Pregnancy Stretch Marks – How to Make Them Fade Away

Millions of women who have delivered to their little ones have their own stories to tell regarding pregnancy and everything that comes along with it but there is one thing that may not want to talk about – pregnancy stretch marks. During the rapid growth of the baby, several body processes as well as the physical appearance of the mother will change. The stretching of the skin and muscles in your abdomen may lead to the development of stretch marks that would still be there even after your delivery.

Having stretch marks, for some women, is a sign that they have triumphantly survived the journey of pregnancy and delivery. However, many women also see it is as unwanted marks that destroy their looks and beauty. No matter what you think about it, every woman would definitely want to eliminate them if possible. Since it has appeared naturally, it is best that it will also be removed naturally. There are several tried and tested natural methods on how you can get rid of stretch marks but before anything else, you should take a closer look on how scars are formed and what causes them.

Pregnancy stretch marks

Stretch marks come in different shapes and sizes. In some women, stretch marks appear to be pinkish or reddish, while in some, it appears to be brownish or dark brown. The color of your stretch marks will most likely be dependent on the color of your skin. The size and shape, on the other hand, depend on how huge your abdomen has become during the course of the pregnancy. The most common locations of pregnancy stretch marks are at the lower abdominal area. If you have also gained excessive weight during the pregnancy, you may also be expecting stretch marks in your thighs and arm area.

Aside from the fact that it is caused by stretching of the abdominal skin and muscles, scientists say that genetic factors can predispose a person to the development of stretch marks. There are some women, although rare, who do not really develop stretch marks during their pregnancy. On the other hand, there are some who have given birth to very small babies but had developed stretch marks that are long and very noticeable. Hormonal factors may also affect stretch marks formation.

Stretch marks formation

During your pre-pregnant phase, the skin in your abdomen appears flat and elastic. When the baby starts to grow, the skin adapts with the change. Initially, the skin and muscles can stretch and expand without being damaged. However, because the baby is growing fast, your skin and muscles will not be able to adapt with the quick change. In order to accommodate the growing baby, breaks in the skin have to happen. The good thing is that breaks only happen superficially or in the outer layer of the skin. As your date of delivery approaches and the growth of your baby becomes more enhanced, stretch marks will increase in size and may become purple in color. After the pregnancy, it will start to fade. However, in some women, their stretch marks remain the same or may change in color.

Natural remedies for stretch marks

Depending on your genetic composition and physical condition, the disappearance of your stretch marks may take a little bit longer. However, there are some remedies which you can do to make the process faster. These methods are all natural so you do not have to worry about developing side effects and complications.

1.Consume a healthy diet
After the delivery, your body will start to go back to its pre-pregnant state. Having no stretch marks is a part of your pre pregnancy status and your body will do its best to remove these scars as well. In order to help your body function better and treat your stretch marks, you should do your best to provide your cells with the necessary vitamins and minerals they need. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins and minerals. You also need to consume carbohydrates to regain your energy but make sure to take them in moderation to prevent weight gain. Avoid eating junk foods since the chemicals in these food group may interrupt with the repair process of your body.

2.Be active
You will surely feel tired and exhausted a few days after the delivery. However, you should not allow yourself to practice an inactive lifestyle. Start being active a few weeks from delivery so you will not gain too much weight. Gaining excess pounds will make your stretch marks visible and if you do not want this to happen, exercise is a good treatment.

3.Use essential oils
Essential oils which include coconut oil and tea tree oil have been found to make the disappearance of pregnancy stretch marks faster. Studies have revealed that their wound-healing abilities can be applied to stretch marks and can even improve the appearance of the skin. You can use these essential oils and apply them to the areas where you see stretch marks for faster results.

4.Use herbs
Certain herbs such as Aloe Vera and Gotu Kola have been used for stretch marks by many women as well. These herbs contain high amount of vitamins and minerals that promote faster skin cell regeneration and blood circulation. These can help make the results faster and easier.

5.Use moisturizers and creams
There are several moisturizing products and creams which are being sold in the market, thus you may surely be confused with which to choose. Always remember that when you buy a product, you should check if it is naturally derived. It is also best to choose the one which contains high amounts of Vitamins A and E since these two vitamins are very essential in restoring and maintaining the health of your skin. You can apply the moisturizers when you initially see stretch marks but you can also use it after the pregnancy.

Pregnancy stretch marks are generally seen as unsightly marks on your body. However, by simply using natural methods and effective treatments of eliminating them, your skin can achieve its good looks and elasticity once again.