Choose Stretch Mark Removal Treatment – Enjoy Beautiful Skin

Stretch marks are an important problem faced by women, especially those who have delivered recently. Those women who are beauty conscious think about stretch marks to a great extent. This problem is more prevalent in obese women than in ordinary women. So there are several large number of treatment methods to treat these stretch marks. Stretch mark removal treatment has become an important medical issue these days. They can be removed both by natural as well as artificial methods. Let us have a look at these treatment methods in brief.

Even though stretch marks are seen in abdominal region to a great extent, they are found in other parts of body like arms, breasts, back and knees also. Among different stretch mark removal treatment methods available, LASER treatment is the best treatment available today. There are mainly two types of LASER treatment methods. They are Fraxel and Fractional CO2 LASER treatments. This treatment ablates the fraction of skin on which it is working and skin in surrounding place will not be harmed in any way. So this treatment is popularly liked by people everywhere.

There are several benefits of this fractional CO2 treatment. They include:

· As treatment is based on LASER technique, recovery time is very less. Person who gets this treatment can get recovered quickly, say within a few hours. Other treatments like Botox treatment may take long time to recover.

· This treatment increases collagen production in body. Hence it gives better results compared to other types of treatment. Collagen is the most important component to keep skin healthy and elastic.

· Within a few days, about 75% of reduction in stretch marks can be observed after this LASER stretch mark removal treatment method.

· This is a very quick procedure which lasts just a few minutes, say 20-30 minutes. There is no need to wait for long hours to complete the treatment.

Stretch marks are very common after pregnancy. They can be treated immediately after delivery. There are several different kinds of stretch mark removal treatment methods to treat them after delivery. They include fraxel treatment, fractional LASER CO2 treatment, KTP LASER treatment and pulse dye LASER treatment etc. among them, fractional CO2 treatment is the best method to use.

CO2 treatment punctures the skin lightly and hence small wounds are made on skin, but they are not serious. They get healed within 3-4 days, so there is no need to worry unduly about them. One has to avoid exposure to intense sunlight to avoid stretching marks getting serious. It may take a week or so before the person starts his regular activities.

There are other easier stretch mark removal treatment methods like KTP LASER treatment, which is quite easier compared to CO2 treatment method. This method doesn’t damage skin in anyway and hence there is no need to take rest after treatment, but effects of this treatment are not as obvious as CO2 treatment. That means stretch marks are not removed completely and effectively by this treatment. That is the reason for which most people don’t like this treatment.

Don’t Stretch away with Stretch Marks!

Among different beauty related problems that people are suffering today, stretch marks are important ones. Stretch mark removal treatment methods are relevant these days than they were before. More and more people are becoming beauty conscious these days and hence they are paying more attention towards treating stretch marks.

Before treating stretch marks, it is very important to understand what the main reasons for these stretch marks are. Some of them are avoidable and some others are unavoidable. Let us discuss them in brief.

1) Pregnancy: Pregnancy is the most important reason for stretch marks. Nearly 90% of women develop stretch marks after delivery. They destroy beauty of skin and affect overall beauty of woman. Hence it is very important to treat them properly.

2) Obesity: obese women are more likely to develop stretch marks than average and lean women. This is because they have more fat and their skin loses its elasticity quickly. Hence they develop stretch marks more often.

3) Lack of nutrients like Vitamins and minerals in diet: Vitamins and minerals are very important nutrients which are required for the production of collagen, which is responsible for keeping skin fit and elastic. Good fat (mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids) are also very important components for keeping skin healthy.

4) Exposure to sunlight and UV rays: Sunlight and UV rays are important damagers of skin. UV rays are very harmful to skin and they may cause even skin cancer. Extreme hot sun of summer season is quite dangerous to skin.

Symptoms of stretch marks include itching and dry skin, reddish pink marks on skin etc. stretch marks occur in outer layer of skin named dermis. Hence they are easily recognizable and treated easily. Stretch mark removal treatment techniques help to remove these marks effectively. They occur usually on abdomen, back, thighs, hips, navel and breasts. There is a hormone called glucocorticoid which increases possibility of getting these stretch marks. Over secretion of this hormone is directly related to stretch marks. So stretch mark removal treatment methods include suppressing the levels of these hormones also.

Women are advised to breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding has advantages to both mother and child. Child gets all required nutrients and immunoglobulins from mother’s breast milk and those children who are breastfed at least up to the age of six months are less likely to undergo life threatening diseases like diabetes and heart disease etc in future. Mothers also benefit from breastfeeding as it helps their womb to contract and go back to normal state. Besides that, breastfeeding also reduces chances of breast cancer. Along with all these health benefits, breastfeeding is also an important stretch mark removal treatment method. Regular breastfeeding is a sure treatment for stretch marks.

There are certain creams and ointments to remove stretch marks. But in some severe cases, they can’t be removed creams alone. In such cases, there are different stretch mark removal treatment methods namely LASER treatment and surgical treatment. Compared to creams, they are somewhat costly and needs hospitalization, but they are more effective in removing stretch marks.


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