Know the Different Stretch Marks Removal Treatments and be Free of the Unsightly Scars

Stretch marks are unsightly scars that appear when the skin has been stretched due to weight gain or pregnancy, and when there’s a sudden weight loss, but luckily there are available stretch marks removal treatments to choose from to get rid of the scar. Stretch marks may appear on different parts of the body but they are usually found on the abdominal area, breasts, thighs, upper arms, and buttocks.

Stretch marks choose no particular victim – men and women can get the scars, and pregnant women are not spared from getting them. The stretch marks appear lighter on some people and there are unfortunate ones that would give everything they have just to get rid of the ugly scars.

If the scars still appear even though all efforts have been exerted to prevent stretch marks from occurring, it does not mean that someone should just accept his or her fate and do nothing about it once the marks appeared. There is a stretch marks removal treatment that fits a particular victim. There is also a need to accept the fact that it will take time to see the expected result instead of being impatient.

The Different Treatments

Don’t expect that the treatments can get rid of stretch marks completely, but the scars can eventually fade as time goes by provided that proper care is observed.

The different stretch marks removal treatments include using creams, essential oils, therapy, laser, and surgery. All are effective in making the scars less visible until they eventually fade away. The choice really depends on the preference of the one who needs the treatment.

Treatment Using Creams

There are creams that can effectively make the scars less visible in a matter of weeks (or even shorter) depending on the skin type and color. Vitamin E enriched creams are great for stretch marks because Vitamin E intensifies the formation of new cells and it deeply penetrates the damaged tissue under the scar making the stretch marks less noticeable. Among the many forms of Vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol is one of the key ingredients in most stretch marks removal creams because of its ability to regenerate the skin. To achieve visible results in lesser time, it is best to use the Vitamin E enriched cream to stretch marks that are one year old or younger.

Sunless tanning creams can give immediate but temporary remedy for the stretch marks. They can camouflage the scars by creating an illusion of even tanned skin. Some people who need to go to an important event that are bothered by the unsightly scars often choose such remedy for the time being.

Creams with tretinoin are also effective in treating stretch marks although it is advised to consult the doctor first because tretinoin is usually prescribed.

Using Essential Oils

Argan oil might be new to most people particularly most women, but the amazing essential oil has been a part of Moroccan women’s beauty regimen. Women all around the globe discovered that Argan oil is great for skin and it is effective in eliminating stretch marks.

Other essential oils to try include neroli, lavender, vetiver, mandarin, patchouli, jasmine, rose, frankincense, helichrysum, and myrrh.

Essential oils are powerful and it is wise to add or mix carrier oil or lotion to them before putting some on the affected skin. Almond, primrose, jojoba, and carrot are just some of the carrier oils to consider.

Touch of Therapy

Light Therapy is non-damaging and non-invasive and it can effectively make appearance of stretch marks less noticeable. The procedure usually takes a series of sessions under cool and relaxing environment. One treatment lasts twenty minutes. The procedure is performed by a qualified doctor.

The therapy is like a deeper massage that intends to reach the deeper layers of the skin and stimulate it. The light emitted from the device energizes, fixes, and rejuvenates the damaged skin. It also enables the body to boost the collagen production naturally.

The treatment can be costly and it can go as high as few thousand dollars depending on the extensiveness of the treatment.

Opting for Laser

Cosmetic lasers can also stimulate fresh collagen growth that made it an ideal choice of people looking for stretch marks removal treatment. The cost of laser treatment today is still considered expensive although the price has gone down since its introduction. The pain that comes with the treatment has been significantly reduced.

One session usually lasts up to one hour (depending on the severity of the case), and expect series of treatments before achieving desired results.

Taking Abdominoplasty

Individuals with some cash to burn don’t hesitate to go under the knife and the procedure is called abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. The surgery can get rid of stretch marks almost immediately, but it can be very costly. The price usually falls between $4,000 and $25,000 or even more- depending on some factors that affect the price.

Like any surgery, sometimes there are risks involved and recovery usually takes about two to four weeks, and a patient needs three to six months to fully recover.

Most insurance do not cover abdominoplasty. It is prudent to ask the insurance provider and make everything clear before agreeing to the procedure.

Important Notes in Choosing the Right One

In choosing the most effective treatment, an individual must evaluate his or her lifestyle and the time that he or she is willing to spend to make certain that the treatment will really work for that person. Budget should also be considered as well as diligence, patience, and level of discipline of the person involved.

There are treatments that are less expensive but they can be tedious and require constant practice or application (like in cases of using creams or essential oils). Missing out a day (of application) might become habitual which can lead to utter negligence and all efforts from the past might only become futile in the end.

There are treatments that cost a lot but those kinds of treatments might just be the most suitable for that person especially if he or she has the money to pay for the procedure.

There is one stretch marks removal treatment that fits a certain person perfectly, but efforts should be exerted in order to make certain that a need for another treatment will not happen again.