How Long Does Stretch Mark Cream Take To Work?


One of the pitfalls of pregnancy is stretch marks. The smaller you are when you become pregnant, the more likely you are to have stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused by baby growing rapidly and the skin on your body stretching to accommodate your growing bundle of joy. The elasticity in your skin can only stretch so far before it begins to tear and stretch your skin so stretch marks occur wherever you’ve been growing.

pregnancy stretch marksStretch marks are genetic as well so if you’re mother had them or your sister had them, you are pre dispositioned to have them as well. However, there are some ways that you can fight back and one of them is by using creams on areas that are prone to stretch marks.

Your mother likely only had lotions or homemade creams to fight back with, but with today’s modern marketing, there are many to choose from today.

There are many stretch creams on the market today and they all claim to reduce or eliminate your stretch marks. The truth is, stretch marks don’t ever completely go away, but they will fade with time and be much less noticeable. Keeping your skin soft and supple will go far in preventing them and helping to reduce them.

The sooner a woman starts to use the stretch mark cream in her pregnancy, the sooner it can begin to work on her body and help prevent more stretch marks from happening. As soon as a woman is pregnant she should begin to apply the cream on a daily basis both morning and night, even if she is only a few weeks to a month pregnant. Helping the skin to stay supple is a great jump start on preventing stretch marks.

Apply the cream liberally to your abdomen, your breasts, your thighs and hips as well as any other areas that are growing. This can also include the buttocks area in some women.

applying Pregnancy stretch marks creamTake the time to apply a generous amount and massage it into your skin. In addition to applying the cream morning and night, apply it any time you feel uncomfortable or that your skin is stretching too tightly.

Baby will have several rapid growth months so you’ll have this happen a several times throughout your pregnancy.

This is normal and nothing to be overly concerned about unless you have gestational diabetes (your doctor will check you through this in later months of pregnancy).

If you are constantly applying the cream you should notice fewer stretch marks and your skin will feel soft and supple throughout your entire pregnancy. The cream will help your belly to feel better and less taught with regular use.

Most creams will begin to work almost immediately but you must reapply them at regular intervals for the best benefits. It’s important however to remember that not all creams work the same and what works for one woman may not work as well for another. Everyone has different body chemistry so this is only natural. Try out one or two brands and choose your favorite.

Stretch mark creams are available in drug stores, pharmacies and even in grocery stores sometimes. Select one that has vitamin E and cocoa butter in it or choose one that is recommended by your doctor or midwife. There are so many on the market today that it’s difficult to say which one is the best and of course, since everyone is different what is best for one mom won’t be best for another.

stretch marks after baby arrivedAfter baby arrives you’ll have a lot of stretch marks and you’ll want to get your body back as quickly as you can. Remember, you’ve taken nine long months to create your baby and your body is going to take time to bounce back. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Continue using the stretch mark cream after your baby arrives on a a daily basis. You’ll feel more comfortable and you’ll see them begin to fade away but it may take as long as six months to a year depending upon how long you’ve had the stretch marks and how your body responds to the treatment.

Apply the cream twice per day and any other time you feel the need for it. Steady use and gentle exercise will quickly tighten your body back up and with time and diligence of your stretch cream use you’ll soon notice your stretch marks disappearing and fading away.

Be gentle on yourself and don’t expect instant results. Instead of checking daily, wait a week between looking in the mirror to see how they are fading. You’ll notice more results this way.

Avoid any creams that causes you irritation or a reaction. You’re likely allergic to something in these and should avoid them.


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