Mederma Stretch Mark Review


Stretch marks are the bane of women and even men who have the tell-tale, shiny marks on their bellies, their thighs, or arms. Stretch marks are irritating and having them means not being able to wear outfits that you would like to wear, or not being able to enjoy a totally sweltering day at the beach with your top off. There are products out there that are formulated to eliminate stretch marks or at the least, make them less visible. However, most of them do not work, and others may work but their effects are often not worth the expensive price. Mederma has long been in the business of refining and smoothing the texture of the skin with its products which are formulated specifically to remove stretch marks.

Despite its focus on products that reduce the appearance of scars, Mederma has recently come out with a product specifically made for making stretch marks less visible.

Mederma Stretch Mark Review

Advertised as skin care for scars, Mederma contains a plant extract called cepalin which has the effect of making scars look smoother and less conspicuous. The product has a clear gel consistently which develops into a water-like texture when it is rubbed on the skin. It also comes with a mild, pleasant, and clean smell. Although scars and stretch marks do not really disappear, products like Mederma claim to make them less visible by making the skin tone look more even and by improving the moisture levels of the skin.

How to Use

Mederma should be applied on affected areas 3 or 4 times a day. After 3 months of continuous use, the scars should be less visible and the skin should feel smooth, even, and soft. Changes in newer stretch marks can be seen in as early as 8 weeks. The cream should be applied on affected areas in the morning and evening for best results.


Unlike other stretch mark products, Mederma is surprisingly very affordable. It does not contain the harsh, chemical smell one often finds in commercial stretch mark creams. The smell is clean, and the texture is not oily so application is easier. The cream also absorbs well, and it has a rich lather. The moisturizing effect of the cream hydrates the skin so you enjoy the benefit of smooth, supple, and moisturized skin.


Some users complain that it takes a long time for results to appear. Although the cream is more affordable compared to other stretch mark creams, you may need to purchase twice as much to see the same effect. Some users find the smell too harsh, and it may be too overwhelming for pregnant women.

Who will benefit from this cream? 

People who are prone to stretch marks and those who have recently experienced drastic weight loss can definitely use this cream. Women who have recently given birth and those who want to remove stretch marks brought by several pregnancies will also find this product useful. It important to check with a doctor to ensure that the cream will not interfere with the efficacy of other topical products that are also being used.


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