much cream at my store. I have brought it up with others in the break room, but nobody has any idea what may be going on. In fact, they pretty much dismiss me and say that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I assure you, I certainly do. I have always been a very observant person, so I know what I’m saying when I say I see these people all the time buying up all of our creams!

The funniest thing about this is that it’s gotten me wondering if I should check out some cream for myself. What do you think? I do have some stretch marks, as most people do, and I can’t say that I have liked them very much over the years. Maybe this is a sign that I should start checking out creams to use? Apparently the place I work is the place to buy them! Next time I get my discount, I’ll check them out and see what’s up.


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