Facts and Benefits of Stretch Mark Lotions


Women would want to know which stretch mark lotions can help them deal with the issue. In reality, stretch mark isn’t exclusive to women only. However, most women are prone to it, especially during pregnancy or when they become obese. Bodybuilders are also prone to this skin issue but since they are not experiencing excessive skin expansion, the stretch mark issue is quite rare for them.

Stretch marks happen because the skin is expanding way beyond its ability. When women are pregnant or people experience drastic weight gain, the skin will expand on its own to accommodate the increasing mass. However, the skin has its own limit and ability. At some points, it won’t be able to accommodate the expanding mass so the skin starts to experience break of cellular levels. When people suffer from stretch marks, they will have these silvery lines. Those are the break on cellular level. Those silvery lines may not be dangerous or harmful, but they can affect the appearance and they can also affect the confidence level. Women with stretch marks are usually ashamed of their appearance and condition, so they tend to hide the marks.

There are several causes for the stretch marks. First, the skin isn’t strong enough to accommodate the changes and the growing mass. Second, the hormones affect the elasticity of the skin. Some people are born with this particular hormone ‘defect’ where they can’t make their skin elastic. Third, elderly people will have diminished ability in the skin elasticity so older people are prone to stretch marks. Their skin isn’t as young and as elastic as before. Fourth, dry skin is also prone to stretch marks. Dry skin isn’t as flexible as the hydrated skin, so the possibility of stretch mark is bigger.

The stretch mark lotions can help fighting off stretch mark issue because:

– It will hydrate the skin. When the skin is hydrated enough, it will become flexible and more versatile. The skin will be able to accommodate whatever mass growth happening to it because it is not rigid.

– The skin lotion usually consists of collagen that will improve the skin elasticity. When the skin is elastic enough, it is able to contain the mass expansion.

– The lotions are usually packed up with healthy substances, like vitamin E, aloe vera, or vitamin C that can protect the skin from outside and also inside. The vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that would repel off dangerous radicals responsible for the skin damage. It is also able to improve the immune system of the skin, so the skin won’t be easily inflamed.

– The lotions can also deal with skin inflammation or skin issues, so the skin will look fresh, young, and firm.

It would be better if people are able to choose the right stretch mark lotions for them. For instance, avoid lotions with chemical compounds because chemical can cause further skin issues. Also avoid lotions with scents or perfume since it can cause irritation. For sensitive skin, it can cause inflammation and infection. Choose products with right ingredients and substance, along with plain and colorless creams.


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