Any Good Stretch Mark Creams For When You’re Pregnant?


As happy as I am to be pregnant, after waiting so long for it to happen, I now have a new problem. You see, I’m a tiny gal with a small frame. But as I get bigger I’ll be dealing with a very big belly and rapidly stretching skin. That’s why I need to start looking into good stretch mark creams when you’re pregnant.

I want to nip this in the bud right away. I want to be proactive in making sure I don’t have a ton of stretch marks by the time I’m doing having this baby and getting back to my pre-baby weight.

Stretch Marks After PregnancyYou might call me vain, but I really do want to prevent stretch marks this early in my life if I can avoid it. I’ve been very fortunate in that thus far I have managed to go stretch mark free. It’s probably because I’m so tiny, so I never had any crazy growth spurts while I was growing up.

Pretty good gig, I know. I had it pretty easy compared to some of my friends when I was growing up. But that’s why I would like to prevent these stretch marks from popping up on my stomach and hips. I’m not used to having them, so I would… you know… like to actually get my body back!

It’s been a long time coming, having this baby of ours. It’s taken quite a few years of trying, of lots of trips to the doctor, and finally I got the okay to start telling my family that I’m pregnant. Woohoo!

We’ve already started drafting our announcements. I’m so happy to be having this baby. I can’t wait until he or she is in my arms and bringing joy to our household. Until that is totally a reality, however, I have to get through this pregnancy first.

I was told that because of my small frame I may have some difficulties in my second and third trimesters. I’m starting my second one right now, so I have no idea how it’s going to go. Right now I’m feeling pretty good, but that could easily change later on. It’s only a matter of time before I go to the doctor and she tells me that I need to be on bed rest because I’ve gotten too big for my center of gravity. I can hear my husband joking about it now, and it’s not funny!

stretch mark creamWell, knowing that is what’s going to come my way in the coming months, I am doing some research into the best stretch mark creams for women who are currently pregnant.

It’s important to differentiate between the two because there are some chemicals in stretch mark creams that could be bad for women.

But there are also creams made for women who are pregnant and trying to prevent stretch marks from forming. I mean, I really don’t want to lose this baby, but I want to prevent stretch marks, so I’ve gotta make sure I get the right kind.

Do any of you out there know of any creams that may be good for what I need? I am assuming that at least some of you have been in my situation before. The other thing is that they can’t be too expensive because I’m trying to save money to buy diapers and clothing, since this little guy is gonna grow very quickly! So being able to save some money is very important to us right now. We really need the best of both worlds over here.

I’ve asked my mother about what stretch mark creams I should get, but apparently she’s never had this problem. But she’s a lot bigger than me. I’m adopted, so she’s never had the same frame as me and it’s really annoying in this regard. I wish she could just understand that this is a big concern of mine.

Prevention of Stretch MarksRight now she’s just giving me a bunch of crud that shows she doesn’t relate to me at all. She tried giving me some stretch mark cream she got from the store, and it’s the exact kind that has the chemicals I can’t have in them. It’s like she’s trying to kill me and my baby!

Okay, that was hyperbolic. But do you see the situation that I am in? I need to find the best stretch mark cream for pregnant women before it’s too late and I start getting fatter and my skin start stretching too fast.

I know that it sounds very vain of me, but it’s the truth. I would be very upset if I ended up with a bunch of stretch marks. Of course my baby is more important, so I want to make sure it stays healthy throughout this ordeal.


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