Is The Best Stretch Mark Cream Cheap Any Good?


TrialstinAsk anyone who sufferers from stretch marks, and they will likely tell you that the answer is pregnant women.

However although that is true, they are not the only ones who suffer from stretch marks.

Anyone, male or female, who has any area of the body that is stretched, will have stretch marks. This is especially the case for people who rapidly put on weight.

When gaining weight, these marks can appear anywhere on the body, although they are more common around the stomach and thigh area, but they do happen on arms and legs quite often.

Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched beyond its normal capacity. Skin stretches very well, just pull the skin on your arm, and then let go.

It will retract back to the way it was before. So why doesn’t doing that cause stretch marks? It is all down to elasticity.

Take an elastic band and keep stretching it, eventually it will reach a point where it snaps, and that is what happens with skin.

Although when the skin snaps it does not rupture, it causes scar tissue, and that is what the marks are.

So will the best stretch mark cream cheap work in reducing the scar tissue? Well it depends on your current lifestyle, and how bad the scar tissue is.

If you are still classed as obese then it is not worth trying to treat them as you are still causing stress to your skin.

If you have had a baby, or lost weight to an acceptable level, then it is worth trying the best stretch mark cream cheap to see if it works.

To use the best stretch mark cream cheap, you first make sure that the area you want to use it on is clean and dry.

TrialstinThen apply it to the stretched area, and rub it in until there is no residue left. Do not expect these creams to give instant results, it will take weeks, and you must follow the instructions to the letter.

If you find that the one you are using has not given you positive results after 6 weeks, then it is time to try another.

If you have been using over the counter creams, and you have tried a few of them with no acceptable results, then speak with your own doctor. He will be able to prescribe stronger cream than you can buy from a chemist.

One thing you must never do is purchase the best stretch mark cream cheap off online auction sites, as you have no idea what is in it, and if it is the real thing or not.

If you have tried both prescribed and none prescribed cream and none of them work, then it is worth asking your doctor for some steroid cream.

This will help the skin to regrow, and does work in some cases, when other creams have failed.

Failing all of the above, do not become disheartened, as there is still treatment available.

You will need to visit a dermatologist, as they may be able to offer you laser treatment.

This has a similar effect to the steroid cream, but works in a totally different way.

It kills off a layer of skin, and promotes it to grow back without the scarring. This treatment can be expensive, and you will need at least 6 courses, a lot more if you have plenty of stretch marks.

If there is no way of removing stretch mark, then you can either just accept them as part of who you are, or cover them with clothing.



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