How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks: The Various Approaches


It seems that very few people these days can escape the need to wonder how to get rid of stretch marks. Although they are most popularly associated with pregnancy, stretch marks afflict many people, of both genders and many situations. Teens experience them after growth spurts, and anyone who has gained weight or muscle in a short period of time is susceptible to them.

With stretch marks being such a widespread problem, it is no wonder that ways to remove stretch marks are so widely sought. Happily for all, there are a number of solutions to get rid of stretch marks, ranging from the use of in-office medical procedures to the inexpensive home use of stretch mark cream.


How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks: the Biology


The majority of folks afflicted with stretch marks don’t have the financial resources to get them zapped away by a doctor with laser or scalpel. No matter, though; there are still plenty of answers to how to get rid of stretch marks, which you can accomplish at home yourself, and with very little expense and absolutely no risk. With any of the available remedies for stretch marks, the key is to stimulate your own body’s natural healing responses.

The underlying cause of any stretch mark is the body’s inability to match skin growth with the growth of the body beneath it. This is why pregnancy is notorious for leaving tracks of stretch marks behind. The incredibly quick expansion of the abdomen is often too much growth for the skin to keep up with easily. This is particularly true if the skin itself is undernourished and dry, lacking the resources that might enable it to produce additional skin rapidly enough to allow for the expansion without stretching. Like a dry bread dough when its ends are pulled apart, the skin pulls and tears over the expansion underneath.

This tearing leads to a very small amount of bleeding below the surface, which gives fresh stretch marks their characteristic purplish or reddish color. Over time, the color fades, often to a very light or even silvery hue.  Left to itself, your body will often be content with leaving the healing process at this point. From a physiological standpoint, the stretch mark poses no threat, and so your body might not assign any additional resources toward mending it. What your body deems sufficient, however, may not be precisely in line with what your mind would wish, and so you can use a number of methods to urge things along.

How to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally


Short of an expensive process of stretch mark removal with a laser or surgical instruments, the best approach of how to get rid of stretch marks is to provide your body with the natural nutrients and stimulants that will cause the healing to continue and accelerate. Fortunately, this can easily be done with the simple and straightforward application of a topical ointment that will both moisturize the skin and provide the nutrients it needs to speed its healing.

There is nothing “unnatural” in the process of applying any ointment or medicinal cream to stretch marks. This is particularly true because the ingredients of these creams are generally derived from natural sources, providing natural nutrients that the body uses to promote its own natural process of healing. If you prefer to stick with all natural and organic remedies, you can purchase many creams that fit the description, and you can even create your own.

How to Remove Stretch Marks with Home Made Cream

It is a simple enough proposition to approach the question of how to get rid of stretch marks by concocting a cream or moisturizer of your own. You can follow instructions to mix up your own moisturizer using any DIY (do it yourself) guide, or you can begin simply with your favorite skin moisturizer. To this moisturizing base, you can add herbal components that will promote the healing and repair of the skin afflicted with pregnancy stretch marks or stretch marks stemming from any other growth event.

The ingredients for a homemade cream can generally be found in the aisles of your grocery store, or the shelves and bulk bins of a local organic foods market. Some of the simplest ingredients are the most effective, including such herbs as marigold, chamomile, lavender, jasmine, alfalfa, or simple green tea. We may feel dismissive of such familiar items, but in truth their healing properties have been known and used for centuries. Adding any of these ingredients to a moisturizer can have the effect of boosting its healing properties exponentially.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks with a Doctor’s Help


You might also consider the avenue of consulting with your doctor regarding possible recommended creams to use on stretch marks. There are increasing numbers of medicated creams available on today’s market, many containing variations of the same herbal ingredients mentioned above. Others contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E, both of which are necessary components for healing of the skin, as well as various antioxidant compounds.

In many cases, a prescription strength medicated cream or ointment will contain many of the same ingredients as its over the counter counterpart, but perhaps in stronger concentrations. Depending on your insurance coverage, a doctor’s prescription might mean that your insurance will actually pay for the treatment. Unlike the more drastic treatments, which are often categorized as cosmetic procedures, medicinal remedies are less expensive and more easily accepted by insurance companies.

Stretch marks do not adversely affect your physical health but an understanding doctor will recognize the fact that they can have an impact on your emotional and overall well being. With this thought in mind, your doctor should be happy to help guide you in choosing the topical cream or moisturizer that can best address your needs. Applying your chosen cream regularly will answer your question of how to get rid of stretch marks.



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