Is Emu Oil Effective For The Removal Of Stretch Marks?


Stretch marks make person’s skin unattractive and are even more of a bother if they are located in the exposed areas. Overstretching of skin, which causes tearing of collagen fibers and dehydration, is what causes stretch marks. The elasticity of skin is attributable to the collagen fibers. Collagen deficiency causes these pinkish brownish marks on the skin known as stretch marks.

Emu OilDeveloping stretch marks however need not be a problem since treatment is available for them. Even though no treatment exists that can make them disappear completely, the available options will make them appear lighter.

Supplementing your diet with Vitamins C, A, and E and getting laser therapy are some of the ways you can treat stretch marks. However, the commonest and most effective solutions are the use of stretch mark creams, oils, and lotions.

Stretch mark creams are readily available in the market and are quite easy to use. Most of them have no side effects especially when they contain natural ingredients. Emu oil is one of these treatments that contain natural ingredients. To learn more about it read further.

What is Emu Oil?

Emu oil is harvested from the Emu, which is a flightless bird common in Australia. Most people confuse the Emu with the ostrich. However, the Emu has some tricks up its sleeve. The fat extracted from the emu boasts of healing properties unlike that from the ostrich.

Emu oil has been in use in Australian traditional medicine for quite a while now. It was discovered that cuts and burns healed much easier and faster when emu oil was applied directly to them. All natural emu oil is a yellow substance composed of 70% unsaturated fatty acids.

Emu oil also contains Vitamin E, an important ingredient regarded as a great skin rejuvenator. It also helps the absorption of oil into the skin. Emu oil also contains Linoleic and oleic acid. Emu oil is also an excellent alternative to prescription medication since it is completely natural. All its ingredients come from natural sources and offer numerous benefits. As of yet no side effects have been attributed to the Emu oil.

Why is Emu Oil Good for Stretch Marks?

using emo oilEmu oil gained popularity amongst new mothers since they found it to have a healing effect on the stretch marks. This is most likely attributable to the fact that emu oil is an excellent moisturizer.

Emu oil is an all-natural oil that penetrates into the skin and heals it from the inside out. Emu oil is a great remedy for dry and damaged skin that leaves skin looking supple, young, and healthy.

Emu oil contains fatty acids full of Omega 6 and Omega 3 that makes the skin even healthier than it already was. Emu oil also has anti-inflammatory abilities. If you use emu oil on marks left behind by weight fluctuations, because or puberty, or because of childbirth, they will start to disappear slowly.

How to Use Emu Oil for Stretch Marks

The wonderful thing about using an all-natural product such as emu oil is that you are free from all those irritating instruction manuals. Natural products are safe and simple to use and this is exactly the case for emu oil.

To use emu oil all you have to do is simply rub it onto the affected area. The key thing is to ensure that you use the oil sparingly. With emu oil, a little goes a long way. Once you have applied it, massage the affected area slowly to ensure that your skin has absorbed all the oil.

Once you do this, your skin will start feeling moisturized and healthy but never oily. If you feel you have applied too much, wipe off the excess before putting on any clothes since the oil can stain your clothes if you do not use it carefully. Repeat this process as many times as you want every day.

How Does Emu Oil Affect Skin?

 Emu Oil Affect on SkinEmu oil works so great on the skin because of the amount of fatty acids it contains. The omega acids and fatty acids work wonders for skin as previously mentioned. The Anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil are also quite good.

Emu oil reduces swelling or inflammation brought about by stretch marks. Since Emu oil is a natural oil, it is quite easy to speculate that its moisturizing power is amazing because it simply is.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this has been a detailed discussion of what emu oil is and what it can do for you. As pointed out in the article, emu oil is a wonderful product that works on many things such as stretch marks, cuts, bruises, and even burns. Even though emu oil is a bit pricey, all it takes is several drops of it to make a difference. Overall, it is a big thumbs up to emu oil!


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