Effective Remedy For Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are a common bother especially during puberty, pregnancy and when one adds a lot of weight all at once. This can occur in both male and female though in different areas of the body. Pregnant women experience stretch marks around the abdomen due to the growth of the unborn baby. They also get stretch marks around the hips and bum areas. In puberty and especially when one has added a substantial amount of weight, the thighs, arms and stomach areas are quite affected by the stretch marks. This can be quite a bother as they are not attractive to look at and might take a long time to disappear even after their root cause is solved. However, there is a reliable remedy for stretch marks that is quite reliable.

Essential oils

These are known home remedies for stretch marks. The use of essential oils such as lavender, geranium, rose, myrrh and frankincense are known to effectively get rid of stretch marks. You can directly apply it to the skin or mix it with lotion which is effective too and easy in application. One is advised to apply it over time until the stretch marks disappear.


Stretch marks are normally brought about by the inability of the skin to stretch as far as the underlying circumstances require it to. In this case, the use of a moisturizer is known to effectively prevent stretch marks. Good quality moisturizers are known to make the skin smooth and soft. This in turn enables the skin to stretch outside its comfort zone without breaking. This is especially effective in the case of pregnancy and weight gaining periods. In case the stretch marks are present, the use of moisturizers will make them blend with the skin color hence less visible.

Vitamin E

This is widely known as the stretch marks cure. Vitamin E can be found in lotions which is effective is persistently used on stretch marks. Over time, the stretch marks become lighter and less visible and eventually disappear giving the skin an even tone. It is best if one uses lotion rich in vitamin E consistently until the stretch marks disappear.


Retinoic acid is proven to successfully get rid of stretch marks. It is found in certain lotions which should be one of the ingredients one should be looking for in a lotion. It is known to promote collagen production which is responsible for the skin stretching out when need arises. This prevents tears which result to stretch marks.

Glycolic acid

This promotes the production of collagen which is enhances the ability of the skin to stretch out beyond it’s ordinary limits hence prevention of stretch marks. However, Glycolic acid is also known to peel off the unwanted skin over the stretch marks. This over time reduces the visibility of the stretch marks and eventually gets rid of them.

These ingredients can be found in various lotions and can be quite as effective. However, one can make their own bottle of lotion for effective remedy for stretch marks. This can be done by combining olive oil, Aloe Vera oil and wheat germ alongside with one of the above ingredients.


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