Do-it-yourself Stretch Mark Cream


Stretch Mark CreamWhen you buy most commercial products, you never really know what extra ingredients they contain.

Even if you can get a list of ingredients, it is hard to tell what proportions the formulation has.

You might, for example, purchase a skin cream that has essential vitamins on the label.

However, you have no way to know how much of these vitamins the preparation actually has.

You already know that it is important to be careful of what you eat when you are expecting a new baby. It is also particularly important to be careful of what you are putting on your body when you are pregnant, nursing, or in close contact with your baby.

Your adult body might be able to flush out toxins, but your new baby has much less protection. The idea of these creams is that they will be absorbed by your body, so you have to be as careful of cream as you are of what you eat. .

woman_sexy_abdomen_black_backgroundDon’t worry. There are plenty of natural and effective substances that will help keep your belly smooth without hurting your baby.

The best stretch mark remedies are actually made out of substances that you could also actually eat.

If you want to prevent stretch marks, it is also best to begin to apply stretch mark creams while your belly is still growing.

Creams might help reduce the appearance of stretch marks after they have already formed, but it is a lot easier and more effective to prevent them in the first place.

Of course, you can keep using them after you have had your baby to keep your skin healthy as your belly shrinks again. This process takes a few weeks, so you have to be patient.

What Should Be In Your DIY (Do It Yourself) Stretch Mark Cream?

beautiful skinYour recipe can be as simple or elaborate as you like. The main idea is to keep your skin as healthy and hydrated as you possibly can.

This way your skin will be better able to resist the demands of carrying your new bundle of joy around on the inside of your body.

After you have your baby, healthy and hydrated skin should also be able to heal faster as your belly goes down a few sizes.

Here are some natural things that do help prevent stretch marks though. If you tend to have allergies, you might want to talk to your doctor before using any of these things. They are generally regarded as safe.

These Natural Stretch Mark Fighters Include :

Shea Butter:

This is a natural fat that comes from nuts that grow in Africa. People in Africa actually eat this, so it is not toxic.


This is a common houseplant, and the thick leaves contain a gel that is praised for its ability to heal skin.

Avocados and Avocado Oil:

avocadoYou can enjoy these in your guacamole. Save one to mash up for your belly too.

This wonderful fruit contains a lot of the “good kind of fat,” and it is great for your skin. Eat them, rub them on, and enjoy!

Cocoa Butter:

This cocoa fat is also used to make chocolate, so you know that it can’t be all bad. It is also an effective skin cream.

Oranges, Tomatoes, etc. :

Oranges, TomatoesIn India, they make a natural anti-wrinkle and/or scar cream out of pureed fruits and vegetables.

This works because these types of food contain a lot of natural vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a natural anti-oxidant. You can go ahead and save some of your salad to rub on your belly too.

Do DIY Stretch Mark Creams Work?

No cream can give you a 100 percent guarantee against stretch marks. These are actually scars that form after skins tears because it cannot stretch fast enough to keep up with your growing baby.

The younger you are, the better chance you have of avoiding them. Older women have a greater risk of getting these marks.

Understand that stretch marks are actually scars. They appear red at first, and then they turn into pale marks. The more you can do to prevent your skin from scarring in the first place, the better off you will be.

blond_woman_drinking_water_bottleDry skin, and skin that lacks essential nutrients, will not be able to repair itself as effectively. Keeping your skin smooth is a combination of giving it moisturizers and nutrients.

In other words, your skin needs food and water just like you and your baby do!

You can also avoid stretch marks by keeping yourself healthy. Eat right, rest a lot, and drink plenty of water both before, during, and after your pregnancy.

A lot of times, healthy skin really starts on the inside of your body, and the results of your diet and lifestyle shop up on the outside!


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