Possibilities of preventing stretch marks

Preventing stretch marks is possible. Stretch marks are considered as serious health condition which attack both men and women but because of not finding any information about it, they do not know to prevent or cure stretch marks. Based on health scientist, they find on the skin only if it is stretched abruptly. The most common reason is raise in weight, gaining of height pregnancy, weight loss and puberty. If any of these things occurs to the body the helpful substance called as collagen, the key protein is fully destroyed and it will compel the inner layer of the skin to tear. If the skin is compelled to tear, it will release huge amount of collagen to help in healing it and it in turn results to the stretch marks formation.

Most of the people suffer with the condition stretch marks, but they do not know that there are some remedies available which can be availed to prevent stretch marks. If you have not suffered from this condition, then it is good to follow the method to prevent them rather than treating after they have taken place in the body. The reason is stretch marks make the skin ugly and treating these marks can also be costly. Most of the times the treatment for stretch marks are ineffective. So to prevent stretch marks, the most important thing which has to follow is consuming a balanced diet. It is the main thing which can assist you build and keeps the body weight like it is needed.

You should also make sure that the items you eat do not make any sudden or additional weight gain because these are reason to get stretch marks. Next method to prevent stretch marks is by drinking plenty of water daily. Usually hydration is the key which protects people health and it is the main thing which enables you to get a healthy skin. To prevent them, your skin must be elastic and it can be facilitated by drinking water in huge amount. If the body is dehydrated, skin will be dry, turn delicate and lined also. You must also take plenty of vitamins because vitamins are necessary to your body. It will help to have smooth and attractive skin. The necessary measure which you can take to prevent stretch marks is by massaging parts that are prone to get these marks.

You can also moisturize the skin regularly and you can do this by applying creams. The creams should be included with Vaseline, cocoa butter or olive oil. Exercise promotes healthy life. If you are healthy, your skin is healthy. Stress likes to build up the body through creating the muscles tense. It causes poor blood flow in the body. So nutrients cannot reach the skin and other parts effectively. By having a bad skin, you contain lot of possibilities of getting stretch marks. So be from stress as much as possible. There are plenty of moisturizer is available in the market to keep your skin moisturized. So you can buy one of them that have no side effects and use it. Keeping a well balanced diet, exercise, moisturizing the skin all helps preventing stretch marks.

Preventing stretch marks helps to have clan neat skin surface:

Preventing stretch marks is the hottest topic searched online by many people. There are large numbers of men and women want to prevent stretch marks. Actually stretch marks are scars which are visible on the skin surface if the skin is stretched beyond the limit. There are different causes which have a major part in determining whether an individual will have stretch marks or not. One is hormonal changes and another is genetics. Weight gain, pregnancy and sudden body growth are the causes of stretch marks on the skin. Unfortunately there is no way to treat them completely.

That shows that can be reduced and fully disappear. Both stretch mark lotions and laser surgery can reduce the visibility to create them less embarrassing. Preventing stretch marks is the good thing you must perform when you do not want them. The products available in the market can make the marks appear faded but when you want to prevent these marks, you may be disappointed to know that it is not definite that you will indeed prevent getting these marks because genetics has a major role. If any of your family members had these marks, possibilities are more that you will get stretch marks. So it is better to have preventative measure to get stretch free skin surface. The good thing to prevent stretch marks is by modifying your diet.

Researchers say that the skin health is highly affected by the thing you eat. If you consume fresh vegetables and fruits, your skin will be smooth, radiant and glowing. You will want to have balanced meals. Vitamins are good for your skin like vitamin E and there are particular vitamins which you must be finding to eat that are straightly associated to the skin. The vitamins include with vitamin A. C and E as well as zinc. You should keep in mind that zinc need to your body to protect your body skin from the dangerous rays of the sun. Vitamin A is rich in liver, sweet potato, apricots, pumpkin, tuna, green leafy vegetables and mango. Vitamin C with oranges, papaya, guava, chili peppers, kiwi, broccoli and strawberries.

Vitamin E is particular and it is rich in sunflower, polyunsaturated oils and seed, corn, peanut butter, almonds, avocados, wheat germ and canola. Zinc sources are legumes, raisins and bananas. Add these items in your daily diet to prevent stretch marks. Drinking plenty of water daily will help you to keep the skin hydrated. Stress slows down renewal of skin cell creating the skin less possibly to grow with the expanding abdomen. So have a stress free life to avoid stretch marks. Once in a day, have a non toxic and rich moisturizing lotion or oil to massage your skin on the area which is prone to get stretch marks. The ingredients should be included with carrot seed oil, lavender oil, avocado oil, patchouli necessary oil and neroli necessary oil. If you find that you have genetic problem or hormonal changes to get stretch marks, then preventing stretch marks should be your main step.