Effective Stretch Mark Cream Mederma Reviews


stretch marks pregnancyStretch marks are a common problem for most of the women in the world. Aging, pregnancy, losing weight quickly and many more factors are responsible in creating stretch marks on a woman’s skin.

Most ladies would want to conceal these stretch marks as soon as they are noticed.

But, there are not many products that would be really effective in concealing stretch marks completely.

Most of the products available in the market are not helpful in erasing stretch marks successfully.

Before deciding on buying any product that would promise to erase stretch marks permanently; you should thoroughly check the ingredient list of the product, in order to get an idea about the effectiveness of the product.

The latest craze in the field of stretch mark creams, is the Mederma stretch marks cream.

It has been causing a significant uproar in the market as an effective stretch mark cream.

There are also countless customers, who had given positive stretch mark cream Mederma reviews, on the web.

We have gone through most of these stretch mark cream Mederma reviews and done our own research about this product on the web. Below are the results of our finding about Mederma.

Mederma contains some of the most effective botanical ingredients and a skin hydrator that is clinically proven to erase stretch marks effectively.

Onion bulb extract or allium cepae, water, cetearyl alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, hydroxyethyl acrylate, sodium acryloyldimethyl, taurate copolymer and dicaprylyl carbonate are some of the effective ingredients that are contained in Mederma.

The stretch mark cream Mederma, contains Cepalin. Cepalin is extracted from the bulb of the onion.

This is considered as an ingredient that is responsible for soothing skin irritations and improving the scar tissues of the skin, thereby making the skin look softer and more supple.

Stretch mark cream Mederma reviews on the net, further states that Mederma cream is paraben free.

stretch marks pregnancyParabens are used in most of the cosmetic products to prevent bacteria growth.

But, since the 1990’s the scientific community has come up with new research to suggest that parabens could be responsible in causing numerous skin cancers in people.

Especially, some types of breast cancers too. Hence, most of the cosmetics product companies are striving to keep these parabens out of their products.

Mederma is one such product and it would hold this product in good stead, when considering the safeness of using the product.

The producers of Mederma cream claim that the necessary clinical studies were conducted by using their product to gauge the effectiveness of the cream.

The results have been quite satisfactory, with 85% of the subjects showing a drastic reduction of stretch marks on their skin.

The changes have begun to occur after 4 weeks and optimal results were evident after 12-13 weeks of time.

The scars had turned to purple and then white color after 12 weeks, from its original reddish color.

The Mederma cream should be applied to the affected area, at least two times a day. It should be done in a gentle, circular motion and should be massaged to the affected skin areas in the body.

It is a clear gel and would feel like water, when applied to the affected area. It does not leave an oily sensation on the skin and this has gone well with most of the users. Satisfactory users claim that this cream would emit a pleasant smell too.

The cream comes as an 5.29Oz tube and is a product of German origin. It is fairly cheap compared to other similar products in the market.

In addition, the company would grant a money back guarantee to any purchaser, who wish to try this product to get rid of stretch marks effectively.

This would let the purchaser try this product on a risk free basis and gauge the effectiveness of the cream.

Even though there are enough positive reviews about this product, there are also some negative comments left by a few unsatisfied customers.

They have claimed that the product did not do enough to erase the stretch marks on their skin, even after 13 weeks of usage.

But, since Mederma is low priced and comes with a money back guarantee; you would not be losing anything, in trying this product to erase stretch marks on your skin.



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