Finding The Perfect Stretch Mark Removal Cream For Black Skin


Black skin has several issues that make it necessary for black people to have a stretch mark cream that is stronger than what most fair skin people need. In this article we will focus on the special needs of black skin when it comes to removing stretch marks.

We will cover the role that melanin plays, its benefits and the adverse conditions that it can cause. The desired outcome of this article is that the reader will have an understanding that black skin requires a stronger and effective stretch mark removal cream than what lighter skin types require.

The Gift And Curse of Melanin:

black pregnant momWe cannot has a discussion on the best stretch mark removal cream for black skin without first talking about black skin and what makes it different. We have named this section “The Gift And Curse of Melanin.”

We’ve selected this name because all skin types have certain areas that are wonderful and certain areas where it is prone to certain conditions.

From the darkest brown to the lightest yellow of black complexions, it is the compound melanin that gives this skin type its color. Melanin has many advantages to it which includes that it naturally protects brown skin from the sun, large amounts of melanin makes the skin thicker, more elastic, less prone to wrinkles, lines and sagging.

When people say, “black doesn’t crack” what they are really referring to are the anti-aging properties of melanin which black people have more than any other group of people on earth.

The paragraph above lists the benefits of a large amount of melanin and what we have listed below shows some of the conditions that a lot of melanin can cause and why people with various shades of brown skin must pick the right stretch mark removal cream. Be mindful that fairer skin types also have many issues that are the inverse of the benefits that melanin creates.

Black Skin Is More Prone To Scarring

removing stretch marks darker skinDarker skin is more likely to scar than lighter skin. You have probably noticed that when darker skin scars the scars are darker and more pronounced. When it comes to removing stretch marks this must be taken into account and the right cream must be used for brown skin.

Stretch marks are technically micro scars which are the signs of healing from having the skin stretched so stretch mark removal is very much related to scar removal and the same principles apply.

Black Skin Is Thicker

Easily one of the greatest benefits of high levels of melanin is also an issue when it comes to any form of scarring such as what occurs when stretch marks form. Thicker skin is great in that it prevents wrinkles but it isn’t so good when stretch marks develop.

Most scar removal and stretch mark removal creams aren’t specifically made for brown skin so people with this skin type must stick to specific brands and formulas that work great with their brown skin.

Black Skin Is More Prone To Discoloration

Another thing that comes with high levels of melanin is the tendency for skin that is prone to discoloration. This discoloration becomes an issue when scars and stretch marks form because it typically makes for stretch marks and scars that are much darker than the base color of the skin. What this means for stretch mark removal is the need for a cream that is strong enough to help darker skin.

Choosing A Stretch Mark Removal Cream For Black Skin:

Stretch Mark Removal Cream For Black SkinSo far we have talked a lot about the biological mechanism that go into why a person with black skin will need a specific type of stretch mark removal product.

In this final section we will deal more with the utilitarian task of finding the right cream, doing research and making a purchase.

Google Is Thy Watson, Sherlock

When researching the different creams Google is thy friend. With Google you can easily click your way to all the various cream that are on the market and that are made specifically for black skin. As to this point, we also suggest that buying on the internet is the best option because it is most often less expensive and it present the most options.

A Product That Has Plenty of Reviews And Testimonies

Sure you could simply choose any cream that seems to fit your needs but that isn’t responsible behavior. You not only want a great deal but a great product. One way to ensure that you meet both criteria is by looking for reviews and testimonies on any cream that you would like to purchase.

A Product That Is Free From Complaints

You want to purchase a product that is free from a history of serious problems because it isn’t worth the risk.


Hopefully this article has helped you and you will find the perfect stretch mark removal cream for your skin type.


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