Mederma Stretch Mark Product: Facts, Pros, and Also Cons


When talking about reliable products to deal with stretch marks, the name of Mederma stretch mark product will come up into the discussion. It is just natural that it happens because Mederma is considered as one reliable product that can combat stretch mark issue. Of course there are other products available out there, but there are reasons why this particular name and brand is constantly mentioned by beauty counselors and experts. Let’s see what the product has to offer.

One of the reasons why the Mederma stretch mark product is considered safe and guaranteed to work well is because of the natural ingredients and contents. Since the product is packed with natural ingredients, it is no wonder that it is able to do miraculous work.

– The Mederma contains Cepalin. It is an active ingredient that becomes the main component of the product. It is an onion extract that can prevent irritation and also inflammation to the skin. Besides preventing inflammation, the Cepalin can also hide scar tissues by softening their appearance so the skin texture and color will be improved.

– The Mederma also contains Hyaluronic acid. It is a special agent that will hydrate the skill in order to keep it moisturized and supple. It is attached to collaged and skin elastin to keep the skin smooth and soft. This ingredient can be found in most anti-aging skin products.

– The Mederma also contains the extract of Centella Asiatica leaf. This particular leaf is known to heal wounds and have natural anti-aging trait. When this substance is applied onto the skin, immediate result should be seen within several weeks. The skin will be firmer, younger, and fresher.

Mederma isn’t a powerful or magical solution that will remove the stretch mark or skin cars just like that. It works by lightening the color of the scars, softening the texture, and conceal the appearance. If used regularly within several weeks, immediate results should be visible.

There are several benefits that people can gain when they are using the product:

– The Mederma is a gel solution with clear appearance that feels and looks like water. When it is applied onto the skin, it has this nice soothing effect with nice smell.

– The product has very affordable price range. People can get nice skin care product without having to spend a fortune. The product itself can last for about 3 months.

– The product has money back guarantee offer. When people don’t experience change or improvement, they can get their money back.

However, some complaint reports have been reported concerning this product. Several users say that they don’t experience any changes at all. Their stretch marks diminish after 12 weeks, but such marks usually diminish on its own after 12 weeks, so the users aren’t sure whether the diminishing marks are because of the product or because of their natural ability. Second complaint is about the lengthy time it takes for the product to dry off before users can wear clothes. They have to wait for the gel to dry off before wearing their clothes because it will stick to the clothes.

Those are the basic facts about the Mederma stretch mark products. Now that people have known the advantages and flaws, it is up to them to choose.


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