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Infamous for their appearance after pregnancy, stretch marks also plague people of both genders and all ages. A period of quick weight gain, or even weight loss, or muscle gain, or growth spurt in height—any of these circumstances can tax the skin’s ability to expand, and leave the person with ugly stretch marks on any area of the body. The question left to most folks so afflicted is how to get rid of stretch marks fast.


The quickest way to get rid of stretch marks fast is to enlist the aid of a dermatologist, specifically one who can perform laser or surgical procedures that eliminate stretch marks. It must be said that this is not an inexpensive option; nor is it usually covered by insurance policies, which dismiss these procedures as “merely cosmetic” and therefore not needful.

Having said this, however, it must also be noted that these procedures are, hands down, the most quick and effective way to solving stretch marks related problems. Perhaps the laser procedures are the most desirable, being considerably less expensive and less risky than full-on surgical alternatives. Read on to see the possibilities (and the risks) of each.

Pros and Cons of Surgery

The most chosen method for stretch marks removal would be the surgical alternatives. Most often, these are employed when there is more work to be done than simply the stretch mark removal, although the elimination of damaged skin is certainly a part of the process. A common example would be the tummy tuck, as abdominoplasty is often called.

If a person has lost weight rapidly, especially in cases such as a patient who has had gastric bypass surgery or a similar procedure, that person often ends up with excessive folds of skin drooping about their newly trim body. A tummy tuck addresses all this extra flesh, removing excess folds of skin and drawing the remainder more tightly across the muscle tissues underneath. In cases where stretch marks are present, the surgeon will specifically target the damaged skin for removal, with the result that the post-surgery body will be unmarred by stretch marks.

Clearly this type of procedure is a prime candidate for someone whose goal is to get rid of stretch marks fast, although it is not for everyone. If there are not additional surgical objectives (like the removal of excess skin after weight loss) the surgery is unlikely to be recommended solely to remove stretch marks. Surgery is expensive, and carries with it the additional risks of infection or effects of anesthesia. If stretch marks are the only problem, a laser procedure is a far more likely candidate.

Comparing Laser Procedures to Surgery

If stretch marks are your only (or your primary) concern, a laser procedure is the way to go. It is far less invasive and less costly than surgery, and doesn’t carry the same risks of infection or adverse side effects. If you want to get rid of stretch marks fast, there is no better alternative, provided you can afford it. And laser remedies for stretch marks are also more affordable than surgery, more often measuring in the hundreds rather than the thousands of dollars.

Of course, the cost will depend on your individual circumstances, beginning with the extent of the stretch mark damage on your person. The laser procedures available can address both new and old stretch marks, with different types of laser use depending on the age and state of your own stretch marks.

For newer marks that still have the reddish tinge left by sub-surface bleeding, there is a particular wavelength of laser that will remove the reddish coloring and stimulate the skin to produce its natural pigment, ultimately returning the stretch marked area to match the appearance of the rest of your skin. For older, silvery stretch marks, a different frequency and pulse of laser is used to achieve the same effect.

Laser procedures often require several successive treatments to achieve their full effect, but they are indisputably quicker than waiting for time and your body to heal the stretch marks alone. If you are determined to get rid of stretch marks fast, laser is probably your top option.

Helping Nature Along


If you are unable to afford the assistance of laser procedures for your stretch marks removal, the remaining option is not as quick, but still trustworthy. In a word, you can stimulate your body’s own healing processes in order to achieve the erasure of your stretch marks. This process involves some time, but you can help it along rather than waiting for years for your stretch marks to fade away.

To achieve these effects yourself, you need only understand some basics of biology. Your body’s own immune system is programmed to repair damaged areas, and your skin is designed to create new cells and to repair damaged ones. If you give your skin the construction materials it needs for repair and rebuilding, and if you nudge your immune system to step up the repair process, you can measurably speed up the process of healing.

Try using an abrasive scrub on your stretch marks, followed by a good moisturizing cream that contains vitamins and minerals. The abrasion can work to start smoothing the surface of your stretch marks, and it also alerts your immune system to pay attention to the area. Your body perceives the scrubbing as additional damage, and so your immune system will respond to the site.

 If your moisturizing cream provides the hydration and the nutrients your body needs for skin construction and repair, the heightened immune response will have the effect of speeding up the natural repair at the site, making this the best natural way to get rid of stretch marks fast. If you were to practice these techniques on some of your stretch marks and leave others untreated, you would see the difference between them—but you will naturally want to treat them all!


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  • Doris P. says:

    The surgery solution sure is expensive! I looked into this a while back and determined that the typical cost is about $3000-$8500 for a tummy tuck. That far exceeds my budget. I better stick to the creams!

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