remoteDealing with Pregnancy Stretch Marks and How to Avoid Them


Pregnancy stretch marks are the spidery veins on the surface of the skin that are usually located on the abdominal area. When women experience lines along their abdominal area – or on other areas of their body – that develop along with pregnancy, then they are suffering from pregnancy issue. The stretch marks may not be harmful for their health, but they can cause discomfort and affect the mothers’ confidence level. Some stretch marks may be accompanied by itchiness; while some may not. But their effects on these women’s appearance are clearly visible. Most pregnant moms don’t feel confident about their appearance after they are delivering babies.

Pregnancy stretch marks usually happen because of the growing weight and mass of the baby. As the baby grows, the skin will also expand to accommodate the growth. However, in some cases, the skin isn’t growing fast enough along with the baby’s so the skin start experiencing tear and break. When the surface of the skin is breaking and tearing, fine lines start to appear, causing fine spidery lines over the skin. Since the cause is natural, moms can only do small prevention steps.

One of the most common preventive steps that pregnant moms can do is to apply moisturizer to the skin. Choose moisturizer with cocoa butter content in order to improve elasticity of the skin. When the moisturizer is applied on the skin every morning and at night, it can really help developing the elasticity and improve the skin’s strength in dealing with the stretch marks. It is also advisable to use the lotion after taking a bath or when the skin feels dry and tightly stretched. The lotion usually can be used more than twice a day.

Another way to prevent the stretch marks is to have warm showers every morning and evening. The warm water will help opening up the skin pores so the skin can stretch widely and easily. It is okay to pat or massage the abdominal area softly and gently during bathing time so the skin is allowed t expand more. Limiting the diet can also be another solution to prevent the stretch marks. When women are pregnant, they often think that they are allowed to eat anything they want and like. Most of them think that since they are ‘eating for two’, they are allowed to eat anything without paying attention to the proportion. Being pregnant isn’t about able to eat anything they want; but it is about consuming healthy foods and meals so the nutrients will be enough for two. It is not the proportion that should be enough for two; it is about the numbers of important nutrients. When pregnant moms are able to limit their diet wisely, they won’t have to worry about drastic development of their baby and also their belly. In the end they won’t have to worry about the stretch marks either.

Dealing with pregnancy stretch marks isn’t complicated, but moms need to be smart and wise in controlling their weight increase and baby’s growth. If they are able to follow the prevention steps and do it on regular period, they won’t have to worry about the stretch marks at all.


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