Expecting The Unexpected: Is Stretch Mark Cream Safe During Pregnancy?


stretch marks pregnancyStretch marks are a common problem among pregnant women and new mothers. Although harmless, it’s not a pleasant thing to see. Most women decide to treat stretch marks after they give birth to their child.

However, you can’t remove them, but only conceal them once they show up. That’s why stretch mark creams work to prevent them from forming.

Preventing stretch marks from forming means that you have to use creams during pregnancy. The cream provides nourishment to the skin tissues that prevent marks from forming.

One problem is that there are chemicals found on some stretch mark creams. Should a pregnant woman use stretch mark creams? Moreover, is stretch mark cream safe during pregnancy?

A Brief Explanation on Why Stretch Marks Form

stretch markToo much stretching of the tissue tears the tissues beneath the skin. The body can heal the torn tissues without leaving a mark. However, it takes time for the body to heal the skin tissues.

If the skin stretches too fast, like in pregnancy, the body can’t heal torn tissues quick enough. This results to scar-formation beneath the skin, which people and doctors alike refer to as stretch marks.

When a woman is pregnant, the body also makes some tissues softer. This allows the child to come out smoothly during delivery. On the other hand, proteins called collagen and elastin makes the tissues of the body strong and more elastic. These proteins allow the skin tissues to stretch without tearing. However, these proteins decrease during pregnancy, which makes the skin tissues not strong enough.

Preventing Stretch Marks from Forming During Pregnancy

stretch mark creamStretch mark creams for pregnancy have a lot of vitamins and nutrients. Moisturizing the skin tissues as they stretch prevents the lasting formation of stretch marks.

A well-moisturized and nourished skin tissue stretches without tearing. Some stretch mark creams also provide proteins that keep the skin tissues strong.

Overall, creams make the tissue elastic enough to resist the stretching of the skin in the tummy due to the growing child. However, there are cases where stretch marks run in the family.

You will get these marks no matter what. You can’t prevent them. If your mother had stretch marks during her pregnancy, it’s likely that you will have stretch marks, as well. Although, if you use stretch mark creams during pregnancy, your skin will be stronger and more resistant against stretching. This will make the stretch marks harder to see or tear much less.

Is Stretch Mark Cream Safe During Pregnancy? ‘ Things To Consider

creamThe first thing that you should find out before using stretch mark creams is what the contents are that make up the cream.

You need to be sure that the contents are not harmful to your child, but still prevent stretch marks from forming.

The best course of action is to find stretch mark creams safe for pregnancy that has all-natural ingredients. These ingredients are commonly fruit and plant extracts, or anything that is not toxic to you or your child.

Stores who sell over-the-counter stretch mark creams are likely to be safe for pregnancy.These creams are generally safe for everyone to use since everyone has access to buy them.

Some companies also make sure that their stretch mark creams are safe for pregnancy, because the majority of their customers are pregnant women.

You should also check if the brand of the cream is reputable by looking for positive reviews and feedback among other users. Pregnant women should avoid prescription stretch mark creams unless they ask their doctor if it is okay to use it.

Most prescription stretch mark creams have chemicals that are effective in preventing or hiding stretch marks, but they may be harmful to your child. Retin-A for example, is a type of vitamin A that expectant moms should use during pregnancy.

doctorThis vitamin is in stretch marks creams, because it bleaches the skin, hence the stretch marks are harder to see. However, there are cases where it irritated the skin and caused problems in the development of a child.

If you are not sure if the stretch mark cream that you choose is safe to use when you’re pregnant, you can always ask a doctor. They will assess you and see if a certain stretch mark cream is good for you and will not harm your child.

You can still buy over-the-counter stretch mark creams, but you need to check first if the ingredients are natural. There are stretch mark creams that are specifically for pregnant women.

You can try creams that have aloe vera, cocoa butter, and shea butter, because they moisturize the skin tissues safely. Is stretch mark cream safe during pregnancy? It will always depend on the stretch mark cream that you will buy.

It’s important that one must check what a stretch mark contains before buying it. Lastly, always put the safety of your child and yourself to your top priority when buying a stretch mark cream.


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