How To Get Your Hands On The Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream Recommended By Allure


Allure beauty magazine started in the year 1991 and since then has become one of the most respected and well-known beauty magazines in the US. It regularly reviews beauty products, skin care regimens and it also gives Best of Beauty Allure awards.

One type of award is given by Reader’s choice and the other one is given by the editors of the magazine. The monthly magazine has a circulation of over a million and is trusted by the readers for its beauty and skin care products recommendations.

Allure cream ReviewAllure has also reviewed different stretch mark removal creams available in the market. Many consumers take the reviews in the magazine seriously.

Over the years, many stretch mark creams have been launched by companies claiming there concoction to be the best but the sad truth is that most of these products do not work as claimed. Before moving on to the creams, let us first understand the root causes of stretch marks.

Stretch marks, also known as Striae in medical terms, usually appear during pregnancy or puberty. These appear when the collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis layer of the skin are damaged due to stretching over a long period of time. Some of the people also experience these marks during puberty and some health experts have also linked the appearance of these stretch marks to hormonal changes in the body.

Sometimes, heavy exercise also leads to appearance of these stretch marks. This is usually the case with bodybuilders who bulk up too quickly without giving the skin a chance to grow to accommodate the growing muscles.

These marks can be treated to a great extent if care is taken when these first appear. However, the wide availability of different brands in the market makes it really confusing for the buyers to choose the right cream for treating their marks. Here is a list of various types of creams that will help you in getting rid of these scars.

Herbal Stretch Mark Removal Creams

Herbal remedies for stretch marksHealth experts have found these creams to be highly effective in toning down the appearance of stretch marks. The good thing about these creams is that these are effective even if you’re marks have turned whitish or silvery grey.

Another advantage of these creams is that there are no harmful ingredients in the creams that may lead to skin irritation.

It is important to choose the right cream for your body as you are going to use it while you’re still pregnant. There are some cases where breasts also develop stretch marks. In such cases, herbal creams work the best, as breasts are very sensitive.

Vitamin Creams

There are some vitamins such as vitamins E and vitamins C that are known to help our body in producing collagen. The collagen tissue in the body is responsible for the elasticity and enough collagen is necessary to ensure that stretch marks do not appear. These vitamins based creams also help in moisturizing body that keeps the skin smooth and safe.

Collagen Creams

As mentioned above, one of the biggest reasons of appearance of stretch marks is the breakup of collagen and elastin tissues in the darkness part of the skin. Therefore, it is believed that a cream that can help in inducing extra collagen production in the body will help in replacing the old broken tissues with the new collagen fibers and help in getting rid of stretch marks.

collagen creamTherefore, these creams focus on ingredients that are known to induce collagen production in the body. However, the biggest problem with these creams or any other product aimed at the stretch mark removal market is that quality of the ingredients.

There are many creams that claim to contain various active ingredients but turn out to be a hoax. Therefore, it is recommended to buy only well-known products such as those recommended in the allure magazine.

In addition to considering the brands of best stretch mark removal creams in the allure magazine, you may also get some recommendations from various websites and forums where people report on the effects of particular creams.

It is important to keep in mind that if a product works, is going to cost you some money. However, the confidence you gain from removal of these stretch marks is worth the cost.

Use the Allure App

Allure magazine has also launched an online app that helps you find the nearest stores where the recommended beauty products from the magazine can be bought. If you are unable to find some of these products as recommended in the magazine in your local stores, you may download this app and use that to locate the stores to buy your favorite products.

Allure AppsBefore deciding on a particular stretch mark removal cream, you should check its ingredients and the brand. One of the advantages of buying a well known brand is that you will get everything that is on the label of the product.

So, if the label says that it contains vitamins and exfoliating agents, you can rest assured that the product has it. This guarantee is not available with other lesser known brands.

It is important to keep in mind that Allure magazine recommends a lot of beauty products. However, all of these products do not work for everyone. Everyone has a different body and body may react in a completely different manner to same creams. Therefore, you do need to check out various other websites and forums for reviews of a particular product before deciding to buy one.


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