Few Simple Tips on How to Prevent Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are usually an unavoidable result of pregnancy or rapid weight-loss or weight gain for many women and men. Stretch marks aren’t something you’ve problems with physically; however, many people who’ve stretch marks become self conscious about them. These marks can be completely and easily prevented if you keep up with the below mentioned simple tips on how to prevent stretch marks.

Do not Scratch

Do not scratch the regions where you’re more likely to get stretch-marks. These areas normally are the inner thighs, hips, stomach and region around the chest. If your skin feels itchy, you need to apply and massage using creams and oils. Massaging with oil will not just prevent stretching and pulling the middle and outer layers of your skin, but it’ll also promote skin growth as well as positive blood flow.

Use a Stretch Mark Lotion or Cream

Apply a stretch-mark lotion or cream a few times daily on the regions you’re likely to develop stretch-marks. This is applicable particularly to expecting mothers as around 70% of them incur some form of stretch marks linked to pregnancy. Some lotions have components which will help improve the overall condition of your skin. This will minimize your chance of developing stretch-marks in the future.

Apply Cocoa Butter

Apply cocoa butter to your tummy every night before going to sleep to avoid stretch marks. This will aid the skin layer over your stomach to stretch out in order to fit your baby without leaving behind any stretch marks.

Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Healthy

A popular and simple way of hydrating yourself is drinking a lot of water and fluids during pregnancy. Apart from the fact that hydrating will work for both you and your baby, getting adequate fluids to your body also assist in preventing the development of stretch-marks as the skin gets the moisture content it requires to stay flexible and supple.

On top of drinking plenty of water, following a healthy diet plan is also an additional tip on how to prevent stretch marks. Stay clear of foods that are loaded with fat, sodium and oil. A balanced diet plan includes sufficient consumption of natural vitamins A, E and C – obtained in vegetables and fruits, fish liver oils, walnuts, beans and eggs – keeps your skin healthy and avoids and cures stretch marks.

Keep track of your body weight

Maintaining the advised body-weight during pregnancy is essential because of so many factors and preventing stretch marks is one among them. Gaining too much body-weight during pregnancy could cause you darker and bigger stretch marks as the skin is forced to stretch more. Avoid that by being faithful to the body-weight that your medical professional tells you to maintain.

Essential Oils

Essential oils like Rose, Lavender, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Geranium and Myrrh can repair stretch marks and they’re currently used as a home cure. You can apply these oils directly on to your skin, or even use a carrier (like coconut oil or unscented lotion) to make application much easier.


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